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November 16, 2013

CES Review 11/15/2013 By Guest Writer Captain America

[Written By Tom 'Captain America' Evans]

Hello Western Mass MMA Readers, My name is Tom “Captain America” Evans reporting for duty and filling in for the Crew tonight at the Beautiful Foxwoods Resorts and Casino. I was a featured fighter for Western Mass MMA in January of 2012. Look it up it and it will explain my background in the sport of MMA and the Martial Arts. I have actively been doing martial arts for 21 years, starting at the age of 4.  CES MMA is the Regional Powerhouse nowadays “Seeing that I fight for their organization I am not being biased.” CES MMA runs the most shows at the upmost professional level in New England.  They bring the names that put the fans in the stands, like tonight UFC Veteran Tom Egan who fought in 2009 against John Hathaway, and host their shows at the top venues throughout the region. Also on the card tonight is UFC Ultimate Fighter season 13 Reality star Chuck “Coldsteel” O’Neil who made his debut with the big show in 2011. Both fighters are headlining the card tonight!  I am excited to have the pleasure of being able to review the fights tonight. This will be my first experience as a Media Guest. Tonight folks get to witness history in the making for CES MMA as they showcase the beginning of the Amateur MMA division within its organization.  This is great news! Amateurs now get the opportunity to fight for the biggest show in New England.  Not Bad huh? Amateurs fighting at Foxwoods….

Some CES MMA Stars in attendance: Todd “The Hulk” Chattelle, Nate “The Snake” Andrews, Andre “The Asian Sensation” Soukhamthath, Eric “Lucky Strike” Bedard, Scotty “The Pirate” Rehm. Greg “Ribz” Rebello, The Jeffrey brothers are in the house as well.
How About Bellator Middleweight Division winner Brennan Ward in the HOUSE!!! THE PLANKER is in the building!!!
UFC Ultimate Fighter Current Season competitor Peggy Morgan is here as well sitting with the King, Tyler King, more on that later.
Here we go show starts at 7:50pm, Fox Theater is packed and the cage looks awesome…  New announcer Rick Provost is on duty, he also serves as the director of brand building and group sales.  Long time CES MMA announcer Bill Carpenter became the Mayor of Brockton recently, Congrats Bill.
Judges: Kevin “The Ref” Mcdonald, Wayne Lima, and Dave Tirelli
Referees: Kevin Mulhall and Scott Anderson both who have officiated UFC bouts.
On to the ACTION!!!

Amateur Flyweights 130 scheduled for 3X3
Ryan Pompeil (Ti Force MMA) Vs. Romulado de Freitas (Dragon’s Lair)
Both guys are making their Debut, from two well-known MMA Camps. 

Rnd. 1

Fight starts with both fighters touching gloves and Ryan attempts a head kick which is blocked by De Freitas.  De Freitas begins throwing strong punch combinations. De Freitas gets a quick takedown but fighters are back up and pushing each other against the fence. Knees and small dirty boxing from both, Ryan secures a takedown into mount but De Freitas sweeps and now lands in mount of his own.  Ryan now gets a sweep from mount. WOW!  This fight is a very back and forth 1st round.  De Freitas gets some punches in while Ryan forces a scramble and secures another takedown. De Freitas  reverses, stands and throws a big uppercut and secures a takedown of his own to end the round.  VERY EXCITING START TO THE CES MMA Amateur division!!! Great job guys.

Ryan 10-9

Rnd. 2

Both fighters come out, De Freitas lands a kick but Ryan goes for the takedown which is stuffed.  Both men wrestle against the cage. De Freitas gets the takedown but Ryan reverses it and ends up in a north south position going for a head and arm choke. De Freitas fights out of it and Ryan pushes him against the fence landing a knee in the process. Ryan gets another big takedown and lands in De Freitas Guard.  De Freitas then attempts an arm bar but Ryan escapes and stands. Both men are now standing throwing bombs. Both men wrestle against the fence and Ryan gets a quick takedown and lands on top the end the round .

10-9 Ryan

Rnd. 3

Both guys look ready to go, they touch gloves as a sign of respect and come out. De Freitas throws a spinning hook kick a little slow and it is blocked by Ryan.   De Freitas gets Ryan against the fence with a flying knee set up and both men clinch, the knee did not land. Coaches are calling for a takedown on De Freitas side.  De Freitas has Ryan up against the cage and gets a takedown and lands in a north south position of his own.   De Freitas is working but Ryan gets to his knees and forces a scramble landing into De Freitas Half guard position. Ryan passes and is now in side control, both men scramble but Ryan takes De Freitas back in the exchange.  MAN A LOT OF ACTION! De Freitas defends well, turns in and lands in Ryan’s guard and looks for the pass. By doing so Ryan sweeps and lands on top in De Freitas guard.  Ryan then postures up and throw’s some short punches. Ryan ends the round on top.


Winner by Judges Split Decision- Ryan Pompeii, (Tri-Force MMA), Props to both fighters they put on show. Awesome ways to start this historic night, the fans are excited!

Amateur Bantamweights (135 lbs) scheduled for 3X3
Mike Piacentini (Coon Dog MMA) 0-1 vs. Dashawn Robinson (Calendrelli MMA) 1-1 
Both guys are From Ct and the Crowd loves it as the announcer introduces the fighters

Rnd. 1

Fights start and both fighters touch gloves. Both fighters clinch with punches of their own and Dashawn secures a trip takedown landing into Mike’s half guard, Dashawn passes to side control and keeps heavy pressure as Mike has Dashawn’s head working a guillotine. Mike gets his guard and goes for a guillotine but Dashawn passes back into side control, in doing so Mike reverses Dashawn and forces the stand. Both guys stand and Dashawn has Mike up against the fence and throws some nice knees to the body. Dashawn secures a takedown and lands in side control with heavy pressure. Mike works some defense and gets to his knees but is drove back into guard as Dashawn lands some nice GNP to end the round

Dashawn 10-9

Rnd.  2

Round starts as both fighters’ touch gloves.  Dashawn lands a nice jab low kick combo and pushes Mike against the cage.   Dashawn attempts a double leg takedown but it is stuffed, Mike is defending with some short knees but is still pressed against the fence. Referee Kevin separates both men and the fighters get back to the center of the cage.  Both guys throw punch combinations but Dashawn get a double leg takedown in the exchange and lands in Mike’s guard, Dashawn does a nice job passing to side control again keeping heavy pressure. Mike regains his guard and both fighters fight for hand position. Dashawn stands and throws two big shots but Mike lands some up kicks to the body as the round ends

Dashawn 10-9

Rnd. 3

Both guys touch gloves and land some kicks immediately. Mike throws a head kick and slips but regains his balance. Both fighters are in the center measuring as Dashawn lands a nice jumping in hook punch and secure’s a takedown landing in side control position.  Again Dashawn is keeping good pressure as he works for a north south choke.  It is tight, Dashawn inches his way for more pressure and forces Mike to Tap Out.

Nice Submission with the North South Choke, You don’t see that much!
Winner 1:36 left into the 3rd round Deshawn Robinson

Pat Sullivan now enters the cage and honors War Veteran Mike Piacentini and even though he lost the crowd gives him a much deserving applause.  This is why CES is one of the Tops Promotions. That was very classy and deserving.

Kevin McDonald the Ref / Judge with the best hair, and mustaches in the game comes over to the press table and explains that for this next Amateur fight the Foxwoods commission allows Ground and Pound to the face due to the fact that both of these next Amateur fighters have more than 3 fights experience. This makes this fight a lot more Interesting to say the least…

Amateur Featherweights (145 lbs) scheduled for 3X3
Angel Laboy (Independent) 3-5 vs. Kyle Bochniak (Broadyway MMA) 3-1

Rnd. 1

Fighters start off not touching gloves and Kyle goes right for the takedown as Angel attempts a body kick. Kyle secures the takedown and ends up in Angel's guard. Kyle goes to pass and both fighters scramble but Kyle ends up now in Angel's half guard. Some punches thrown from Kyle as he passes into side control and land some more Ground and Pound to the HEAD!!!!! Kyle traps Angel's arm and lands shorts punches to Angel's head. Kyle goes knee on belly and ends up in mount then landing 8-9 unanswered heavy punches from mount as the Ref has seen enough and puts a stop to the action.

Winner by TKO/ Referee stoppage 2:01 in Round 1 to the HEAD! Kyle Bochniak
Basically the Foxwoods commission doesn't allow ground and pound for amateurs under 3 fights total. What is your opinion on this topic?

CES ends its First amateur division with a bang, as they give out Some Free BOSTON REDSOX World Series Hats.  The crowd again goes crazy!!! The Fox Theater is now packed with fans, it is looking like a SOLD OUT SHOW…

Pro Featherweight (145 lbs) scheduled for 3X5
James Murrin (Broadway JJ) Pro Debut vs. Douglas Monteiro (Dragons Lair) Pro Debut 
We got two pro’s making their respected debuts this should be exciting!!! You only get One Pro Debut.  I won mine, it is an amazing feeling. 

Rnd. 1

Both fighters look confident, fight starts with men touching gloves, both guys land some strikes but James lands a heavy right cross that rattles Douglas.  James follows it with some more nice hand combos to the body and head, both fighters clinch and Douglas throws a head kick that misses.  James closes the distance and lands some body punches to follow. Douglas shoots for a takedown but it is stuffed by James. Douglas lands a nice knee to the face on the next exchange. Both fighters circle and now both guys are slugging it out, some heavy punches landed by both guys. Douglas is bleeding in his right eye. James throws an off balance right cross as Douglas goes for a takedown but fails. James now has Douglas against the fence landing some nice shots as Douglas shoots and James Sprawls and brawls some more. James has the better hands as of right now. A low blow by Douglas occurs and the referee stops the action and signals for a 5 minute break. The doctor is called in and James is down on his back.  After about 2 minutes James is on his feet ready to go. Both guys are ready and touch gloves, some kicks thrown by James as he tries finding his range once again.  James finds his range as he drops Douglas with a nice placed overhand right but cannot finish as Douglas stands back up. James again goes back to throwing some heavy punches to the body and head as he forces Douglas to the fence. Douglas is throwing font leg push kicks to try and keep his opponent off of him, but it is not working. Douglas is bleeding worse now. Douglas attempts a takedown once again but it is stuffed by James to end the round.

James 10-9

There will be no round 2 as the doctor calls a stop to the fight due to the cut on Douglas right Eye.  Very good Pro Debut for James Murrin.
Winner by TKO James Murrin

Pro Flyweight (125 lbs) scheduled for 3X5
Dan “The Hamburglar” Cormier (Tri-Force MMA) 1-3 vs. Marvin Malonado (Team Bruno Tostes) Pro Debut 
This is tough having to write on a teammate but here we go!!!!

Rnd. 1

Fighters both start out not touching gloves circling each other looking to find their range.  Marvin throws a jab to get the action started but is misses.  Both guys are feeling each other out. Marvin is the taller guy. Marvin attempts a body kick but misses and both guys then exchange with no damage being done. Dan attempts a leg kick but it falls short, Dan throws some fast hand combos but they don’t find the mark. Both guys at this point are still feeling each other out until Marvin lands a right hand and pushes Dan against the fence.  Dan reverses and both separate with Dan landing a nice short elbow on the separation. Dan pushes Marvin against the fence but Marvin quickly circles out. Marvin lands a kick and the bells rings with 3 minutes in??? I guess they forgot it is a 5 minute round.. 1st blunder of the night HAHAHA! The commission resolves the issue quickly and both fighters are back at it pawing at each other. Dan lands and inside leg kick. Marvin throws a one two body kick that lands for the counter then follows it up with a superman punch.  In doing so Dan secures a take down and lands on top in Marvin’s side control. Dan is on top landing some punches but Marvin forces a scramble and is back up. Marvin throws a kick but slips and falls. He recovers back to his feet as the round ends for the 2nd time.

10-9 Dan Cormier

Rnd. 2

Dan starts with a one two punch combination but Marvin lands a big body kick. Dan now has Marvin against the fence and lands a right hand as both fighters circle off the fence.  Standing in the center both guys are circling and keeping their distance. Dan forces a clinch against the cage and lands some nice knees to the face and body, followed by a foot stomp as he keeps Marvin pressed against the fence.  Marvin pushes his way off the fence and separates. Dan attempts a shot and eats some body punches in the process but Dan gets the clinch against the fence and works for a takedown.  Marvin starts throwing some elbows but Dan is still working for a takedown against the fence. Both guys separate once again with hook punches that miss.  Marvin lands another body kick followed by a Dan punch combo that misses. Both guys are now throwing punches and moving. Dan lands a left hook as Marvin throws a low kick that finds the mark. Both guys are in the center once again and Dan attempts a takedown but it is stuffed.  In the process Dan closes the distance and gets Marvin against the fence working for a takedown as the round ends

Very Close Round could be a draw

Rnd. 3

Both guys take the center of the cage, Dan is now bleeding from his nose as both guys are attempting jabs. Marvin lands a leg kick, followed by another but it is countered by Dan’s right hand. Dan lands an inside leg kick, he then attempts another but it is caught my Marvin who lands two punches in the exchange.  Both Guys are back to touching each other with jabs trying to get their range and Marvin lands a nice Jab. Both guys exchange as Marvin lands a right hand and Dan counters with a nice left hook. Marvin throws an inside leg kick but Dan follows with a counter right hand.  Both guys are now picking up the pace. Dan faints as Marvin lands a nice right hand once again. Both guys with 1 minute left are throwing punches but they are not landing. The round ends with both guys throwing punches that don’t really land.

Marvin looked like he led the dance the last round

Winner by Judges Decision 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 winner by Split Decision Dan Cormier!!!

CES announces November 22nd Gingras vs  Manfredo at the Twin River Even Casino.

Light Heavyweight (205 lbs) scheduled for 3X5
Willie Brown Jr. (MSDC) 1-0 vs. Chaz “The Gladiator” Dowdell (Pittsburgh, PA ) Pro Debut 
Willie is from Meriden CT , as he makes his way to the cage the crowd is standing cheering him on!!! 

Rnd. 1

Chaz is sitting in his corner very calm it seems as he is introduced as Willie is bouncing on his toes with his eyes on the prize.  The Fight starts and Chaz starts out on the floor crawling out like Jon Jones but Willie takes advantage and lands some big punches coming forward. Willie gets a takedown but Chaz forces a scramble and both fighters are back up to a clinch. Chaz is defending Willie’s takedown until Willie gets the under hook and secures the takedown into mount against the fence. He lands some punches as Chaz gives up his back. Willie secures one hook in and begins some heavy punches to the head of his opponent. Willie then transitions into a rear naked choke attempt in which Chaz works hard to defend. Willie lets go of the choke, throws some more punches and now rolls and takes his opponents back once again.  Willie begins working for another choke against the fence.  Willie transitions into mount gain and then doe’s a good job going for an arm triangle choke. Chaz is now caught in the arm triangle but is doing a good job answering the phone and defending.  Willie is still attempting the choke when the 10 second bell sounds and the round ends

Willie 10-9- Willie dominated the round, let’s see if he has the gas in the tank for round 2

Rnd. 2
Willie looks ready as both guys take the center. Willie drops Chaz with a big over hand right punch, then takes Chaz’s back once again.  It is looking like a repeat of round 1. Willie is working the rear naked choke again. Willie flattens Chaz out but Chaz defends once again. Willie then rolls Chaz and Secures the Rear Naked Choke as Chaz FINALLY TAPS OUT!

Winner by Rear Naked Choke 1:18 seconds in Second Round Willie Brown JR.
The Crowd is pleased with the results and Scotty Rehm does the interview for the Hometown Guy.

Pro Heavyweights (225 lbs. and over) scheduled for 3X5
Josh “The Freight Train” Diekmann (Tri-Force MMA) 13-5 Home Town Guy vs. Chris “Ironman” Guillen (Scorpion’s Lair) 13-15

Time for the Heavyweights! This match should be a good one, Josh is coming off a HUGE BELLATOR win on Spike T.V but these two guys have some history as Chris Guillen Submitted Josh Early in their respected careers. I train with Josh and know he has some Heavy Hands and will be looking to Plank (TKO) Chris and get the PIKER Crew another Win!! Let’s see how this one goes… #Planked giving credit to “The Irish Bad Boy” Brennan Ward

The Crowd goes crazy as Josh is introduced fighting out of Groton Ct.

Rnd. 1

Fights start with both big gentleman not touching gloves. Josh throws some jabs and pushes Chris against the fence with some big shots. Josh then lands some more big shots as he sprawls to defend Chris’s takedown attempt. Both men stand and Chris has worked his way in to keep Josh pushed against the fence. Josh does a nice job defending and lands a big knee to the face. Chris falls and “The Freight Train” Josh Diekmann follows up with some big heavy signature punches to his downed opponent, and the Referee has seen enough and jumps in for the stoppage.

Winner by PLANK 1:15 Left in Round 1. Josh “The Freight Train” Diekmann
Josh gets on the microphone and Calls out Tyler King using some foul language, the Crowd goes crazy!!! Tyler stays calm and is surrounded by security. Security does a good job controlling the situation. Tyler King however takes his cup filled with ice and throws it in the Cage at Josh.  So for this he will be getting ejected by security.  The Fans responded to this action by applauding and taunting Tyler King as he is escorted off the Foxwoods’s Resort Casino Property.

Pro Middleweights (185 lbs.) scheduled for 3X5
Thomas “The Tank” Egan (Team Egan) 7-3 vs. Harley “Darkheart” Beekman (Bombsquad) 4-2
The Co- Main Event is headlined by UFC Vet Tom Egan against very talented Team Bombsquad Harley Beekman.  This will be a Good One for Sure.

Rnd. 1

As the fighters enter the Fox Theater arena the the crowd goes crazy once again. There is a lot of excitement and energy tonight at the Fox Theater and rightfully so. Again CES has matched some good fights this evening.  
Fighters come out and touch gloves, both guys stay in striking range and feel each other out with touch kicks and jabs. Both fighters force a clinch and Egan gets a takedown and transitions into side control but Harley creates space and uses the fence to get back up.  Fighters clinch again and Egan lands a nice knee to the body as they separate. Harley attempts a head kick but it missed, Harley forces the clinch and lands a nice knee of his own. Harley attempts a takedown against the fence and gets it, but Egan pops back up as both fighters fight for position against the fence. Harley has Egan pushed against the fence and lands a nice knee to the body once again. Harley gets a nice takedown again, but Egan once again pops back up. Now it is Egan looking for a takedown of his own and both fighters separate. Some faints from both guys  and Egan scoops up Harley's leg going for a single but lets it go and fighters separate again as they take the center of the cage circling. Harley attempts an over hand that misses. Harley shoots for a takedown and picks up Egan as he secures the takedown against the fence. Harley lands in Toms Guard as the round ends

Harley Beekman 10-9

Rnd. 2

Fighters both come out and touch jab to get their striking range.  Harley throws some knees that are defended well by Egan.  Fighters clinch and Harley secures another takedown but Egan scrambles and forces the stand. Fighters separate once again and Egan lands a nice solid Jab. Harley counters with a nice body kick and attempts a single leg takedown. Harley transitions into a double leg and slams Egan to the mat. Harley lands in Side Control but Egan does a great job getting his guard back against the fence.  Egan gets a nice foot sweep from guard and it causes separation and both fighters stand. Harley slips with a head kick but regains his balance. Egan lands a nice left hook right cross combo. Harley comes back with a right hand of his own. Jab cross is then thrown from Egan and Harley forces the clinch, but then again both fighters separate. Harley lands a left hook followed by a right knee to the body and pushes Egan to the cage.  The Referee breaks the actions as both fighters get back to the center of the cage with 10 seconds left.  The round ends with a front leg side kick by Tom Egan.

Harley 10-9, Egan looks to be down 2 rounds to nothing.   I would love to hear the advice Tom’s corner gives him entering the 3rd

Rnd. 3

Fighters come out and Harley shoots and pushes Egan against the cage and gets a nice double leg takedown as he had Egan in the air for that one. Harley lands in Egan’s half guard position as Tom works his defense against the cage. Harley is on top and then stands over Egan. Egan defends well as Harley falls into Egan’s guard once again. Harley throws some light punches as Egan defends. Harley lands a nice left hand from guard as Egan still is defending off his back.  Small punches by Harley, and Egan gets his knee in to force Harley to stand momentarily but then Harley falls back into Egan’s guard once more. (Harley has had Egan on his back for most of this round.) Egan gets foot on hip and attempts to push Harley back, but Harley does a nice job with his position and falls into guard once again not allowing Egan any separation. Tom again gets separation by placing his foot on Harley's hips but again Harley does a good job holding his position. Egan gets to his knees and secures a takedown of his own as the round ends with Harley on his back

Harley 10-9

Let’s see what the judges think, Could it be upset central here at Foxwoods tonight?
Winner By Decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27 HARLEY BEEKMAN!
Harley did a great Job negating the striking of UFC Veteran Tom Egan Tonight. Congrats on a Big Win
Tom tells the crowd it just wasn’t his night!

Before the Main Event CES Honors the Irish Bad Boy Brennan Ward once again showing class with a nice feature movie on the screens for the crowd.

Pro Welterweights (175 lbs) scheduled for 3X5
Chuck “Cold Steel” O’Neil (Mass BJJ) 11-6 vs. Chris “Cappi” Woodall (Wild Card MMA) 12-4
Both of these guys are coming off losses, Chuck O’Neil lost to Gil De Freitas early this year and Woodall to John “Doomsday” Howard this year as well. This fight should be interesting to say the least. All I know is Chuck’s Beard is Awesome… Fear the Beard!! 

Rnd. 1

Fight starts with both fighters touching gloves. Chuck lands a nice left hook into a takedown and secures position in Chris’s guard.( Peggy Morgan asked me what  just happened? I laughed and she tells me just to call it a “Chuck Smash”. GOOD CALL PEGGY. Well back to the action! Chuck is on top throwing some punches in Chris’s guard. The Referee warns the guys to make something happen and immediately Chuck passes into Chris’s half guard to gain a better position. Chuck gets full mount and starts the Ground and Pound. Chris defends as Chuck goes back to securing his position and begins landing some big elbows followed by a right hand.   The referee puts a stop to the action… Woodall is bleeding really bad as he exits the cage with a towel of blood on his forehead.

Winner by Ref Stoppage TKO 2:24 in the 1st round Chuck “Cold Steal” O’Neil

Well everyone, thank you for giving me the opportunity, this has been a great experience I have had a lot of fun.  CES MMA put another great night of fights on and big credit to match maker Pat Sullivan and Karyn Wesch.  Next MMA fight will be December 6th at Twin River Casino. I should mention I will be fighting that night.  A couple of fights fell off tonight, but overall a great night of action at Foxwoods. I have to give all media outlets much respect; this is not as easy as it looks. I was sweating more than I do when I train sometimes.  Thank you Travis for giving me this experience!

Fight of the Night: Thomas “The Tank” Egan (Team Egan) 7-3 vs. Harley “Darkheart” Beekman (Bombsquad) 4-2
Knockout of the Night: No knock outs tonight, but I’d give it to DIEKMANN for Planking Chris with the knee to seal the deal.
Sub of the night: Deshawn Robinson with a North South Choke

Captain America Out!!!!