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September 6, 2013

AMMO IV Grappling Championship / Sat Sept 28th 2013

[AMMO Press Release]

AMMO IV Grappling Championship Battle to the Octagon Tournament continues!

Come and Participate in AMMOs series 4 of 6 grappling championship tournaments to determine the grand winners of each division that will have the privilege to enter the octagon in January to be crowned AMMO’s 2013 Champion of CHAMPIONS and will be eligible to receive a cash prize!

Come and attempt to retire the current champions from all the divisions. ...
All returning champions participate to defend their division at no cost(Win or Lose you keep your belts, no new belts will be presented if you defend your division successfully but will receive a Gold Medal) but as always champions make 10% of all the fans/spectators that go to support them and an additional 10% of all participants that they refer to compete! New champions will be awarded 1st place championship belts and be entitled to some incentives when returning to defend their title.

Kids No Gi and GI will take place first starting at 10am, followed by Females, Teens and Adults in that sequence.
Location: Nomand, S. Windsor, CT.

Order: No Gi and GI. Absolute will occur last.
All information regarding our tournament(Registration, Rules, Divisions and Fees) can be found on the following AMMO page:

Yes we know that the IBJJF PANS in NY are also occurring on the same day as our tournament. But we are the alternative grappling league to those other big leagues.

As many of you that have participated at our tournaments know we are for you!

We are structured like an MMA league where if you win your division you are awarded a “Championship Belt” and a “TITLE” and are welcomed back to defend the belt(Win or lose you keep the belt) and title at no cost to the champion! The other benefit of being a Division Champion is that you also make a commission from all ticket sales from your friends/family that go to support you and also make a percentage from participant referrals and are eligible to be sponsored by AMMO to compete at other competitions. No other league will offer you that! ...

AMMO was created for you the grappling competitor and we will soon be branching into the realm of MMA competition in 2014 with a big national MMA promotions company(We are currently in discussion with a few of them) that will allow us to give you more opportunities in your goals/objectives.

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