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September 27, 2013

Victory Combat IV 9/28/2013 Teaser

Victory Combat returns to Boston Mass this Saturday on September 28th, 2013 at the Dorchester Armory.  The fights start at 7pm and tickets are available here and at the door starting at just $40.  As of right now they have 8 fights scheduled and 3 of them are pro fights.  The main event with Tateki Matsuda vs. Felipe Lavandoski appears to be off for some reason (most likely injury) and one other fight got scratched. They were able to find Jason Peppe an opponent so fans get to see a heavyweight fight!  There are many good fights on this card but the big one that has everyone talking (including us here) is Kin Moy vs. Kurt Chase-Patrick with the 135lb showdown.  This will be Victory Combat Sport's fourth event and the second one in Boston.  Also on the card there are two Western Mass fighters from Fighting Arts Academy who we will be paying close watch at this Saturday.  Let me break down the fight card for you.

125lbs Nick Mancione (FAA 1-1) vs. Jacky Mei (Wai Kru 0-0)

Next up is Nick Mancinone against Jacky Mei at 125lbs.  Nick is from Fighting Arts Academy located in Springfield Mass.  He comes into this fight with a 1-1 record.  He lost his first fight by submission to Joe Martinez at Warrior Nation.  He then bounced back and won his second fight via submission against Richard Santiago.  He will be looking for his second victory this Saturday.  Jacky Mei is from Wai Kru and will be making his amateur debut.  This fight is going to come down to whether Jacky can overcome Nick's 2 fight experience or not.  Being from Wai Kru, I wouldn't think this would be much of a factor but we will have to find out.

145lbs Danny Abad (CNY MMA 0-1) vs. Matt Dicicio (Wai Kru 0-0)

Next up is Danny Abad against Matt Dicicio at 145lbs.  Danny is from CNY MMA and has an 0-1 record.  I saw his fight a month ago at Bone MMA and he looked very poised and brought it.  It was a good battle but he ended up losing the decision to Chris Violette.  Matt is from Wai Kru and will be making his amateur debut.  This is going to be an exciting battle because I really enjoyed Danny's first fight and it was not boring one bit.  Danny isn't coming up from New York to lose and he certainly doesn't want to go home with an 0-2 record so I know he will be bringing it for sure.

Heavyweight Jason Peppe (Redline 0-0) vs. Josh Cabral (Wai Kru 0-0)

Victory was able to put a heavyweight fight together between Jason Peppe and Josh Cabral.  Jason is one of the many fighters on this card from Team Redline and he will be making his amateur debut.  His opponent Josh Cabral is from Wai Kru and will be making his amateur debut.  I expect this fight to be a stand up war and the fans better not blink on this fight.  

135lbs Ali Zebian (FAA 0-0) vs. John Lessard (Wai Kru 0-0)

Then Ali Zebian takes on John Lessard.  Ali is the second fighter from Fighting Arts Academy on the card and will be making his amateur debut.  John is from Wai Kru and will also be making his amateur debut.  This is a showdown of Eastern Mass vs. Western Mass and both fighters will be ready for a war.

140lbs Billy Keenan (3-2 Redline) vs. Andrew Sanchez (5-3 Global Proving Grounds)

Now Billy Keenan takes on Andrew Sanchez at a catch weight of 140lbs.  Billy is from Redline and comes into this fight with a 3-2 record.  Billy lost his two losses by decision.  He won two of his 3 fights by split decision.  The other win was by ref stoppage to strikes.  He is an exciting fighter to watch every time he steps into the cage.  Andrew is from Global Proving Grounds and has a 5-3 record.  If I found the right record I think he won two fights by submission and one by ref stoppage to strikes.  I wasn't able to find the other wins.  For his losses he lost all 3 to submission.  I have seen Billy fight many times and he has outstanding striking.  I expect him to want to keep this fight standing and work his jabs.  Billy needs to keep the intensity and control the octagon to insure that he gets the W if it goes to decision.  Andrew will most likely want to take this fight to the ground where he can try to work his submissions.  This fight has fight of the night written all over it.

155lbs Pro Sean Nichols (Sityodtong 1-1) vs. Brendan Rooney (C3 Atheltics 3-1)

For the first pro fight Sean Nichols takes on Brendan Rooney at 155lbs.  Sean is from Sityodtong and has a 1-1 record.  He won his first pro fight against Keegan Hornstra by submission.  He then lost his second fight for Victory by decision to Joe Pingitore.  Brendan is from C3 Athletics and has a 3-1 record.  I think he might actually be 4-1.  He won a decision and 3 by submision.  He lost his only pro loss by ref stoppage to strikes.  This is going to be another great battle and I feel it is going to come down to a very close decision.

135lbs Pro Kin Moy (Redline 3-0) vs. Kurt Chase Patrick (New Union Muay Thai 2-1)

Now for the big 135lb showdown between Kin Moy and Kurt Chase-Patrick.  Kin is from Redline and has a 3-0 record as a pro.  He had a stellar amateur career and is currently undefeated. He has two wins by submission and one by ref stoppages to strikes.  Kin is very well rounded and can stand with any of the 135lbers.  The only fighter he was not able to stand with was Rico Disciullo but not many can with Rico.  Kin's last fight was for CES against a wrestler Dinis Paiva and Dinis won the first round on my scorecard.  He kept taking Kin down but Kin did however keep bouncing back up.  Second round started and I thought it would be the same but Kin pulled out a slick guillotine and got the tap while Dinis was going for a takedown.  Kurt is from New Union Muay Thai and is 2-1.  He is an outstanding grappler and submission expert.  His submissions are lightning fast and he has won his two wins by submission.  His only pro loss came to Andre Soukhamthath in which he lost by ref stoppage to strikes.  He was not able to stand with the unorthodox striking of Andre and was not able to successfully keep Andre down.  I think Kin can win this fight if he can keep it standing.  If Kurt takes him down, Kin could be in trouble.  However, Kin did fare very well against Luis Ramos in an ammy fight who is an excellent grappler as well and powered out of many submissions that fight.  This fight has lots of hype and I guarantee it will live up to it.

135lbs Pro Soap Am (Redline 2-0) vs. Shelby Graham (Global Proving Ground 1-4)

For the last pro fight of the evening Soap Am returns to the cage against Shelby Graham at 135lbs.  Soap is 2-0 and is from Redline.  He won his first pro fight by submission and his second fight by ref stoppage to strikes.  Shelby is from Global Proving Ground and has a 1-4 record.  Shelby lost a decision and one by submission.  I wasn't able to find the other two losses.  He won one fight by tko punches.  Soap loves to put on a show for the fans and I can see this one stay standing for a bit.  Soap does have some knockout power and can also submit fighters very well.  I have never seen Shelby as he is from Missouri but I am going with Soap Am winning this fight with a Rd 2 submission.

Victory is primed up and ready to go for their 4th event in New England.  Their first one did have some bugs to work out and I know they will improve it for this show.  For fans who don't know they do events in New York and in Boston at the Dorchester Armory.  I would like to thank Victory Combat Sports for always keeping us up to date and allowing us to cover the show.  The Artist will be taking photos and The Boss will give us an awesome write up.  We will also have live updates for the fans who can't make it and want to know the results right away.  I also want to thank Victory and to Kin and Kurt for making this fight happen.  These top fighters don't have to fight each other this early in their career but they do not choose the easy path.  True warriors in my eyes.