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June 4, 2013

AFO Adds Bedard vs Roberts for Summer Brawl

AFO has been working behind the scenes and adding fights to their June 29th installment of Summer Brawl.  The event is set to take place in their new home at the Holiday Inn in Boxborough Mass.  One of the fights that they have recently added is Robbie Roberts against Eric Bedard in a heavyweight battle.  Robbie comes into this fight with a 8-16 record.  He has 1 KO/TKO and 6 Sub victories.  He has lost 7 to KO/TKO and 8 to submissions in his career.  Eric comes into this fight with a 4-3 record.  He lost his last two fights to Pat Walsh and is ready to turn his streak around and make it a positive one.  Eric has knockout power and can also submit.  This is going to be an awesome battle.  Robbie obviously has the experience in this fight but Eric is one tough SOB.  Tickets are available at the link here.  The rest of the fight card is found below so check it out.  I would like to give Prime Athletics a shoutout for letting me know about this fight.  They are always active in the MMA scene and have some awesome apparel as well so please like their fanpage.

135lb Evan Parker 4-0, FAA vs. Joe Cushman. 9-4, Lauzons
125lb Billy Giovanella, 4-1, Conner's MMA vs. Darren Mima, 2-1, TNT
175lb Joe Cloutier, 2-0 Doomsday vs. Ralph Johnson, 5-5
155lb Jarrid Heon, Debut, Strikezone vs. Asa Zorn, 0-2
170lb Connor Barry, 1-0, Doomsday vs. TJ Holt
145lb Kendell Amadon, Debut, FAA vs. Jose Rustrain, 2-2, Boston Combat
200lb James Prendergast, Debut, USA Karate vs. Anthony Soto, 1-3, Wai kru
170lb James Manning, 2-1, Xcel vs. Jose Quenzio, 1-1
135lb John Payne, AFO Debut, Lauzon vs. Fabio Lima, Boston Combat
155lb Kevin Gyagya, Debut, Boston Combat vs. Tony Derienzo, Lauzons
125lb Chad Kelly, Debut, FAA vs. Jared Sarno, 2-0, sssf
125lb Doug Sampson, 1-0, Xcel vs. Yusun Tsou, Debut, Redline
155lb James Laughlin, Debut, Doomsday vs. Kensuke Moriyama, Debut, Florian
195lb Grudge Match Josh Mellon vs. Mike Zichelle
155lb Danny Alexis, 2-1, Redline vs. Jasin Helger, 2-1, Gillette MMA
135lb Jake St Pierre, 1-0, FAA vs. kenny morell, Debut, Hard Knocks
230lb Robbie Roberts, AFO Debut vs. Eric Bedard, 4-3, Gillette