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October 2, 2013

CES MMA 10/4/2013 Teaser

CES is back with another star studded fight card this Friday October 4th, 2013.  The event takes place at the Twin River Casino which is their home.  Fight fans are in for a big night of fights with many of the CES staple fighters on the card.  CES is bringing the fans their first female fight as well which will be sure to get the crowd pumped.  Tickets are starting at just $36 available here and at the door for a total of 9 professional fights.  Thanks to CES for keeping their website up to date with their fight card and available to anyone at any time.  The card features Andre Soukhamthath, Todd Chattelle, Kaline Medeiros and John Johnston.  Let me break down the card for you.

 Brandon Chagnon (3-4) vs. Tommy Venticinque (0-0)

Brandon Chagnon takes on Tommy Venticinque for the first fight of the evening.  Brandon is from Sityodtong and comes into this fight with a 3-4 record.  He has won two out of 3 fights by split decision and his other one by submission.  He lost 3 out of his 4 fights by submission and the other one was by ref stoppage to strikes.  Tommy is from Team United and will be making his pro debut.  He had a great amateur career and fought all of his fights for AFO.  His last fight against Jarrid Heon was an awesome battle that ended up being a draw.  This is going to be a great fight and I am excited to see how Tom adjusts from an amateur to a professional fighter.  Brandon has the 7 pro fight experience to his advantage but I think this is going to be a close battle.

Angelo Rodriguez (1-0) vs. Willie Brown Jr. (0-0)

Angelo Rodriguez takes on Willie Brown Jr for the second pro fight of the evening.  Angelo is 1-0 and but I did find in his amateur career he won one fight by submission and another by ref stoppage to strikes.  His opponent Willie Brown Jr will be making his pro debut.  He also had a good amateur career with one win by submission to punches and the other by decision.  These heavy hitters will be sure to get the crowd cheering.  I think this one will be a stand up battle.

Kaline Medeiros (1-3) vs. Rachel Zazoff (0-0)

For the first ever CES female fight, CES has Kaline Medeiros taking on Rachel Zazoff.  Kaline comes into this fight with a 1-3 record.  She has a win over Stephanie Eggink with a knockout punch in just 7 seconds.  For her 3 losses she lost one decision to Peggy Morgan, and two losses by submissions.  I have seen a few of her fights and she never has a boring fight.  I have seen her workout vids and let me tell you she trains hard.  Rachel, her opponent will be making her professional debut.  Rachel has fought 8 amateur fights, a few more than Kaline has.  Her amateur record was 4-4 and she won 3 out of 4 by decision.  All four of her losses came by decision.  As you can see this is a closely matched fight.  I feel it will come down to a decision with Kaline getting her hands raised.

Marc Stevens (14-8) vs. James Boran (6-0) 

Then Marc Stevens takes on James Boran.  Marc is from NY and has a 14-8 record.  He has 6 ko/tko, 3 sub and 5 decision victories.  For his losses, he lost 2 ko/tko, 1 sub and 5 decisions.  As you can see by Marc's stats he can go the distance.  He has fought for Strikeforce and Bellator in his career and this is his third time fighting for CES.  James Boran puts his undefeated record on the line as he is 6-0.  He has 2 ko/tko, 2 subs and 2 decision victories so far in his career.  I saw his last fight for CES in which he won with a knockout against Eric Henry.  He displayed some really good striking.  This fight is going to be awesome.  Marc is going to use his experience in the cage and try to hand James his first loss.  I think James will want to keep this fight standing and use his striking to try to get the knockout/knockdown and then get the finish.

John Johnston (3-0) vs. Chris Guillen (13-14)

Next up John Johnston takes on Chris Guillen.  Big John is one of the head coaches at Sityodtong.  He specializes in Muay Thai and comes into this battle with a 3-0 record.  Since John is so well known in New England it is hard to find him an opponent which is why Chris is from Utah. John won all of his fights by stoppages to strikes. Chris comes into this battle with a 13-14 record.  Chris is good on the ground with 8 out of his 13 wins were won by submission.  However, he has lost 11 of his 14 fights by submission.   Big John will want to keep this fight standing and do what he does best and use his excellent striking.  Chris will want to take this fight to the ground and see if he can work a submission.

Nick Drummond (4-0) vs. Ralph Johnson (6-7)

Nick Drummond takes on Ralph Johnson this Friday at CES.  Nick is from Wai Kru and has a perfect 4-0 record.  He has won 3 out of his four fights by submission and the other win was by ref stoppage to strikes.  He hasn't fought since June of 2012.  His opponent Ralph is an independent fighter and has a 6-7 record.  Just about all of his wins came by his striking.  Out of his 7 losses 5 of them came from submissions.  Ralph's record has struggled as of recently as he keeps taking fights last minute.  Once again, Ralph stepped in on this fight last minute.  Ralph needs to keep this fight standing and and use his long reach to win this fight.  If Nick is successful in taking him down, he will most likely win this fight by submission.

Charles Rosa (4-0) vs. Steve McCabe (6-11)

Next up is Charles Rosa meeting in the cage against Steve McCabe.  Charles is from Florida and fought for the last CES where he won by a quick ref stoppage to strikes in just 46 seconds.  He won his other fight by ref stoppage to strikes and also two others by submission.  He is putting his 4-0 record on the line.  His opponent Steve is from Philadelphia and has a 6-11 record.  He has won most of his fights by way of the fist and lost the majority of his fights by submissions.  We will have to see if Steve's 17 fight experience will play a factor in this fight.

Andre "The Asian Sensation" Soukhamthath (5-1) vs. Billy Vaughan (12-14)

Andre Soukhamthath takes on Billy Vaughan at 135lbs.  Dre is from Triforce MMA and has a 5-1 record.  He hasn't lost since 2011 and is riding a 5 fight win streak going into this fight.  He won the majority of his fights by using his striking and getting the ref stoppage.  He will be the crowd favorite in this fight and I will be right there with you fight fans!  Billy comes into this fight with a 12-14 record out of Ohio.  He has won the majority of his fights by submissions and has lost the majority of his fights by submission.  Dre will use his striking and look for an opening to get the finish.  Billy's key to victory will be to work his ground game and try to grind out a decision or get the sub.

Todd "The Hulk" Chattelle (11-8) vs. John Troyer (14-9)

For the main event Todd Chattelle takes on John Troyer.  Todd is from Triforce MMA and has an 11-8 record.  He is also a huge crowd favorite at CES just like Andre.  I of course am a huge fan of him as well.  He has won 8 out of 11 fights by ko/tko.  He has also lost the majority of his fights by ko/tko and submissions.  He isn't afraid to step up and fight tough fights which is one thing I love about him.  John is fighting out of Kentucky and has a 14-9 record.  He has fought for Bellator 3 times and has won 7 times by submission.  He has lost 3 by ko/tko and 4 by submission.  This is a very well matched fight and definitely could be fight of the night.  Todd needs to keep his composure and work his strikes and keep the fight standing for a bit.  John's key to victory will be to get Todd on the ground and work his submissions.

There you have the complete breakdown of the 9 professional fights that CES will be providing us fight fans this Friday.  Thanks to the CES crew for keeping us in the loop on the fight card and allowing us to cover the event.  I will be there doing the live play by play and Warchild will be taking photos for us.  Good luck to all the local fighters and leave it all in the cage.  Hope to see you all there and thanks for taking the time to read this article.