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June 29, 2013

AFO 'Summer Brawl' 6/29/2013 Review

We are at the Holiday Inn in Boxboro MA.  The venue is starting to fill up.  For local vendors I see GetPunched, Prime Athletics and Sucker Punch.  Lots of fighters are walking far we have seen the Kill Their Will guys, Mr and Mrs. GWM, Leon Davis, Sloppy Joe, Cory Pickering, The Artist, Hype! BG, Joe Lauzon, Kin Moy  and Sergio Moran.  John Vena is our host for the evening.  The ring girls are looking lovely as always.  Katrina just blessed us with the national anthem.  It got the crowd pumped for the fights.  Promo Pete has shedded his leather jacket today.  Not sure for the reason, maybe because his birthday is coming up in a few days.  Ok lets get on with the fights....

155lb James Laughlin, Debut, Doomsday vs. Kensuke Moriyama, Debut, Florian

Kensuke is controlling the octagon.  He is pushing the pace so far and working his jabs.  Kensuke tried for a single leg takedown but couldn't get it.  They break and are back in the center.  James gets in a leg kick.  Kensuke gets the takedown and is working the guard.  He postures up and gets in some ground and pound.  He stands up and jumps back in guard as the round ends.

Kensuke 10-9

Rd 2:  Kensuke gets another takedown and is working the side.  He passes to full mount and lays down some ground and pound.  He then works in arm triangle and gets the tap.

Kensuke Moriyama defeats James Laughlin via tapout to arm triangle at 1:27 in Rd 2.

135lb Billy Gazzero, AFO Debut, Lauzons vs. Fabio Lima, Boston Combat

They clinch and go at it until Billy jumps guard.  Fabio bucks him off and they get back to their feet.  Fabio gets in some big shots and Billy goes down.  He recovers and gets back to his feet.  Fabio is laying some big shots in the corner once again.  Billy pulls guard again and Fabio finishes him off with some ground and pound and the ref stops it.

Fabio Lima defeats Billy Gazzero via ref stoppage to strikes at 1:24 in Rd 1.

145lb Billy Keenan, Redline vs. Gene Ellis 1-0, SSSF

Gene gets the single leg takedown and goes right to full mount.  He is getting in some ground and pound.  Billy bucks him off and they scramble.  Gene slams him down and Billy scrambles and takes the guard.  Gene gets back to his feet and Billy hits him with a good shot as he gets up.

Gene 10-9 but round was real close.

Rd 2:  Billy misses with a few strikes and Gene goes for a takedown. Billy pushes him down and is right to full mount.  Gene bucks him off and they are back to their feet.  Gene takes Billy down again.  Billy is working guard.  Billy postures up and Gene threatens with an armbar.  Billy pulls his arm out and gets in some ground and pound.

Billy 10-9

Rd 3:  Gene goes for the takedown and gets it but Billy gets the better position and goes right to full mount.  Gene uses the cage and bucks him off but Billy defends it.  Gene gets a sweet reverse and is now working the guard.  Billy threatens with a triangle but loses it.  Gene finishes the rest of the round on top working the guard.

Real close round but I give it to Gene 10-9

29-28 Keenan, 30-27 Ellis, 29-28 Keenan

Billy Keenan defeats Gene Ellis via split decision.  Wow great fight from both fighters!!

AFO takes a moment of silence for the fighter we lost Shayne Stephenson.  Rest In Peace buddy.

145lb Kendell Amadon, Debut, FAA vs. Jose Salazar, Debut, BTT

Both fighters start us out with some leg kicks.  Jose knocks him down but he bounces right back up.  Kendell works a takedown and tries to take the back but Jose defends.  They fall to the ground and Jose is working the half guard.  Kendell bucks him off and gets back to his feet.  Jose takes him down and is now working half guard.  Kendell gets back to his feet and Jose gets in a knee from the clinch.  Kendell reverses and then Jose reverses right back.  Jose reverses and then knocks him down and is working the guard as the round ends.

Jose 10-9

Rd 2:  Jose takes him down and is working the side.  He then moves to full mount and gets in a few shots.  Kendell bucks him off and Jose takes the back.  He is working for a rear naked but can't get it.  He is trying to pull the arm out for an armbar.  Kendell gets the sweep and is on top in guard as the round ends.

Jose 10-9

Rd 3:  Jose gets the takedown and is working half guard.  He gets bucked off and moves to half for a moment then back to guard.  He moves to the side after being bucked off again.  Kendell is doing a good job at not eating too many shots.  Kendell tries to get up and Jose takes his back and takes him back down with a rear naked choke but nothing too serious.  He is on top on his back full mount getting in some ground and pound as the round ends.

Jose 10-9

Jose Salazar defeats Kendell Amadon via unanimous decision.

185lb Kevin Gyagya, Debut, Boston Combat vs. Tony Derienzo 1-1 , Lauzons

They are going at it.  Tony backs Kevin up and gets in some good combos.  Kevin fights his way out.  Kevin is getting in some big shots of his own.  He backs Tony up against the cage and rocks him with a brutal right hand.  He goes down and the ref stops the fight.

Kevin Gyagya defeats Tony Derienzo via tko to strikes 2:34 in Rd 1.

125lb Doug Sampson, 1-0, Xcel vs. Yushun Tsou, Debut, Redline

Yushun jumps guard and works a quick triangle.  Doug slams him down twice to try to get out but in the end he got choked out.

Yushun Tsou defeats Doug Sampson via ref stoppage to triangle at 43 seconds in Rd 1.  Very slick submission!

125lb Chad Kelly, Debut, FAA vs. Jared Sarno, 2-0, sssf

Jared goes for takedown but Chad ends up taking him down.  He gets bucked off and Jared works for a triangle.  Chad slips his head out and is working a triangle of his own.  Jared fights it for a while but the triangle is too deep and he is forced to tap.

Chad Kelly defeats Jared Sarno via tapout to triangle at 2:12 in Rd 1.  Chad is now 1-0 in his pro career.

175lb Joe Cloutier, 2-0 Doomsday vs. Ralph Johnson, 5-5

Joe goes for a takedown but eats a knee to the face.  Joe is working the guard.  Ralph bucks him off and Joe takes the side.  He moves to full mount and is bucked off.  Joe gets in some elbows to the head.  He works an Americana and gets the tap.

Joe Cloutier defeats Ralph Johnson via tapout to Americana at 2:33 in Rd 1.

195lb Grudge Match Josh Mellen vs. Mike Zichelle

Josh misses with a spinning back kick.  They fall to the ground and Mike is on top laying down some ground and pound.  Mellen gets back to his feet and Mike jumps into a guillotine and takes him down.  Mellen is forced to tap.

Mike Zichelle defeats Josh Mellen via tapout to guillotine at 1:42 in Rd 1.

230lb Robbie Roberts, AFO Debut vs. Eric Bedard, 4-3, Gillette

They are swinging and banging!!  Robbie gets in a few shots and Eric gets in his shots.  Eric hits him with a left hook and drops Robbie.  The ref stops the fight.

Eric Bedard defeats Robbie Roberts via KO to strikes at 15 seconds in Rd 1

125lb Billy Giovanella, 4-1, Connor's MMA vs. Darren Mima, 2-1, TNT

Darren starts us off with a leg kick.  Billy is fighting for a takedown.  He is stuffed a couple of times.  Darren climbs on his back and is working a standing rear naked choke.  Billy is fighting it and goes to the ground.  Darren tries to soften him up with some ground and pound.  Darren jumps off and they are back to their feet.  Billy gets in a good right hand.  Darren gets in a good right hand that knocks Billy down.  Billy tries for a takedown but is stuffed again.  He gets hit and falls to the ground waiting for Darren in the guard.  Darren takes the side and is getting in some ground and pound.  He lets Billy up.  Darren gets in a big right hand that drops Billy and the ref has seen enough.

Darren Mima defeats Billy Giovanella via ko to strikes 4:11 in rd 1.  Due to the vacant title Darren is now the 125lb champion.

Fight of the Night:  Billy Keenan vs. Gene Ellis....such a close fight that no one was shocked if the decision went either way.  Great job guys.
Submission of the Night: Yushun Tsou, he jumped right into the triangle and never let go
KO of the Night: Eric Bedard over Robbie Robberts...brutal KO.
Blunder of the Night:  Everything went smooth

AFO will return on October 5th Halloween Havoc at the Holiday Inn in Boxboro.  We all had a great time at the event.  Some of the crowd started clearing out before the Darren Mima and Billy Giovanella fight.  Seriously folks???  We saw 3 big knockouts and some great subs and one split decision all in one night.  Thank you to AFO and their staff for the hospitality and letting us cover the show.  All of our photos will be posted on our facebook fanpage so if you haven't please click on the big facebook icon at the bottom.  Also follow us on twitter for lots of news that happens during the week.  I will close this review out with some more photos we took....

Warchild with the AFO Ring Girls...notice the photobomb from Prime!

Sloppy Joe is in the house!!

SuckerPunch Booth

Body by Vi Booth

Get Punched Booth

Ralph Killa Johnson Knocking CityBoy out

Leon Davis and Mr. and Mrs. GWM--Mike with Bud Light in Hand

CityBoy and Kill Their Will(who came down from Maine)
Prime Athletics Booth