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September 29, 2013

Boss's Victory 4 review (with pictures from the Artist)

Victory's Cage from above.  It was larger than most local shows.  

Performing Artist: Taisha Lund

Saturday, Sept 28, Victory MMA was back in Dorchester Ma, for the promotion's fourth show, and second at this venue. Myself and the Artist made the ride out from our side of the state, in good time. The weather was picture perfect, and the traffic was light. After several good rounds of grappling and sparring earlier in the day, were both ready for some good ol' MMA!! The card was just like we enjoy most...not too many fights, and packed with talent! We made it in good time, and were early enough to enjoy some delicious Chinese food (at a restaurant only a minute or so from the venue), before we went in. The venue is decent sized, and they are selling Victory t-shirts, and Smokey Bones BBQ was for sale along with several brews as well. The doors opened at 7:00pm, and the crowd filtered in until the first fight started just after 8:00pm. On to the fights!!

Fight 1- (135lbs)  Ali Zabien vs John Lessard
rd1- John comes out and shoots for the take down. Ali works right back to his feet and starts to throw hands. John keeps pressing to get it to the ground, and clinches on the cage.John is pressing hard for take downs, but Ali is defending well. John gets a couple, but Ali is popping right back to his feet. John tries again, and Ali sprawls out, and ends up on top. He stands over John and throws down some punches as the round ends.
rd2- John comes out with a leg kick. Ali presses forward with some heavy punches that backs John up into the cage. Ali starts to connect, and John looks in some danger. Ali throws some big uppercuts, and John tries to shoot in to no avail. They separate, and Ali comes in swinging for the fences, one connects and drops John to the floor. John tries to defend, but Ali swarms with ground and pound until the ref stops the fight.
winner: Ali Zabien rd2 TKO ref stoppage strikes

Fight 2- (145lbs) Danny Abad vs Matt Diccicio
rd1- Both guys come out swinging hard, and get right into the mix! Dany has the speed edge, and he is connecting more using his footwork and movement. Matt preses forward trying to land a big shot. Matt finds a home for one, and drops Dany. Dany immediately grabs on for a take down. Matt stuffs it, and they end up clinched on the cage.Matt grabs Dany's neck, and jumps guard for a guillotine try, but Dany defends until the round ends.
rd2- They come out circle, and get right back at it. Dany is still more active, landing a mix of kicks and punches.Matt continues forward looking for a big punch, but Dany is in and out before Matt can score. Dany continues to frustrate Matt, and lands a take down as the round ends.
rd3- Matt looks determined as he continues to stalk Dany across the cage. Dany continues his in and out, while scoring with punches and kicks. Matts nose is bleeding pretty good, but he seems unfazed and presses forward into a clinch against the cage. He powers for the take down off the cage, and Dany grabs a Kimura try on the way down. They hold this position as the round and fight come to an end.
winner: Matt Diccicio rd3 split decision

Fight 3 - (HW) Jason Peppe vs Josh Cabral
rd1- Josh rushes forward peppering Jason with very quick, but very short, and seemingly soft straight punches to the face. Jason covers up, and weathers the short bust. Jason comes forward throwing much stronger strikes, and Josh shoots in for a take down, which is defended. He again shoots, but Jason sprawls out, and ends up mounting Josh. Josh covers up, and rolls to his stomach. Jason sits in, and starts to pound Josh with punches. Josh tries to posture up, and gets smashed hard with a clean hook from behind, and the ref has seen enough.
winner: Jason Peppe rd1 TKO ref stoppage strikes

Fight 4 - (125lbs) Jacky Mei vs Nick (juicebox) Mancione
rd1- Jacky comes out asks to touch, but Nick will have none of it. The fighters exchange leg kicks, and both look sharp! Both guys show respect and no one rushes anything, and both have crisp strikes. The round is even as they continue to trade kicks, Nick lands a nice hard one as the round ends.
rd2- They come out trading punches most just missing their mark. Nick lands another hard inside leg kick, and Jacky rushes in to clinch up. As he does this, Nick jumps into a SIK FLYING ARMBAR!!! Jacky tries his best, but it is tight and he taps! ** We had a chance to talk with Nick's coach and our good friend Jeremy  from FAA...he called this before the fight! They knew at some point Jacky would clinch, and Juice has been training his flying armbar just for the occasion!! Great job guys!!
winner: Nick Mancione rd2 submission FLYING ARMBAR!

Fight 5 - (145lb Title Fight) Billy Keenan vs Andrew Sanchez
rd1- Andrew comes out swinging, as Billy presses forward getting a early take down on the cage. Billy is working his ground and pound, as Andrew up-kicks to the head. The ref gives a warning, and the action continues. They are back to the feet, and Andrew is trying to land several kicks that are missing. Billy punches his way in and catches a Sanchez kick with one hand and trips out his other leg, sending him to the ground. Billy ends up taking the back of a scrambling Sanchez, and is working the rear naked choke as the round ends.
rd2- Andrew comes out kicking again, missing with most. Billy pushes forward into a clinch, and lands an accidental knee to Andrew's cup. Action is halted a couple minutes as Andrew gathers himself. They start back up, and moments later the same thing happens. Andrew takes another short break, and it's back to the fight. Billy starts to land more hard low kicks, and Andrew tries to counter with front and side kicks. Billy avoids them, and lands another hard leg kick..Andrew cowers away and Billy follows up with ground and pound for the finish!
winner: New Champ Billy "the kid" Keenan rd2 TKO ref stoppage strikes.

Fight 6 - (Pro 155lb) Sean Nichols vs Brendan Rooney
rd1- The fighters come out and circle, throwing fakes and head movement. Sean starts to land a couple nice leg kicks, as Brendan is having more trouble finding his range. Sean is moving well, and continues to find a home for some of his strikes. Brendan keeps coming forward, and looks a bit frustrated, wishing Sean would just settle in and bang. They clinch up on the cage as the round ends.
rd2- Brendan comes out wanting to mix it up, but Sean keeps his range, and wont make it a brawl. Sean continues to land jabs as Brendan moves in. Brendan gets a clinch, but cant secure the take down. Brendan comes in and gets dropped with a short left hook. He immediately grabs a single leg and finishes the take down, but Sean quickly sweeps to the top position. Knowing of Brendan's ground skill, he lets him up to his feet. Sean lands a few more nice jabs, but Brendan swings forward landing some hard shots to Sean against the cage as the round ends.
rd3- Brendan is again the aggressor backing Sean into the cage.Brendan shoots in and is looking for a take down. After a bit of work, he picks up Sean, and slams him into the ground and quickly takes the mount. Sean holds on not letting Brendan posture up. Brendan is landing short strikes and eventually Sean turtles over. Brendan wastes no time, taking the back and sinking the rear naked choke for the tap.
winner: Brendan Rooney rd3 submission, rear naked choke

Fight 7 - (Pro 135lb) Soap Am vs Shelby Graham
rd1- Soap comes out firing kicks, Shelby throws one of his own, and Soap catches it turning it into a take down into side control. The fighters scramble, and Soap takes the back locking up a rear naked choke. Shelby defends well, and Soap transitions to an armbar. Shelby defends, and slams his way out of the submission.Soap is controlling from the ground, but they get back to the feet. Another take down from Soap, and as they scramble he grabs a guillotine. Shelby defends, and the round ends with Soap in top side control.
rd2- Soap comes out throwing more kicks and shoots in. Shelby grabs a guillotine attempt, and Soap defends, but Shelby ends up on top in guard. As he tries to ground and pound Soap rolls for the arm bar. Shelby again slams out but soon is defending a triangle. Another defense by Shelby as Soap transitions to the back. Soap works hard for the rear naked, and looks to have it sunk a few times, but Shelby is tenacious, and defends until the round ends.
rd3- They exchange kicks. As Shelby misses, Soap shoots in for a slamming take down. He quickly takes the back, and works for another arm bar. Shelby defends, they scramble, and again Soap is on Shelby's back looking for the rear naked choke.Shelby again proves to have great defense, and spins to top position in full guard. Soap locks up another triangle, but Shelby slams out, and throws down some punches as the round ends.
winner: Soap Am rd3 unanimous decision.

Fight 8 - (Pro 135lb) Kurt Chase Patrick vs Kin "Kong" Moy
rd1- The fight starts, and they meet center cage. Kin throws up a quick high kick that barely misses. Kurt presses forward grabs on and shoots for the take down. They push into the cage, and Kurt almost takes Kin's back. They scramble out, and Kurt shoots in for another take down attempt. Kin grabs a guillotine on the way down, and Kurt quickly taps. As he gets up, we notice he's clearly in pain, as his shoulder is dislocated in the attempt. Tough finish for such a potentially awesome fight...great work Kin, head up Kurt, hope you heal up quick!
winner: Kin Moy rd1 submission guillotine choke.

Fight 9 - (Pro 135lb Main Event) Matt Tran vs Tateki Matsuda
rd1- The fighters circle with respect, feeling each other out. Matt misses with a high kick, and Tech connects with a hard inside low kick. Matt shoots in, and Tech sprawls well. They clinch on the cage and Tech grabs for a guillotine attempt. Matt defends, and ends up on the ground defending strikes from his back.Matt rolls for an ankle lock and the fighters scramble. Matt ends up taking the back and tech is forced to defend. They again scramble and Matt is trying to lock up an arm as the round ends.
rd2- Matt comes out with a jump knee that misses it's mark. They tie up and fall to the ground, with Matt on top in Tech's full guard. Tech is throwing short elbows from the bottom. Matt pressures from the top and in a scramble takes the back. He looks for a Kimura forcing Tech to defend. Tech pops out and ends up in top position himself. Matt throws up a quick triangle, and tech is in trouble. The submission is locked tight, but tech defends and hangs in  until the round ends.
rd3- Tech is looking tired, but keeps moving forward. They clinch up, and Matt powers a take down to top position. Tech works over to the cage and works his way to the feet, only to be taken down again. As they scramble Matt looks for another ankle lock. Tech defends and is standing over Matt landing a couple kicks to the legs of the downed opponent. He calls Matt back to his feet. Matt shoots and tech sprawls a couple times before they clinch up. Each fighter is trying to get the take down, but Matt gets a hip toss to half guard as the fight ends.
winner: Matt Tran rd3 split decision

Another great show in the books for Victory MMA!! Perfect amount of fights, and great match making, even with the last minute replacements. We got to see some slick submissions, a bit of blood, and a few 3 round battles!! We thank all the fighters and teams for your hard work...also big thanks to the team at Victory MMA for letting us cover the show. We look forward to the next installment, as we help bring you " closer to the cage!!!"