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April 20, 2013

Premier FC 13 4/28/2013 Teaser

Premier FC is back on April 28th, 2013 with their 13th installment.  It will be held in Holyoke Mass at the Log Cabin.  Karyn Wesch and Jason Franklin are back with a card packed with 4 title fights.  Premier FC fans will recognize many of the fighters on this card as they have fought for Premier FC before.  There are 18 fights scheduled right now but 3 of the fights are still looking for opponents.  As the show gets closer I will update this teaser and say if the fights have dropped or or if they have opponents.  I normally do the teasers the week of but I figured we might as well space it out with AFO also being next week as well.  Tickets are on sale and are available here for just $25 for standing, $35 for floor and $75 VIP(first two rows that are served free drinks and food all night).  

Matt Bergen (Legal Beatdown Studio) 0-0 vs. Dan Krall (Guardian) 0-0 125lbs.

Matt Bergen will take on Dan Krall at 125lbs.  Matt is from Legal Beatdown studio and will be making his amateur debut.  Dan is from Guardian and will also be making his amateur debut.  Not many fighters can make 125lbs so expect to see some speed in this fight.  We most likely won't see a knockout but we can at least expect some fast action.  Sounds like a great way to start the afternoon of fights.

Brian Moylan (Chad Weiss team) 1-2  vs. Camber Bohlen 1-2 Gladiator BJJ    140lbs.

Next up is Brian Moylan against Camber Bohlen.  Brian is from Chad Weiss team and comes into this fight with a 1-2 record.  He won his first amateur fight against Josue Lopez via submission.  He then lost his next to fights to decision.  Camber is fresh off a knockout victory from the last PFC show against Walter Rodriguez.  In fact it set the record for quickest KO in PFC history.  He is a true American hero and he will be ready for a war.  

Youseff Kadi (Renzo Gracie) 0-0 vs. Justin Kristie (Calandrelli) 0-0-1 135lbs.

Then they have Youseff Kadi against Justin Kristie for 135lbs.  Youseff trains with Renzo Gracie and will be making his amateur debut.  Justin trains with Calandrelli MMA and has fought once but it was ruled a No Contest.  His last fight was the viral video against David Baxter where Baxter was choked unconcious right as the bell sounded.  The doctor came in and checked David out and let the fight continue.  Unfortunately for Justin it was a messed up situation because as the doctor was in they wouldn't let his corner in the cage.  Then he was told the fight is resuming.  Baxter ended up coming back and getting the ref stoppage to strikes in that fight.  Well appeals were made (and for good reason) and we all learned a valuable lesson.  For fighters safety if a guy(or girl) is choked out, stop the fight and end it.  It was just one of those weird situations and we all learned from it.  Anywho, Justin is back in the cage and ready to get the first victory!  His last fight was very entertaining and I was speechless with what was going on so I expect this to be a good battle.

Ngounga Badilla (Albany Submission ) 0-1 vs. Jean Surin (Gladiator BJJ) 0-0  160lbs.

Then Ngounga takes Jean Surin at a catch weight of 160lbs.  Ngounga trains with Albany Submission and comes into this fight with an 0-1 record.  Jean trains with Gladiator BJJ and will be making his amateur debut.  I wasn't able to find any fight info on Ngounga but being from Albany Submission one would think he is good at submissions :)  I have been told he has many kickboxing matches in his career. I can't wait to see this one.

Robert Knox (Bruno Tostes) 0-0 vs. Mike Tabor (Guardian) 1-3  130lbs

Robert Knox takes on Mike Tabor at 130 lbs.  Robert trains out of New York with Bruno Tostes and will be making his amateur debut.  Mike Tabor trains out of Guardian and has a 1-3 record.  I have seen many of Mike's fights and he always entertains.  His one win came at Warrior Nation against my good buddy Joe Leonard in which he won with an armbar in Rd 1.  He lost a decision at a former PFC against Mike Velazquez in a grueling 3 round battle.  The question on this fight is if Tabor's fight experience will make a different in this bout or not.

Amalio Santiago (Team Thunder) 0-0 vs. Ron Beattie (Gladiator BJJ) 0-0  145lbs.

Then Amalio Santiago takes on Ron Beattie at 145lbs.  Amalio trains with Team Thunder and he will be making his amateur debut.  Ron trains with Gladiator BJJ in Western Mass and will also be making his amateur debut.  Two fresh, raw fighters entering the cage for their first time....sounds like a blast to me!

Joe Martinez (Underdog) 1-1 vs. Tim Flores (Legal Beatdown Studio) 0-1    125lbs.

Joe Martinez takes on Tim Flores at 125lbs.  Joe trains with Underdog and has a 1-1 record.  He has a submission win over Nick Mancinone and a decision loss to Chad Kelly.  Tim fights out of Legal Beatdown Studio and has an 0-1 record.  Tim first fought Nick Pallini at a previous PFC and ended up losing the ref stoppage but I noticed one thing.  This kid is tough and would not give up.  He was getting rocked with shots but hung in there.  If it weren't for all the title fights on the card I would say this one could be fight of the night. We shall all find out on Sunday the 28th.

Myles Reid (Dungeon) 1-2 vs. Rick Rivera (Gladiator BJJ)  3-2  170lbs.

Myles Reid is back and ready to fight Rick Rivera at 170lbs.  Myles trains with Dungeon MMA and always comes ready for war.  He got his first win against Louis Grignasfini via sub.  He then lost two fights after that, one by sub and one by ref stoppage.  He is big and strong and can finish the fight with one punch.  Rick trains with Gladiator BJJ and has a 3-2 record.  He won a decision against Rick Langley and a split dec as well in his career.  He lost to a dec and to a guillotine in his amateur career.  I feel this fight is going to be a ground battle but I don't see it going to a decision.

Sam Nadeau (Gladiator BJJ) 8-4 vs. Nestor Xicohtencatl (Renzo Gracie )  3-0  145 TITLE

Next up is Nestor Xicohtencatl and Sam Nadeau at 145lbs. Nestor trains with Renzo Gracie and comes into this fight with an undefeated 3-0 amateur record. He has won all three of his fights with submission and he won the title at the last Premier FC 12 against Ian McEwen. Nestor X has fought some tough fighters but in my opinion this will be his toughest fight yet. Sam comes into this fight with a 8-4 record and trains with Gladiator BJJ. Sam has many decision wins and some sub wins in his amateur career. His nickname is The Bull and if you have ever seen him fight you will see why. Both of these fighters are veterans to Premier FC and the fight fans are in for a real treat on this battle. This fight will be five rounds 3 minutes a piece but I highly doubt it will go that far with both of the fighters skillsets.  Nestor is notorious for catching fighters in guillotines as they go for the takedown.  It might be wise for Sammy to keep this standing for a bit and take it from there.

Elysee Sanon (Underdog) 2-0 vs. Tyler Rose 3-0  (Calandrelli MMA)  (TITLE)

Elysee Sanon is taking on Tyler Rose for the 170lb title.  Elysee trains with Underdog and comes into this fight with a 2-0 record.  He has a split decision and a submission victory in his career.  Tyler is also undefeated at 3-0 and trains with Calandrelli MMA.  Tyler has two submissions and one decision victory.  He won the 170lb title in the PFC tournament against George Abele.  You know what they say, someone's O has got to go.  This is a wicked good match up folks.  I really can't predict the outcome but I can tell you it is a tough fight for each fighter.  

Heather Lefevre (Tang Muay Thai)1-2 vs. Sarah Payant (Gladiator BJJ) 2-2 125lbs. TITLE

Sarah Payant will take on Heather LeFevre for the very first 125lb amateur women's title. Sarah trains with Gladiator BJJ and comes into this fight with a 2-2 record. She started her amateur career at 0-2 where both fights were at 135lbs. She then dropped to 125lbs and has never looked back. She got her first amateur win against Christina Houlk where she won with a doctor stoppage in round 2. She then fought against Ashley Weber and won with a ref stoppage to strikes at the end of round 1. She has fought for Premier FC all four of her fights. No one is more deserving of a title shot than her. Her opponent Heather is coming all the way from New York to take on Sarah. According to she has an 1-2 record and has fought the same opponent twice. She trains with Tang Muay Thai and MMA. She lost a decision and one by submission. I believe she has had a few Thai fights as well. At 125lbs the female market is so slim and I am excited to see this fight right here in Western Mass.  I feel this fight is going to be a stand up war and the fans are going to be going nuts.  Sarah can stand and strike with the best of them and Heather will want to stand to.

Jeremy Reipold (Ravenous) 4-2 vs. Marvin Maldonado (Bruno Tostes) 5-5 135lbs (TITLE)

Now you probably are asking yourself, I thought Carlos Candelario has the title? Well he did and he has decided to not defend it and wants to fight elsewhere. We wish you the best of luck Carlos, we are a huge fan of yours and know you are going to do big things! Marvin has fought for Premier FC many of times and comes into this fight with a 5-5 record. He has fought his last few fights at 125lbs and has the 125lb Premier FC title and one more for a New York promotion. He is looking to add a 3rd to his collection. Marvin has won and lost the majority of his fights from decisions so we know he can go the distance. Keep in mind this is a 5 round fight. Jeremy Reipold, trains and is head coach of Ravenous MMA in Greenfield, MA. Jeremy comes into this fight with a 4-2 record with losses to Dat Tran and Carlos Candelario. He has two submission, one ko and one decision victory in his career.  This fight is a real good match up and tough to predict but I just don't see it going the five round distance.  Someone is getting finished here....

Well there you have the breakdown of the Premier FC show coming to us in Western Mass on April 28th, 2013.  Don't forget during the event that they will be announcing more details on the Coach's Challenge and who the fighters are.  If you have no clue what I am talking about read our article here.  We will all be there cheering on the fighters and tickets will be available at the door.  See you all there.