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May 17, 2013

Current fight card for Reality Fighting at Mohegan Sun Arena on June 8th

Here we go with less than a month to go the card has been confirmed, checked, and re-checked thanks to our friend and Reality Fighting's Match-maker, Joe Cuff.  While he's been busy traveling the world with NAGA and keeping the Reality Fight machine running at full blast for 2013 we've been busy getting ready for the next event.  City Boy will break these fights down in detail with a teaser very soon.  However, I will say this.  I will be representing a small group of dedicated mixed martial artists training out of my personal gym, RavenousMMA, in Greenfield, MA.  My opponent is fighting for the promoter's own training center, Kipp's Basement.  Jeremy Reipold, founder and co-owner of Team Ravenous and has been my teacher, coach, and teammate since I took this sport up in 2008.  I feel it's important to let people know that our training is a very informal affair, but don't let that trick you into thinking it isn't powerful instruction.  Jeremy is a veteran amateur fighter who's fought all styles of fighters in several age groups and training backgrounds.  He's been given multiple title shots locally and through these experiences has brought back a wealth of knowledge he shares freely with me and our students.  I am sure it is a great thing to have masters in a specific martial art or combative technique impart serious lessons to you and that having a host of regular well matched (weight and experience level) training partners makes you a capable competitor, but I've learned to adapt through a certain lack of having.  My style is to have no style.  My plan is to see my opponent coming and to assess the situation as it's happening.  It's a skill much like the formal training's of Karate, Judo, or Boxing that give you the skills to kick, throw, and strike instinctively and perhaps it's the key to my success as a man more than a fighter.  As I learn about my life and chosen path I can see how allowing my direction to stem from what's before me in the moment brings me to where I want to be.  With an active training camp in progress my physical and mental condition are being well maintained.  My team is participating as much as possible and many of the great members of our community are stepping in at just the right time keeping me on my toes and reminding me to keep my eyes wide open.  One thing is for certain, on June 8th in the middle of a packed Mohegan Sun Arena I will be at my peak and I will be aware. ~The Artist