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September 6, 2013

Combat Zone 45 9/6/2013 Review

After the hour and a half commute and us driving around in a circle cause Warchild didn't go the right way we are here in our seats.  The fights should start around 7pm.  The venue is really nice.  They had some gambling games going on in the building.  You walk in to the large room with the cage and it hits ya.  The lighting is excellent and should make for a good night of pictures and fights.  The room is filling up with fight fans.  Kevin the Ref and John English are the refs for the evening.  The ring girls look ahh-mazing.  Scorch is the announcer.  Virginia is raising money for the Station Foundation which raises money for the army, marines and navy seals.  The Kattars have done a great job setting up.  The sound system is awesome and the tvs all around the venue are showing the fights.   The DJ from Planet Z Sound is handling the sound for the night. Michael Strazzere has already had 5 Coors Lights so you know the show is about to start.  Calvin's dad did a great job with the national anthem.

215lb. - Amateur - Joe Lambert (0-0 Independent ) vs. Elias Akiki (0-1 Connor's MMA)

Joe starts us out with a jab.  Elias gets the takedown via trip and is now on top in full mount.  Joe spins and Elias takes the back.  He was looking for a rear naked choke but can't get it and finishes him off with some ground and pound.

Elias Akiki defeats Joe Lambert via ref stoppage to strikes at 2:31 in Rd 1.

150lb. - Amateur - Dan Lynch (0-0 Spero MMA) vs. James Murrin (2-2 Broadway BJJ)

Dan starts us out with a combo.  James gets in a outside leg kick.  Dan gets in a jab and then gets the takedown.  He can't get in a good spot so he stands up and backs off.  Dan gets in an inside leg kick.  They are going at it!  James gets in a kick.  Dan is clinching him up against the cage.  James spins him and is working a guillotine as the round ends.

Dan 10-9

Rd 2:  James gets in a good jab.  Dan rushes in and is trying for a takedown but James stuffs him.  James gets in some knees and gets the takedown.  He is on top in half guard.  Dan slips through the side and is now working the side.  He is looking for some ground and pound.  James gets in a kick to the body.  James clinches and gets in a knee to the body then gets the takedown.  He is working the guard as the round ends.

James 10-9

Rd 3:  James gets in an uppercut.  James gets hit in the cup.  He takes about 15 seconds and the fight resumes.  James gets a deep guilliotine but can't finish it and then takes him down. James is on top in guard.  He postures up and is getting in some ground and pound as the round ends.

James 10-9

James Murrin defeats Dan Lynch via unanimous decision.

180lb. - Amateur -Scott Coburn (0-0 SC MMA ) vs. Justin Boraczek (0-0 Spero MMA)

Justin starts us off with a kick.  Justin gets caught in a guillotine but gets the takedown.  Justin pops his head out and moves to full mount.  He gets in some ground and pound.  Justin then takes the arm and finishes it for the ref stoppage.

Justin Boraczek defeats Scott Coburn via ref stoppage to armbar at 1:50 in Rd 1.

170lb. - Amateur - Greg Pierce (0-0 CNBJJ ) vs. Andrew Cutter (0-0 Team Kaos )

Andrew gets in a few leg kicks and Greg takes him down.  Greg gets in a few shots to the head.  Andrew is trying for an armbar twice but Greg is too strong and doesn't give up his arm.  Greg is getting in more ground and pound.  Greg controls on top the rest of the round.

Greg 10-9

Rd 2:  Greg gets the takedown and is now north south.  He is looking for a guillotine.  Andrew tries to get up and gets hit with a knee to the body.  They fall to the ground.  Greg is now in guard and gets in some ground and pound.  He postures up and is trying to finish with a barrage of ground and pound but runs out of time.

Greg 10-9

Rd 3:  Greg gets an overhand right that connects.  They go to the ground.  Greg takes the back and gets in a shot to the head.  Andrew spins and now Greg is working the guard.  Andrew is trying for a kimura but Greg is too strong.  Greg postures up and is getting in some more ground and pound as the round ends.

Greg Pierce defeats Andrew Cutter via unanimous decision.

150lb. - Amateur - Jake Pilla (0-0 Wai Kru) vs. Nick Toressi (0-0 Independent)

Nick is all about the taunting and getting the crowd pumped.  They clinch and Jake gets in a combo.  They fall to the ground and Nick is on top.  Jake twists out and sinks the rear naked choke and just lies back.  Nick is forced to tap.  The crowd is going nuts for Pilla!

Jake Pilla defeats Nick Toressi via tapout to rear naked choke at 59 seconds in Rd 1.

140lb. - Amateur - Ivan Sanchez (0-3 Intenze MMA ) vs. Danny Klemarczyk (0-0 Team Kaos)

Dan gets in an outside leg kick.  Ivan gets a leg kick of his own.  Danny jumps guard with a guillotine but Ivan gets out and is now in half guard.  Ivan gets bucked off and takes the guillotine as they are standing for the tap.

Ivan Sanchez defeats Danny Klemarczyk via tapout to guillotine at 1:45 in Rd 1.

160lb. - Pro - Saul Almeida (12-4 CNBJJ) vs. Aguileno Brandao( 9-6 BMAC/Red House) 

Aguileno is working his kicks.  He does the Pettis kick off the cage and hits the shoulder.  Saul gets the takedown.  Aguileno is defending well from the bottom.  Aguileno  goes for what looks like a slide tackle.  He is definitely unorthodox for sure.  Saul does a kick off the cage that connects.  Aguileno falls to the ground and Saul takes the top position.  They are back to their feet and Aguileno gets the takedown as the round ends.

Saul 10-9

Rd 2:  Aguileno rushes in for the takedown.  Saul takes him down and goes right into a D'Arce and gets the tap.

Saul Almeida defeats Aguileno Brandao via tapout to D'arce choke at 50 seconds in Rd 2.

150lb. - Pro - Rodrigo Almeida (9-2 CNBJJ) vs. Wayne Harnois (Brute Force 3-11)

Rodrigo misses with a high kick.  Rodrigo misses with a kick and Wayne rushes in.  Rodrigo adjusts and gets the slamming takedown.  He is working the head and arm choke.  He is trying to pass guard but can't.  Wayne spins and Rodrigo takes the back.  Wayne gives a one tap and Rodrigo lets go.  Ref says to continue and Rodrigo gets the rear naked choke again and gets the tap.

Rodrigo Almeida defeats Wayne Harnois via tapout to rear naked choke at 2:55 in Rd 1.

155lb. - Pro - Pedro Gonzalez (8-5 Redline MMA ) vs. Billy Vaughan (12-15 Buckeye MMA)

Pedro is getting in some leg kicks.  They clinch up against the cage.  Pedro is on the bottom and gets back to his feet.  He jumps guard and gets the guillotine tap.  Pedro has a little cut but he is not worried about it.

Pedro Gonzalez defeats Billy Vaughan via tapout to guillotine at 1:55 in Rd 1.

Fight of the Night:  Dan Lynch vs. James Murrin.
Submission of the Night:  Saul Almeida's D'arce choke.
KO/TKO of the Night:  Elias Akiki with the tko stoppage to strikes.
Blunder of the Night: Warchild driving in circles!

It was a great night of fights at Combat Zone 45.  They will be back in November for their next show and Calvin promises it will be just getting better.   The show went smooth and it was the perfect number of fights.  Only two went to decision and the fighters fought hard to get the finishes.  Thanks to the Kattar's for allowing us to cover the event and giving us such great hospitality.  Thanks to Warchild for taking photos for us.  The sound was great and the crowd seemed to have a good time.  I really liked the venue.  The lighting was amazing and the tv screens all around helped no matter where you were in the room a great view.  It is no surprise why this is their 45th installment.  All of our pics will be uploaded to our fanpage so please make sure to "like" us by clicking the big facebook icon below.