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April 28, 2013

Premier FC 13 4/28/2013 Review

We arrived fashionably later than usual at 1:30.  The line was all the way out around the side of the building and the parking lot was full.  It looks like it is definitely selling out.  Warchild and I are here ready to capture the action for you all.  I noticed GetPunched as I walked through quickly to get set up.  Inside the banquet room is a Prime Athletics booth.  Karyn and Jason did a fine job on the card and the fans have responded and have come out to support.  Marty Caproni is our host for the afternoon.  The front row VIPs are loving their pizza and other food/drinks that are being served.  Premier FC is starting a little later due to the line of people still waiting to be in.  Rachel Doiron is singing the national anthem to start us of.  Premier FC has a new crop of ring girls.  I love the school girl outfits!

Dan Krall (BattleCrew MMA) 0-0 vs. Matt Bergen (Legal Beatdown Studio) 0-0 125lbs.

Dan starts us off with a takedown.  He is working the guard.  Matt is very active from the bottom and gets some space.  Dan moves to the side briefly then back to guard.  He moves to side and now north south position.   He works the head and arm choke and moves to half guard on top.  It isn't tight and he has to let go.  He passes to full mount and works on the guillotine and gets the tap.

Dan Krall defeats Matt Bergen via tapout to guillotine in Rd 1.

Brian Moylan (Chad Weiss team) 1-2 vs. Camber Bohlen (Gladiator BJJ) 1-2 140lbs.

Camber starts us out with a knee to the body.  Camber catches a leg and gets the slamming takedown.  He is working the guard and firing some ground and pound.  Brian gets an armbar and is trying to finish. Camber spins to get in a good position and pulls out.  He gets in a few shots to the head and Brian is trying for another armbar.  Camber stands up and Brian tries an upkick.  Good thing it didn't hit the head because that would be illegal in an amateur.  Brian gets a triangle and gets the tap.

Brian Moylan defeats Camber Bohlen via triangle in Rd 1.

Ian McEwen (Lions Den) 1-2 vs. Justin Kristie (Calandrelli) 0-0 135lbs.

They are working their combos for a bit.  They are clinching and Justin reverses.  Justin gets the slamming takedown and is working the side.  Ian bucks him off and pushes him all the way to the edge of the cage.  They are back to their feet and they are sprawling in the center.  Justin works a rear naked choke and gets it.

Justin Kristie defeats Ian McEwen via tapout to rear naked choke at 2:51 in Rd 1.

Mike Tabor (BattleCrew MMA) 1-3 vs. George Wilson (Gladiator BJJ)130lbs

Mike gets in a leg kick and George counters.  Mike jumps guard and George slams him down.  George is working the side and Mike threatens with an armbar but doesn't have it locked in.  George is working the side trying to get in some ground and pound.  George backs off and fires a right hand down and Mike gets to his feet.  George gets a takedown and is working the guard.  He fires a shot to the body.  Mike gets a sweep and George gets an armbar.  Mike slams him down twice trying to get out of it but does not tap.  Bell sounds.

George 10-9

Rd 2:  Mike gets in a leg kick.  George takes him down and takes his back.  He is getting in some ground and pound and Mike bucks him off.  Mike takes the guard then moves to side.  George works his way up and Mike takes the leg and slams him down.  George catches him in a guillotine and gets the tap.

George Wilson defeats Mike Tabor via tapout to guillotine at 1:48 in Rd 2.  George took this fight last minute and it paid off with a victory.  Great fight.

Amalio Santiago (Team Thunder) 0-0 vs. Ron Beattie (Gladiator BJJ) 0-0 145lbs.

They clinch and Amalio gets in a knee to the body.  Amalio picks up Ron and slams him down.  The crowd cheers and he is now working the guard.  Ron is staying active from the bottom.  Amalio gets in a few strikes from ground and pound.  Ron threatens with a guillotine but Amalio twists out of it.  Amalio gets in a kick to the head on Ron.  Totally accidental and he apologizes right away.  The ref takes away 1 point.  They are right back at it and Amalio gets a takedown.  He is working the guard and passes to half.  Ron reverses and is working the side.  He gets in 5 knees to the side.  He is trying to pass to full mount but instead gets pushed to guard.  He is firing ground and pound as the round ends.

Ron 10-8 due to point deduction

Rd 2:  They clinch and Ron tries to pick him up for at takedown.  Amalio takes his back and ends up on top working the side.  Ron slips out and is now on top trying for a rear naked choke.  Ron sinks it in and gets the tap.

Ron Beattie defeats Amalio Santiago via tapout to rear naked choke at 1:42 in Rd 2.

Joe Martinez (Underdog) 1-1 vs. Tim Flores (Legal Beatdown Studio) 0-1 125lbs.

They are going at it.  Joe gets in a knee to the body then clinches and gets the takedown.  He is working the guard.  Tim works his way up but gets hit in the cup.  He takes one minute and the fight resumes.  They are right back going at it.  Joe gets in some body kicks.  Joe is getting in some knees to the body.  Joe gets in close and gets in a knee to the head and the ref misses it.  Tim falls to the ground and is working a guilltoin as the round ends.

Joe 10-9

Rd 2:  We are right back where we started.  They are swinging for the fences.  Joe gets a takedown and Tim is threatening with a guillotine.  Tim is bleeding from the nose a bit.  Joe pulls his head out and is working  a kimura.  Joe passes to half guard and is posturing up to lay down some ground and pound.  Tim does a nice sweep into full mount and is laying down some ground and pound as the round ends.

Tim 10-9, real close

Rd 3:  Joe misses with a high kick.  Tim gets a takedown and is now in guard.  Tim is getting in some ground and pound .  Joe spins out and Tim takes the back.  He is trying for a rear naked choke  but can't get it.  He is now on top working the side.  Joe is trying to get back up and Tim slams him down and has a body lock.  He is working for a rear naked choke but can't finish.

Tim 10-9

Tim Flores defeats Joe Martinez via unanimous decision.  What a battle!!  Real close fight and Tim powered through and got the decision.

Myles Reid (Dungeon) vs. Rick Rivera (Gladiator BJJ) 3-2 170lbs.

They go at it and then clinch.  Rick gets a takedown and is working the side.  Not much action for a bit.  Myles spins and Rick is trying to take the back.  Myles tries to get up but Rick slams him back down.  Rick gets in some shots to the head.  Myles turns and Rick takes his back and works a rear naked choke for the tap.

Rick Rivera defeats Myles Reid via tapout to rear naked choke at 2:32 in Rd 1.

Premier FC is presenting Mike Baker with the interim super heavyweight belt.  His fight was a last minute scratch.

Karyn is in the cage talking about the Coach's Challenge.  Coach Gladiator Santos enters the cage as the first coach for the west side.  For the east coach is Tyson Chartier.  They will be announcing the fighters at a later time.

We are at intermission...

Jeremy Reipold (Ravenous) 4-2 vs. Marvin Maldonado (Bruno Tostes) 3-1 135lbs (TITLE)

Marvin starts us off with a body kick that sends Jer back.  Jer connects with a right hand that knocks Marvin down.  Jer gets in a barrage of ground and pound.  Marvin weathers the storm and tries to get up.  Jeremy slams him back down and is working half guard.  Marvin bucks Jer off and Jer almost gets hit with an illegal upkick to the head.  Ref doesn't say anything and Jer jumps back in.  Marvin puts on a slick armbar and gets the tap for the win.

Marvin Maldonado defeats Jeremy Reipold via tapout to armbar at 1:45 in Rd 1.Marvin becomes the 135lb Premier FC amateur champ.

Elysee Sanon (Underdog) 2-0 vs. Tyler Rose 3-0 (Calandrelli MMA) (TITLE)

Tyler gets hit with a jab and Elysee closes the gap.  They are clinching by the side and Tyler gets the takedown via trip.  Tyler is working guard.  Not much action and Elysee bucks him off and works his way up.  They are clinching circling the center of the cage.  Both fighters are getting in their knees to the body.  Tyler is about to pick him up for a takedown as the round ends.

Tyler 10-9

Rd 2:  Elysee gets in a combo.  Tyler counters back with a jab.  They clinch and Tyler gets in an uppercut.  Tyler slams him down via trip again.  Tyler is working the guard.  Elysee bucks him off and Tyler moves to side guard.  Elysee spins and tries to get up and Tyler takes the back and sinks in the rear naked choke for the tap.

Tyler Rose defeats Elysee Sanon via tapout to rear naked choke in Rd 2.

Heather Lefevre (Tang Muay Thai)1-2 vs. Sarah Payant (Gladiator BJJ) 2-2 125lbs.

They clinch and Heather slams Sarah down.  Sarah tries an armbar but Heather gets out.  They are back to their feet and Sarah is working a takedown and can't quite get her down.  Heather uses the cage to stand up but Sarah slams her down.  Heather gets back to her feet.  Sarah jumps guard with a guillotine and Heather slams her down.  Heather fights the guillotine for a bit but in the end is forced to tap.  My ears are ringing so loud from Sarah's crowd.

Sarah Payant defeats Heather Lefevre via tapout to guillotine at 2:53 in Rd 1.  Sarah becomes the first ever Premier FC amateur 125lb female champ.

TITLE Sam Nadeau (Gladiator BJJ) 8-4 vs. Nestor Xicohtencatl (Renzo Gracie ) 3-0 145 TITLE

Nestor slips and gets back up.  They clinch briefly then break.  They clinch again and Sam is trying for a guillotine.  Nestor picks him up and slams him.  Nestor is working the side.  Sam uses the cage to gets up and Nestor jumps guard with a guillotine and it looks wicked deep.  Sam fights it but is forced to tap.

Nestor Xicohtencatl defeats Sam Nadeau via tapout to guillotine at 1:30 in Rd 1.  Nestor retains his title and is still the PFC 145lb amateur champ.


Fight of the Night: Tim Flores and Joe Martinez...this fight was non stop action and a close fight.
Submission of the Night:  Nestor X guillotine choke against Sam Nadeau.  Nestor has won all of his fights from guillotine I believe and most importantly all in the first round.
KO of the Night:  None
Blunder of the Night:  

It was a nice afternoon for fights.  It was a warm spring day and everyone came out.  The show was sold out with a capacity of 1000 I believe.  The fights were very good and the day went smooth.  The crowd erupted during slams and my hearing hopefully comes back by tomorrow from the cheers.  We saw many great submissions and four great title fights.  Thanks to Premier FC for having us and allowing us to cover for everyone.  All of our photos will be posted to our facebook so make sure you are a fan.  Just click the big faeebook icon below.  Thanks!