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July 19, 2013

WNXFA VI 7/19/2013 Event Review

We are here all set for the fights to start.  The fights should be starting tentatively at 7pm.  John Vena will be the host for the evening.  Jesse Camp is running around like a madman.  That means that it is almost show time.  The Warrior Nation girls are looking great as usual.  WNXFA has the best intro to a show in my opinion.  DJ Arianna is warming up the crowd with her mad dj skillz. Warchild is all set to take photos for us.  The crowd is starting to fill in and I am going to go get some Polynesian food and wait for the fights to start.  If you haven't yet please support WNXFA by liking their fanpage here.  The show is sold out and Kathryn Winston just sang the national anthem.  She did an amazing job and just 16 years old.  Please support her by liking her fanpage and her youtube. For local celebs so far I have seen, Jon Manley, Matt Bessette, Ricardo Funch, Leon Davis, Jeff Haddad, Nick Newell, Torrey and Jorge Rivera.

1. 145 lbs Joe Leonard (Team Ravenous 0-2) vs. Chris Walker (Kensho Ryu Kenpo 0-0)

Chris goes for a takedown but is stuffed.  Joe is working his jabs.  Chris clinches and Joe fires a knee to the body.  Joe gets in a right hand that drops Chris to his knee.  The ref stops the fight!!!

Joe Leonard defeats Chris Walker via ko to strikes 1:11 in Rd 1.  Joe did a great job in this fight at listening to his corner.  He defended the takedown very well and kept his composure and timed his strikes.  Great job bud.

2. 145 lbs Curtis Watkins (CT United BJJ 0-1) vs. Noel Medina (FAA Leominster 0-0)

Watkins gets the takedown and is working a kimura.  Noel almost gets the sweep but Curtis pushes him right back down.  Noel gets the sweep and stands up.  He gets in some shots to the head of Curtis while Curtis is standing back up.  Curtis goes for a takedown but is stuffed.  He then tries again and eats a knee to the head but he is on top working the guard.

Curtis 10-9

Rd 2:  Curtis gets the takedown and is working the guard  He passes to the side and is working the d'arce.  He gets the tap.

Curtis Watkins defeats Noel Medina via tapout to darce at 53 seconds in Rd 2.  Watkins did an excellent job and controlling this fight and then pulled off a tough submission.

3. 135 lbs Nhel Theam (DCNU 0-1-1) vs. Steve Karr (Gracie Farmington Valley 0-0)

Nhel gets a jab and a leg kick in.  Nhel gets in another jab.  Nhel works two more leg kicks in.  Nhel connects with a high head kick that rocks Karr down.  Karr recovers fine and gets back to his feet.  Karr gets in a jab. Nhel is getting in some nasty leg kicks as the round goes on.

Nhel 10-9

Rd 2:  Nhel catches him with a right hand that drops him and he finishes him off with some ground and pound.

Nhel Theam defeats Steve Karr via ref stoppage to strikes at 34 in Rd 2.  Nhel kept working his kicks and wore down Steve in this fight.

4. 125 lbs Nick Mancinone (FAA Springfield 0-1) vs. Richard Santiago (Rivera Athletics 0-1)

Nick starts us off with a leg kick.  Nick catches Richard's leg and kicks his other leg and takes him down.  Richard ends up working the side after the scramble.  Nick pulls off a slick armbar and gets the tap.

Nick Mancinone defeats Richard Santiago via tapout to armbar at 54 seconds in Rd 1. Juicebox!!

5. 170 lbs Connor Barry (Independent 1-0) vs. John LaMontagne (Kavolski MMA 0-0)

Connor gets the quick takedown and is working the side.  John is threatening with a guillotine.  Connor pops his head out and gets in some ground and pound.  They scramble and get back to their feet.  Connor stuffs the takedown and gets in a good right hand.  Connor takes him down and works the side.  He gets in some more ground and pound and gets the ref stoppage.

Connor Barry defeats John LaMonagne via ref stoppage to strikes at 2:24 in Rd 1.

6. 145 lbs Mclynn Cadiente (CT United BJJ 0-1) vs. Sand Aijo (Rivera Athletics 0-0)

Mclynn gets the takedown and Sand gets right back up.  Mclynn one arm slams Sand again.  He gets in some ground and pound and they get back to their feet.  Sand fights for a takedown but is stuffed.  Mclynn slams him down again and takes his back.    He is working a rear naked choke.  He has the legs locked and trying to get the neck. Sand gets out by twisting and Mclynn threatens with an armbar.  Sand gets out and is threatening with a guillotine.  Mclynn fires a nasty knee to the body.  Sand takes him down and takes the back as the round ends.

Mclynn 10-9

Rd 2:  Mclynn connects with a front kick that sends Sand back.  Mclynn gets the takedown and is working the guard.  Sand tries to buck him off but Mclynn is firing down some nasty ground and pound.  Mclynn tries for an armbar but doesn't quite have it.  Sand is on top but Mclynn rolls him by threatening with a kimura.  He switches it to an armbar and gets the ref stoppage.  Sand is tough as nails.

Mclynn Cadiente defeats Sand Aijo via ref stoppage to armbar at 2:30 in Rd 2.

7. 135 lbs Josh Lange (Bombsquad MMA 2-1) vs. Johnny Lopez (Underdog BJJ 1-2)

Both fighters are being very cautious.  They are working their jabs.  Johnny goes in for a takedown but is stufffed.  Josh is clinching him up against the cage.  Johnny goes for a takedown but Josh defends it by using the cage.  Johnny is working the clinch and getting in some knees to the body.  They break and Josh goes for a high kick that looked like it grazed Johnny.  Josh gets in a clean jab.  Johnny gets in an inside leg kick.

Real close round I give slight edge to Johnny Lopez 10-9

Rd 2:  Josh gets in a combo.  Josh works another good combo.  Blood is coming out of under the left eye of Johnny.  Josh gets in another combo.  Johnny misses with a superman punch.  Johnny gets in a leg kick.  Josh gets in another combo.  Ref pauses the fight to have the doctor check the cut.  Doctor stops the fight.

Josh Lange defeats Johnny Lopez via doctor stoppage to cut around the eye 2:28 in Rd 2.

8. 155 lbs Addison O’Neil (DCNU Pro Debut) vs. Taylor Trahan (Team Link NH 2-0)

Taylor gets the takedown and is working the guard.  Addison threatens with an armbar but Taylor gets out. They scramble and get back to their feet.  Addison picks him up and slams him down.  Taylor gets the sweep and is now on top in the guard.  Addison gets the sweep and is on top in the guard.  Addison gets in some elbows to the head.  Addison is getting in some big ground and pound.  Taylor gets a slick armbar but Addison fights it and gets out.  Taylor is on top in full mount getting in some ground and pound as the round ends.

Real close round...could go either way I give it to Addison because he was on top for a while in that round 10-9

Rd 2:  Addison misses with a leg kick and Taylor quickly covers and is on top in the guard.  Taylor passes to full mount and gets the armbar for the tap.

Taylor Trahan defeats Addison O'Neil via tapout to armbar at 3:16 in Rd 2.


Fight of the Night: Mclynn Cadiente vs. Sand Aijo
Submission of the Night: Taylor Trahan over Addison O'Neil
KO of the Night: Joe Leonard KO!
Blunder of the Night:  Everything went smooth

It was a great night of fights.  Warrior Nation sold out the Hu Ke Lau with 450 or so fans.  It is the only place to eat fantastic Polynesian food and enjoy the blood in the cage.  There wasn't one fight that went to the judges this night.  All the fighters left it all in the cage.  Thank you to you all for putting on the show and thanks to Warrior Nation for allowing us to take photos and to cover the show.  I haven't had the chance to see Taylor Trahan fight before and I was impressed.  Taylor can scrap and hung in there and got the submission victory over a tough  Addison O'Neil.  Addy will bounce back!  Josh Lange and Johnny Lopez turned out to be a war for the second round with all stand up until the doctor stopped it for a cut.  It didn't look like the blood was going in the eye and I wish it went longer and I am sure Johnny did too but not much we can do about that.