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June 14, 2013

Combat Zone 44 6/14/2013 Live Results

Here are the live updates for Combat Zone 44.  Make sure to check out Combat Zone's Website at for the fight videos and photos that most likely will be up by tomorrow!

Fight 1: Jay Perrin (Triumph) 2-1 vs. Matt Denning (CMBJJ) 1-1 140lbs

Perrin wins 2:28 round 2 head arm trap triangle

Fight 2: Dominic Cofone (BGMMA) 3-0 vs. Kirk Florian (Florian Martial Arts) 2-0 150lbs

Florian wins Split Decision

Fight 3: Scott Gorgone (Mass BJJ) 2-0 vs. Dave Sousa (IntenZe MMA) 1-1 145lbs

Gorgone wins unanimous decision

Fight 4: Tollison Lewis (BGMMA) 3-6 vs. Wayne Ahlquist (Lakes Region Valley Tudo) 1-5 155lbs

Ahlquist wins unanimous decision

Fight 5: Kristian Lombardi (Team Fury) 0-0 vs. Dan Connaughton (Defensive Edge) 0-0 185lbs

Connaughton wins 1:07 round 1 armbar submission

Fight 6: Paul Gaffney (Link) 1-0 vs. Crowsneck Boutin (Ind) 3-2 190lbs

Gaffney wins 1:24 round 1 ref stoppage TKO

Fight 7: John Healey (Kaos) 0-0 vs. Mike Burke (Lakes Region Valley Tudo) 0-0 Pro Debut 

Burke wins 1:21 round 1 TKO

Fight 8: Calvin Kattar (Wai Kru) 13-2 vs. Gabriel Baino (Link) 5-0 145lbs 

Kattar wins unanimous decision