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May 9, 2013

AFO Releases Fight Card Update and More For Summer Brawl

AFO has announced some new info up on their website  They have stated that the 145lb $10,000 tournament is off due to fighters being hesitant in entering the tournament not knowing who they would be fighting.  AFO's Pete DiLorenzo states "So with that being said I started searching for the fighters who would take it but they weren’t really the top 8 and to put that money up and not really have the names that you the fans and news sites wanna see it didn’t make much sense following through with it."  The show is of course still on and tickets are available for Summer Brawl which takes place on June 19th, 2013 at the Holiday Inn here.  AFO also announced some fights that will be on the card and they are some good ones.  I have posted how the card stands today below.  The two fights that stand out to me are the pro fights.  Billy Giovanella will take on Darren Mima.  Mima said he wanted tough fights and he now is in another one for the 125lbs.  In another  pro fight, Evan Parker 4-0 from Fighting Arts will take on Lauzon's Joe Cushman(9-4) for the 135lbs.  Also on the card is Ralph Johnson and Joe Cloutier in a 175lb pro battle.  Jarrid Heon makes his pro debut against Asa Zorn.  AFO fans will remember Jarrid Heon's last battle against Tommy Venticinque that resulted in a draw.  That slate is all wiped clean as Jarrid makes his pro debut.  I update the Local Card's tab in our menu quite often so make sure you keep checking there to see the latest updates on how the cards change.

135lb Evan Parker 4-0, FAA vs. Joe Cushman. 9-4, Lauzons
125lb Billy Giovanella, 4-1, Conner's MMA vs. Darren Mima, 2-1, TNT
175lb Joe Cloutier, 2-0 Doomsday vs. Ralph Johnson, 5-5
155lb Jared Heon, Debut, Strikezone vs. Aza Zorn, 0-2
170lb Conner Barry, 1-0, Doomsday vs. TJ Holt
145lb Travis Demko, 1-0, WaiKru vs. Jose Rustrain, 2-2, Boston Combat
185lb Anthony Soto, 1-3, WaiKru vs. Kevin Gyagya, Debut, Boston Combat
170lb James Manning, 2-1, Xcel vs. TBD
135lb John Pain, AFO Debut, Lauzon vs. Fabio Lima, Boston Combat
155lb Barry Lisno, Lauzons vs. TBD
125lb Chad Kelly, Debut, FAA vs. Jared Sarno, 2-0, sssf