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June 6, 2013

Reality Fighting June 8th, You've heard about "The Best" now let's learn of the rest

Here's our view of the upcoming fight card from Reality Fighting on June 8th.  As it stands it's bringing together some well known local names, some new players, and two wonderful represntatives of Womens MMA.
For a run down on the Main Card visit these two sites, Site 1, Site 2.  Tell them sent you... And that we love having company in New England covering so much action.

Main Events are always sure to get you excited, but what about the Preliminary bouts?  Well I for one almost always watch these.  I turn on the internet, tune in to what ever feed I need to and watch until it's time to turn on the tube and follow on from there.  Also when attending the local shows it's imparative that we watch these lesser known men and women because you never really know who can outperform who.  Take for example:

Bout 1: Mico De Los Reyes 0-2-0 Vs. Theo Desjardin 2-6-0 at 125lbs.  This will be a great fight with lots of energy.  In my opinion the lighter guys are always fun to watch because they abuse the shit out of each other. It's not easy to K.O. someone with only 125lbs to do it with.  So be ready for a 3 round lightening match.  Mike has been active this year and will be hunting for that elusive first pro win.  Theo is a tough man and comes from the Team United Muay Lau camp.  Mark Vaz gave him the nick-name "The Holy Terror" and he is anxious to take a W.  Theo last stepped in to the Reality cage earlier this year as a last minute stand-in in a bout against SSSF's Johnny "Cupcakes" Campbell.

Above: Mico's last bout at AFO's New Dawn, Below: Theo's last bout at Reality's New Year's Bash

Bout 2: Manny Millan 0-2-0 Vs Manny Torres 2-1-0 at 155lbs.  With both men having years of experience there should be some impressive skill sets on display.  Millan is a fighter who's fought pretty close to our WesternMassMMA HQ here in the Northwest corner of the state having fought for Burlington Brawl in nearby VT.  He's not seen a W as a pro, but that shouldn't really be a disadvantage in this fight as his amateur career brought him some success.  Most notable was his K.O. of Dustin Smith.  Evidently Manny hit Dustin so hard that he couldn't remember how to fight and was TKO'd in his next bout.  Torres has been dwelling in cages since 2008.  In 2012 we got a taste of his abilities as he slugged it out with Leroy Derricott in the Reality Fighting cage.  Impressively he took Leroy to the second round so we know he's able to push harder than most.  Unfortunately I don't have any photos or vids of either Mannys.  Feel free to add them in our comments section if you have any to share.  

Bout 3: on this upcoming event.  Jeremiah Soto 1-0-0 Vs.  Nicholas Giulietti 0-0-0 at 155lb.  We first saw Jeremiah Soto back in January facing off against Shayne Stephenson where he blasted Stevenson with a rib crushing body shot in the opening seconds of the 1st round.  Some sites haven't been around as long as us and may not know that fact.  Actually we know they don't know because they have Soto's record as 0-0.  It wasn't a long fight, but it was one to remember.  Soto takes his fitness very seriously and was looking like the larger and much leaner fighter in that match so it will be by that yard stick we measure him against in this next bout.  Nick Giulietti is a lifelong wrestler from CT ranked 5th as an All-American, and has a pretty aggressive style.  His resume is impressive with 100 tournament entries and 99 completions.  He's been an invitational recipient at the MAWA tourney in PA making it to the Semi-Finals placing third overall as a 140lb competitor   He's been out of H.S. for a few years and at 21 making a go of MMA.  From his highlight reel, seen below, it's clear he's serious about competitive sports and isn't afraid to leak a little mud.

Above: Nicholas Giuliette , Below Jeremiah Soto, Bottom: Jeremiah Soto Vs Shayne Stephenson

Photo courtesy of Joe Leonard of

Bout 4: Thiago Carfi 1-1-0 Vs Kurt Chase-Patrick 0-1-0 at 135lbs is deceptive.  On paper it looks like a really well matched fight.  Two guys with short careers and no real National notoriety.  Scratch a little deeper and well here's my take on this one.  Thiago Carfi is a slugger.  He's got a chin full of granite, but he's lacking a very simple thing, fights with the best in his class.  Does that make the difference?  Yes, in my opinion it does.  I see Kurt Chase-Patrick having his way with Thiago from bell to bell if it goes that long.  And I won't say that it won't, but if I were a betting man I'd make the wager that the end will come before round 3 and unquestionably by stoppage of some fashion.  Ok, now to back up my assertion.  Quite simply you have to go back and see that Kurt is coming from an undefeated Amateur career.  One that we here at have been thrilled at watching develop.  Setting up his trip to the Pro ranks Kurt demolished one of the areas most revered and feared 135'ers, Rico DiSciullo at our favorite East Coast promotion Cage Titans event: Invasion.  Rico is currently running shit down in FL as he takes the spot light in The Rise Of A Warrior tournament.  Kurt is tough as nails and lightening quick. His pro debut saw him squaring off against WMMMA's favorite Laoation, Andre Soukhamthath at CES' Undisputed 2 were he couldn't overcome the CES superstar.  Here is the entry I made in the Cage Tiatans: Invasion review
Our next fight and amateur title contest is for the 135lb Cage Titans Amateur Belt. This is my coach and mentors division so I am looking to see who will be giving up that belt to him later this year. It could be Rico, but it just as easily could be Kurt. Time to find out.
Kurt Chase-Patrick Vs. Rico Disciullo at 135lbs.
Kurt takes control early in the first by bringing things to mat level. I think Rico hasn't thought about Chase-Patrick's ground game because he is really working his ass off to defend the constant barrage of subs being thrown his way. Kurt has Rico's back and is delivering punches, chokes, an arm bar, into a triangle. He doesn't ever find his way to a dominant position. Kurt takes that round.
Round two is underway when Rico gets his chance to take down Chase-Patrick with a nice double. Rico falls into Kurt's guard. You can tell both men want the sub. Kurt struggles to find a reverse or a get up opportunity until Rico steps back to stand up. Kurt snatches Rico's leg in an instant and before anyone has time to process what just happened Rico screams out. Kurt releases the sub immediately. Both men stare in disbelief at each other. Ref Steve Rita jumps in next and waves off the fight. Folks this all happens in just under three seconds. The place is dead silent and then the roar of the crowd comes crashing in from all sides. Most people are cheering, but there are lots of people booing. Rico is screaming at Ref Rita for some reason. I can't hear anything over the crowd, but when Mike Polvere gives him the mic he let's everyone know that he is disappointed and feels that the sub was an illegal maneuver. The official call is Kurt Chase-Patrick over Rico Disciullo via verbal tap. Kurt is now the Cage Titans 135lb amateur title holder.
Above: Kurt Chase-Patrick Vs Rico DiScuillo for the Cage Titans FC 135lb Amateur Title with caption from my event review, Below: Kurt Chase-Patrick Vs Andre Soukhamthath at CES Undisputed II, Bottom: Thiago Carfi Vs Robby Slade at Reality Fighting back on 9/22/2012

Bout 5: Joe "The Wild Ginger" Leonard 0-1-0 Vs Rob Brown 1-0-0 is my personal favorite.  I will be stepping in the cage for another bout.  This time at 145lbs.  If you've been following along I fought last year at Warrior Nation 4.  Mike Tabor and I threw down for about a minute in the first round until the ref panicked and stopped the fight due to an extended arm.  Mike got the W and I got to experience my first loss and my first disappointment at the lack of professionalism our refs display in MA.  I am sure that my arm was all the way out, but I'd argue there was no immediate danger of a sub as my hand was turned keeping the pressure off.  Who really cares though as it gave me a real appreciation for the hard work many fighters put in to get better.  My training has improved, my nutrition has improved, my Crohn's disease is managed, and I am 100% ready to take this fight to Rob Brown.  Rob has been away from the cage about as long as I have.  He caught a lucky break when he squared off with one of our newest New England perpetual losers, Asa Zorn, at Reality Fighting on 9/22/2012.  I was cage side photographing the fights.  It was over fast, 44 seconds in the first due to TKO ref stoppage to strikes.  Asa took his new found love of fighting to lose on the road after that and has been bumming it up and down New England's fight scene ever since.  Recently Asa has made the transition from losing for free to the rank of Professional paid to lose fighter.  Last time I saw him he was in NH, weighed in 9lbs over the agreed fight weight, and was finished by ref stoppage after about 8secs of the first and a chest bump from his opponent that sent him to the floor and cowering in fear.  I feel like Rob and I are starting at 0 again and I don't intend to leave that arena without a few scars and some blood on my gloves.

Above: Rob Brown defeats Asa Zorn at Reality Fighting on 9/2012, Below Joe Leonard loses to Mike Tabor at Warrior Nation 4

Bout 6: Womens MMA Bout featuring Dar'ya Hamilton 1-0-0 and Fernanda Araujo 1-2-0 at 135lbs.  Both women have been in the cage before.  Dasha is a Lauzon disciple and will undoubtably come to make her mark here in New Englands oldest promotion.  Her last victory was over Stacey Scappaccia in a 2 round beat down. Fernanda has been busy though.  She's fought's favorite Daywalker, Peggy Morgan, had a great fight up in ME against Maria Rios, and took an American Top Team member's arm home for her first W earlier this year in an unsanctioned bout in Tampa, FL.  

Above: Dar'ya Hamilton Vs. Stacey Scappaccia at Reality Fighting's New Year's Bash 2013 Below: Stacey Scappaccia after Dar'ya beat her face in,  Bottom: Fernanda Araujo's latest fight in Tampa, FL

Bout 7: Tyler Rose (4-0-0 ammy rec) 0-0-0 Vs David Porter (0-4-0 ammy rec) 0-1-0 at 170lbs.  Karyn Wesch's newest 170lb Amateur Title holder, Rose, ventures into the big cage and deeper waters than he's ever competed in before as he steps up to the Pro ranks and vacates his newly earned Amateur PremierFC Title.  In April, Rose took the belt in a battle with Elysee Sanon who trains under the watchful eyes at UnderdogBJJ.  Rose took some abuse in the process, but persevered and showed that wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu can work in tandem.  David Porter hasn't had a win yet in his pro career and has been trying for a win since taking MMA fights as far back as 2005.  With 4 losses to his credit back in 2005 to 2007 Dave took 6 years off before going pro at the LOC Fights: Heavy Artillery event on April 20th of this year. I don't see him giving Tyler much of a fight.  He's been stopped 4 times in the 1st round.  Twice by Ref stoppage and twice by submission.  He's gone to the 2nd round once and was beaten literally into submission via strikes for his troubles.  We might see him catch some Zzz's though if Tyler keeps to his winning ways.  

Above: Tyler Rose Vs Elysee Sanon at PFC 13

Bout 8: Johnny Lopez 0-2-0 Vs Jon Marcheterre 0-2-0 has all the markings of a fight of the night.  Both men come in looking for that first W.  Marcheterre seems to have been away from the cage the longest, nearly 2 years.  Lopez hasn't been back since Feb. of last year.  These men have only fought tough opponents and know exactly what it's like to stare down a killer.  Now it's their turn to decide who will be the hunter and who will be the hunted.  Johnny is coming back to his home turf inside the Reality cage where as Jon is making the move from Jimmy Burchfield's CESMMA cage in neighboring RI.  With former opponents that gather at the top 10 of their respective weight class regularly it is going to be a heart felt and career changing match.  I'll give the home field advantage to Lopez on this one though it's a razor thin advantage.

Photo Courtesy of Joe Leonard
Above: Johnny Lopez vs Reality Fighting 135lb Champ Jeff Emil Haddad in 2011, Below: Jon Marcheterre Vs Dinis Piava Jr. at CESMMA's: No Where to Hide in 2011

Bout 9: Joey Gomez 1-0-0 Vs Miguel Santos 1-0-0 (This is what I can confirm.  The Underground has it as 3-0-0, but fails to list any of the fights so I think it's a typo on there part) at 140lbs.  First go watch this fight.  Combat Zone 43 Joey Gomez Vs.  John Santos.  Now watch this fight.  Warrior Nation XFA: Guantlet Miguel Santos Vs. Brian Brown.  Need I say more.  This is going to be either K.O. of the night or Sub of the night, mark my words.

Above: DCNU's Miguel Santos in action, Below: Ref Kevin MacDonald saves John Santos from permanent damage at the hands of Triumph's Joey Gomez 

Bout 10Domonoqui Gagliardi 1-1-0 vs. Jason Ward 2-2-1 at 185lbs.  Dom is no stranger to Reality's cage.  He fought Alexandre Moreno last year for a the title at 185lbs.  He was submitted in the 1st round.  Jason Ward has had his moments in Reality's cage as well.  More recently Ward faced Roger Zapata for the New Year's event at Mohegan Sun.  

Above: Domonoqui Gagliardi Vs Mark MacLaughlin, Below: Jason Ward Vs Roger Zapata

Bout 11: Walter Howard 2-2-0 Vs Dirlei Broenstrup 2-2-0 at 205lbs.  Howard and Broenstrup could be interesting   Neither man has garnered much attention from the top guys in their division, but I honestly think this is the best match on the card as far as a you pick'em.  Either man has the potential to win this. Walter is coming off a loss to Anton Bezin and Dirlei was in the states a few months ago to secure a Team Link victory over Cody Lightfoot.  I couldn't tell you much about either fighters methodology though it's well known that Linker's are Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practioners first and MMAer's second.  There are exceptions to every rule so don't hold me to that.  I wish both men the best and hope that Dirlei had a good trip to MA and gets home to Brazil safely afterwards.  

Bout 12: Is the main attraction.  You can read up on that match on either of the two sites I linked up on the top of the article.  I only know one thing about both men involved with this match.  I wouldn't want to piss them off in a dark alley if you know what I mean.  It could be ugly folks, real ugly.  Roger Zapata 4-1-0 Vs Chip Moraza-Pollard 6-4-0 at 170lbs.  These men are serious about reaching the top.  THey both train with experts in all facets of the game.  They always bring a fight.  Chip is a fucking animal you just can't kill or shake off and has gone the distance in most fights he's been in.  Roger is big and nasty.  He's carrying some serious power in his punches and with a bevy of TKO stoppages and a KO head kick on his resume it isn't going to get interesting in there fast.  Best of luck to both fighters.  I hope we get a chance to sit and and talk afterwards.

My deepest thanks to you all for toughing this one out with me.  It was fun to write and even more fun to research.  There's a ton of talent here on a card that to some looks a little lack luster compared to one with names that pop-out as Former UFC or Bellator hopeful.  No small amount of effort has been overlooked.  Even the guys I see probably losing I have much respect for because I am on that end of the stick as well.  It's up to us, the one's on bottom or thought to be the least advantaged to show-up, dig deep, and come out on top no matter how hard we get hit.  Get up and get fighting.  A few years ago I joined my friends and colleagues and brought some direction to this site.  I coined a phrase "Getting you closer to the cage"  Well it's been an amazing journey and I am considering this a victory because I've turned that phrase into my own personal montra.  I've stepped beyond just getting closer to it, I'm stepping through it.  I hope you all find that spark.  That thing which you have to just do, and you do it.  Make it your mission.  Make it happen.  Life is so short and we are capable of doing great feats in that span of time...

Below are some of the photos I use to see just how far I've come in life.  Enjoy...