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July 4, 2013

Warrior Nation Releases The Fight Card For July 19th Show

Warrior is set to return on July 19th, 2013 at the famous Hu Ke Lau in Chicopee Mass.  Warrior Nation has added Matt Bessette to help along with the match making for their sixth installment.  The card contains 9 fights total with 3 pro fights.  Tickets can be found by visiting the link here or from your favorite fighter! Warrior Nation also announced their Ultimate Summer Ticket Prize Raffle featuring 2 UFC Boston tickets ($650 value).  2nd Prize is $200 and 3rd Prize is $100.  Only 300 tickets total will be sold.  Raffle tickets are 1 for $10 or 3 for $20.  Drawing will be held on Saturday August 3rd unless all tickets will be sold by Warrior Nation's event.  If they are, they will be drawn live at the show and of course you don't have to be present to win.  Get your tickets from the man Jesse Camp himself for the raffle.  I got a good feeling that the raffle tickets will be sold by the end of Warrior Nation's show.  As for the fight card folks, it is a well matched one.  The three pro fights are going to be awesome.  Taylor Trahan is making big waves and he is facing Addison O'Neil who will be making his pro debut.  Warrior Nation fans will remember Addison's KO in just a mere 13 seconds.  Also on the pro card is Dave Marfone who also had a knockout in the Warrior Nation cage.  The rest of the fight card is found below....

Amateur Fights:
1. 145 lbs Joe Leonard (Team Ravenous 0-2) vs. Chris Walker (Kensho Ryu Kempo 0-0)
2. 135 lbs Nhel Theam (DCNU 0-1-1) vs. Steve Karr (Gracie Farmington Valley 0-0)
3. 145 lbs Curtis Watkins (CT United BJJ 0-1) vs. Noel Medina (FAA Gardner 0-0)
4. 125 lbs Nick Mancinone (FAA Springfield 0-1) vs. Richard Santiago (Rivera Athletics 0-1)
5. 170 lbs Carlos Correia (DCNU 0-0) vs. John LaMontagne (Kavolski MMA 0-0)
6. 145 lbs Mclynn Cadiente (CT United BJJ 0-1) vs. Sand Aijo (Rivera Athletics 0-0)

Pro Fights
7. 135 lbs Thiago Carfi (Ironbound MMA 1-2) vs. Johnny Lopez (Underdog BJJ 1-2)
8. 155 lbs Addison O’Neil (DCNU Pro Debut) vs. Taylor Trahan (Team Link NH 2-0)
9. 170 lbs Dave Marfone (Mohawk Valley 3-0) vs. Toby Oden (Rivera Athletics 1-1)