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October 4, 2013

CES 10/4/2013 Review

We are here at CES.  The ride was nice and smooth.  Warchild made me listen to Miley Cyrus on the way up and he wouldn't give me a ticket in Candy Crush.  I have seen, Loco Lobo, Diekmann, Nick Mahmood, Nader, Grant, Marvin Maldonado, Karyn Wesch and The Mangler.  Warchild is here to take photos and I will be doing the live play by play.  Sean from Prime Athletics is sitting with me helping me out with the commentary.  Much appreciated! CES has 10 professional fights for us tonight including 1 female fight.  CES has the speakers blasting tonight.  Crowd seems to be a decent ground with 2000+ people.  Fights are about to start....

Michael Shane Lamm (Dragon Lair 0-0) vs. Tunde Odumosu (0-1 NEC)

Micheal isn't wasting any time and he rushes right in.  They clinch and then break.  Tunde connects with a good jab.  Tunde connects with a good kick that rocks Michael.  Michael bounces back up and Tunde connects again with a right hand.  Blood is flowing from the nose.  Tunde connects with a few more jabs as the round ends.

Tunde 10-9

Rd 2:  Tunde starts us off with another clean shot.  Blood has resumed flowing from the nose.  Tunde is working the outside leg kicks.  This round is all Tunde.  He was working his jabs and putting the hurt on Michael.  His nose seems broken.

Tunde 10-9

Rd 3:  Tunde is continuing to dominate this fight.  He is getting in his jabs and blood is flowing from the nose of Michael.  Michael needs to finish here because he is down right now.

Tunde 10-9

Tunde Odumosu defeats Michael Shane Lamm via unanimous decision.

 Brandon Chagnon (3-4) vs. Tommy Venticinque (0-0)

Brandon starts us off with a cup shot.  They are swinging away.  Brandon gets in a few shots but Tommy is countering nicely.  Tommy counters with a nasty right hand that stuns Brandon.  Brandon connets with a right hand.  Brandon is getting in some jabs.  They clinch up against the cage.  Tommy gets the double leg but is caught in a guillotine.  He pulls his head out and is dropping some elbows.

Tommy 10-9

Rd 2:  They go at it and Tommy gets the slamming takedown.  He is working the guard.  Brandon works an armbar submission and gets the tap.

Brandon Chagnon defeats Tommy Venticinque via tapout to armbar at 2:22 in Rd 2.  Congrats to Brandon.  He was losing that fight and stuck with it and pulled out the W.  Tommy will be back and he looked great that fight.  Much respect to those guys for bringing it tonight.

Nick Drummond (4-0) vs. Ralph Johnson (6-7)

Nick goes for a takedown and Ralph knees him in the head that knocks him down.  Nick recovers and gets back to his feet. They fall to the ground and Ralph tries to take the back.  Nick rolls and takes Ralphs back.  He works a kneeling rear naked choke and gets the tap.  Very impressive.

Nick Drummond defeats Ralph Johnson via tapout to rear naked choke at 1:33 in Rd 1.

Angelo Rodriguez (1-0) vs. Willie Brown Jr. (0-0)

Willie rushes in and the clinch.  Angelo gets the takedown and takes his back.  Willie stands up and then gets a takedown of his own.  Not much action and the ref stands them up.  They clinch and fall to the ground and Willie moves to full mount.  He works a rear naked but doesn't have the legs hooked.  He then works an arm triangle and gets the tap.

Willie Brown defeats Angelo Rodriguez via tapout to arm triangle at 4:56 in Rd 1.

John Johnston (3-0) vs. Khuzaymah Al-Nubu'at (American  MMA Champions 0-1)

John is being patient and waiting for the right time.  He connects with a left kick to the head that drops him instantly.  Wow!!

John Johnston defeats Khuzayamah Al-Nubu'at via head kick knockout at 40 seconds in Rd 1.  Great knockout!!

Kaline Medeiros (1-3) vs. Rachel Zazoff (0-0)

Kaline appears to be the bigger fighter.  Kaline gets in a combo and Rachel falls and tries to bate her down.  She stands back up and Kaline picks her up and slams her.  Kaline lets her back up.  Kaline connects with a body shot and Rachel pulls guard.  Kaline is in guard and dropping bombs.  She gets in an elbow.  Kaline bounces back up and Rachel stands up.  Rachel jumps guard again as the round ends.

Kaline 10-9

Rd 2:  Kaline connects with  a combo.  She gets in some knees to the body.  Rachel jumps guard again and Kaline slams her down.  Not much action and Big Dan stands them up.  Rachel jumps guard and Kaline slams her down.  Kaline is in guard and gets in an elbow.  Rachel tries an armbar attempt but Kaline pulls her arm out.  Rachel pulls guard again and Kaline finishes the round on top.

Kaline 10-9

Rd 3:  Pretty much the same as the last round.  Kaline keeps slamming her down when Rachel Zazoff jumps guard.  Rachel connected with a jab and Kaline takes her down.  Kaline connects with a superman punch.  Rachel jumps guard and slams her down as the round ends.

Kaline 10-9

Kaline Medeiros defeats Rachel Zazoff via unanimous decision.

Marc Stevens (14-8) vs. Andrew Osborne (Angel's Gym 7-6)

Marc catches the leg from the kick and takes him down.  Marc takes the back but Osborne defends and they get back to their feet.  Marc takes him down again is working the guard.  The rest of the fight is Marc just controlling the fight on top.

Marc 10-9

Rd 2:  Andrew throws a kick and Marc takes him down again.  Andrew gets back to his feet and Marc looks tired.  Andrew connects with a right hand.  Marc connects with a head kick.  Marc gets another takedown and is in guard again.  Jon Fitch is in Marc's corner and this fight is much like Jon's fights.  Not very exciting but Marc is winning the fight.

Marc 10-9

Rd 3:  Marc takes Andrew down and Andrew has a guillotine.  It doesn't look deep and Marc pulls his head out.  Andrew is trying to get to his feet but Marc is doing a good job at keeping him down.  Zzzzzzzz end of round.

Marc Stevens defeats Andrew Osborne via unanimous decision.

Andre "The Asian Sensation" Soukhamthath (5-1) vs. Billy Vaughan (12-14)

Dre punches and kicks Billy and Billy takes him down.  Billy is on top controlling the top.  Dre is defending well not taking too much damage.  Billy goes for heel hook but nothing too deep.  Dre tries to get up but Billy sinks in a guillotine.  Dre pulls his head out and is on top now and works an americana for the tap.

Andre Soukhamthath defeats Billy Vaughan via tapout to americana at 3:39 in Rd 1.  Great submission Dre!!!

Charles Rosa (4-0) vs. Steve McCabe (6-11)

They are going at it!!  Both fighters get in some kicks and combos.  Charles looks to be working a guillotine but switches it to a Peruvian necktie for the tap.

Charles Rosa defeats Steve McCabe via tapout to Peruvian necktie at 1:39 in Rd 1.

Todd "The Hulk" Chattelle (11-8) vs. John Troyer (14-9)

Both fighters are being cautious.  Todd eats a leg kick then falls to the ground.  John is working side control.  Todd works his way up.  Todd rushes in with a jumping knee.  He lands right on full mount and lays down some massive ground and pound for the finish!!

Todd Chattelle defeats John Troyer via tko stoppage to strikes at 4:06 in Rd 1.  Todd not only won the fight but he got engaged as well!!  Not a bad night for the Hulk!!

Fight of the Night: Todd Chattelle against John Troyer!!  Great fight and great ending!!
Ko of the Night: Big John Johnston head kick knockout!!
Submission of the Night: Charles Rosa Peruvian Necktie!!

Thanks to CES for allowing us to cover the show.  It was a great night of fights as usual.  We saw a nice knockout from Big John against a last minute replacement.  We saw some great submissions as well.  Charles Rosa  did a great job pulling off the Peruvian Necktie.  The highlight of the night for me was Todd Chattelle coming back with the win and proposing to his longtime girlfriend.  She said Yes and congratulations to both of you guys.  All of our photos will be uploaded to our fanpage so please make sure you "like" it by clicking the button below.  Thank you for letting us 'get you closer to the cage!'