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August 31, 2013

BONE MMA I 8/30/2013 Review

We are at Bone MMA event and it is in a great location.  It is in a nice gym with upper seats which make for a sweet view of the fights.  The only two people here selling shirts are Suckerpunch Athletics and Team Link.  The sound system sounds awesome and the dj is warming up the crowd with some mainstream hits.  Old School, Kevin the Ref, John English, Derek Constable and Zack Lynch made it up to the fights.  Beer and water is being sold which always a bonus for a mma fan!  There was a last minute scratch so there are only 6 fights scheduled.  I will do my best to give a live play bu play as I am on limited laptop battery and cell service.  Our host is the man John Vena who always does a great job.  The blond woman who did the national anthem did a fantastic job.  The place is filling up and I would estimate the crowd to be around 300-400.

170 lbs Ammy Chris Perreault(Link) vs. Corey Bowehall (CNYMMA)

Chris misses with a kick and Corey gets a guillotine. Chris gets out of it and they scramble.  Chris takes his back and works a rear naked choke.  Corey slides out the back door and they are on their feet.  Corey gets the takedown and is working the side as the round ends.

Chris 10-9

Rd 2:  Both fighters exchange kicks.  Chris fights for a takedown and Corey stuffs him and swings away.  Chris gets the takedown and gets the arm triangle for the tap.

Chris Perrault defeats Corey Bowehall via tapout to arm triangle at 1:31 in Rd 2

145lbs Ammy Chris Violette (Burgess) vs. Danny Abad (CNYMMA)

Chris fights for a takedown and gets it.  He is working the side and looking to pass to full mount. Danny spins and Chris is trying for rear named but doesnt have the legs hooked.  Danny spins again and Chris is now in half guard and looks to be working for a kimura as the round ends.

Chris 10-9

Rd 2:  Chris is fighting for a takedown but is stuffed.  Danny fires back with some punches.  Chris gets in a combo of his own.  Chris gets in a jab and then gets the single leg takedown.  Danny does a good job at keeping Chris's arm tied up until the round ends.

Chris 10-9

Rd 3:  Chris starts us off with a leg kick.  Chris tries for a takedown but doesnt get it and Danny fires back with a few punches.  Chris tries for a takedown but is stuffed again.  Chris gets hit with an uppercut to the cup.  Chris gets the takedown and finishes the round working the side.

Chris 10-9

Chris Violette defeats Danny Abad via unanimous decision

155lbs Ammy Mike Reutz (Link) vs. James Hoyt (Independent)

They clinch and fall to the ground.  James postures up and gets in a good shot to the head.  James threatens with a heel hook. Mike rolls and rolls and gets out.  They are back to their feet and the round ends with them clinched.

James 10-9

Rd 2:  James connects with a right hand.  He gets in another combo and Mike is wobbly.  Mike dives for a takedown and gets it.  James is on top in guard trying to work some ground and pound.  

James 10-9

Rd 3:  James connects with a right hand.  He goes for a double leg and gets it.  He is working the guard.  The rest of the round is finished off on the ground.

James 10-9

James Hoyt defeats Mike Reutz via unanimous decision.

170lbs Ammy Paul Gaffney (Team Link Hooksett) vs. JT Harold (Pitbull)

Paul gets in a good right hand.  JT gets in a right hand of his own.  Paul gets in a leg kick.  They clinch and Paul gets in some knees to tbe body before they break.  JT fires with an inside leg kick.  JT gets in a jab right as the bell sounds.

Real close...Paul 10-9

Rd 2:  JT gets in an outside leg kick.  Paul gets in a jab and a leg kick.  Paul backs JT up and is looking for the knockout punch.  He gets in a few jabs before JT circles out.  Paul gets in a leg kick and JT gets in a jab before the round ends.

Real close round but I give slight edge to Paul 10-9

Rd 3:  JT gets in a jab.  Both fighters exchange inside leg kicks.  JT misses and Paul counters with a right hand.  JT gets in an inside leg kick.  Paul gets in a combo as the round ends.

Paul 10-9 and real close once again.  Lets see what the judges say...

Paul Gaffney defeats JT Harold via unanimous decision! The fight lived up to the hype ladies and gentlemen. An all stand up war!

205lbs Pro Jabril Patterson (Victory MMA) vs. Robert Taylor ( Future Legends)

Jabril comes out and throws a right hand that catches Robert square on the chin.  He finishes him off with some ground and pound.

Jabril Patterson defeats Robert Taylor via tko stoppage to strikes at 10 seconds in Rd 1.

155 lb Pro Taylor Trahan( Team Link) vs. Phil Parrish (CNYMMA)

Taylor gets the takedown and is working the side.  Phil works his way back up and Taylor is fighting for another takedown.  He eventually gets the takedown and is now in guard position.  Taylor takes full mount briefly but is pushed back to half.  He gets back to full mount and is getting in some ground and pound.  He is getting in some good elbows. Taylor is fighting for an armbar as the round ends and is softening Phil up with some shots to the head.

Taylor 10-9

Rd 2 :  Phil tries a jumping knee that misses.  Taylor gets the double leg takedown and is now in guard.  Phil gets some separation and threatens with a armbar.  He ends up on top and gets in a few shots before he is bucked off and standing.  Taylor gets up and works another takedown.  He is trying to get in some ground and pound but Phil is doing a great job at defending from the bottom.  The ref stands them up.  Taylor misses with a kick as the round ends.

Taylor 10-9

Rd 3:  Phil comes out with a nasty right hand that cuts Taylor wide open.   The ref stops the fight to have the doctor check it.  They get back to their feet and Taylor gets the takedown.  They scramble and Robert is on top dropping bombs trhing to finish.  He gets the ref stoppage. 

Phil Parrish defeats Taylor Trahan via tko stoppage to strikes at 3:08 in Rd 3! What a come back fight!!


Fight of the Night: Man there are two solid choices but the comeback victory from Phil Parrish and the blood from Taylor Trahan won me over for fight of the night.
Submission of the Night:  Chris Perrault Arm Triangle
KO/TKO of the Night:  Jabril Patterson with the 10 second stoppage by way of the fist!
Blunder of the Night:  Last minute scratch led to only 6 fights for the evening.

It was a great night of fights presented by Bone MMA.  Was Bone MMA perfect no.  They lost a few fights due to last minute scratches and in the end they only had 6 fights.  They gave out trophies to the winners and I really liked the venue and the sound system. Every fight(except one) was a great one in my opinion and there was some solid match making done here.  The Gaffney/Harold fight lived up to the hype and was one of the top fights.  Then the last fight which many of the fans left missed was even better.  Trahan was the hometown favorite and was up two rounds going into the 3rd.  Then he gets a bad cut and Phil finishes him off with some ground and pound for the tko stoppage.  I spoke with Bone MMA and they told me that they learned a ton in their first show and they will come back stronger than ever.  I hope you all enjoy the photos and the review as much as we had fun sharing them with you all.  We will be posting all of our photos onto our fanpage so please click the Facebook button below to become a fan.  Thank you all and have a great labor day weekend!  Last thing I would like to thank Bone MMA for allowing us to cover the show.