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November 2, 2013

Reality Fighting

Reality Fighting Nov. 2, 2013
Reviewed by Joe Leonard
Photographed by Jeremy Reipold
Location: Montville, CT
Mohegan Sun Arena

Following an intense afternoon Team Ravenous Fight Camp session Jeremy "The Boss" and I made the first leg of our 100 mile trek to Mohegan Sun Arena.  It is one of our drives that never gets old.  I spent a great deal of the drive relaxing and talking about my next time in the cage.  Jere takes the time to listen, but never hesitates to explain his view of the pros and cons.  The fall landscape helps the time pass and I really started to get amped for this evening.  Kipp Kollar, whom I've had the good fortune to meet on more than one occasion around the cage does an incredible job maintaining his passion for action packed combative contests while seated at the helm of two incredibly large organizations.  My awe is genuine.  Management is never easy, but most importantly it isn't fun.  Yet, Kipp keeps it all glued together.  And hasn't let the fun run out of it either.  One of my favorite features of this event was a rendition of the U.S.A.'s national anthem "God, bless America" sung by Amber Kollar.  This would be her last time in the cage this year and she made it a strong and memorable performance.  I have been present for nearly four years at these events and those of the NAGA, Amber has developed her voice with age and I'm sure some professional coaching in that time.  As a father myself of two teen girls I can't help hoping that Kipp beams with the utmost pride at that young woman.  It had the immediate effect of invoking patriotism and excitement.  I appreciate that the Mohegan Tribe would allow us patriotic men and women to display and honor that American Patriotism that must undoubtedly sting as a reminder that Early American leaders attempted to force from existence the very essence of the tribe and those of other Native peoples of the Northern Hemisphere.  So with respect and gratitude I say thank you, Chief Marilynn Malerba.  Your property at Mohegan Sun Casino of CT is world class.

The card a few weeks ago had 12 strong matches brought together by Joe Cuff.  However, the last week or so saw many more than usual the number of last minute replacements being sought out.  On fight night we had 7 left.  That was one less than had been printed on the complementary fight list promotional cards we received upon entering the arena.  Obviously there is a story here and with any luck Joe and Kipp will fill us in when they have a minute.  

Our MC, Dave Ginsberg, welcomed us to the show and immediately took control of what would be a first rate night of fights.  Each man to step in the cage did so to much applause and great expectations of victory.  The matches were overseen by "Big" Dan Miragliotta and Todd Anderson

AMATEUR 125lb Men

Kenny Morell (0-0-0) Salem Boxing vs. Nate Russell (1-0-0) Fighting Arts Academy
Referee Dan Miragliotta
1st Rnd:
Kenny comes out swinging for the fences.  He's looping rights and lefts.  He's throwing so much into each swing that he's propelled forward and Nate changes angles letting the brawler blow right by.  Nate gets a takedown and moves around to the back of Morell.  The hooks are set and at 1:30 into the round Nate is hunting for a submission.  Eventually he's able to soften Russell up enough to flatten him out and that is when he seizes the opportunity.  
At 2:41 of the 1st round Nate Russell submits Kenny Morell via Rear Naked Choke

145 Ammy
Grant Mosley (1-0-0) Florian MMA vs. Dan Dubuque (2-1-0) DCNU
Referee Todd Anderson
1st Rnd:
Grant is using the lengthy limbs and throwing some kicks, but is soon pressured into the cage where Dan capitalizes for a takedown.  Little advantage is gained while DuBuque looks for ways to beat on Mosley.  Grant employs his Jiu-Jitsu and threatens with a chain of subs from the bottom that keep the crowd on the edge of it's seat and has Dan gurgling loudly until the bell.
2nd Rnd:
The round sees Dan once again toppling over the taller man and employing a heavy top game with a few moments of crowd pleasing Ground and Pound.  Grant manages to pull guard and Dan decides to back out and allow Grant to his feet.  They exchange on the feet just seconds before the bell.
3rd Rnd:
Right away Grant maneuvers across the cage and begins an aggressive assault without managing to do more than clip Dan's right cheek..  Dan counters and has Mosley reeling and backing up as the strikes find his chin and face.  Once again DuBuque takes Grant to the mat.  This time Grant makes a strong effort to regain his footing and manages to make it about ten feet along the cage floor perimeter until he can get up.  Dan continues to pressure Grant and connects with a shot that sends the fans into a frenzy.  He drags Grant to the ground again and rains down punches until the bell.
Dan capitalizes every round by taking him down and besting him up.  Unanimous Dec.  Dan DuBuque

145 Pro
Evan Scott (0-1-0, 2-0-0 am) Lauzon MMA vs. Manny Millan (1-2-0) Team StrykerEvan breaks his foot in a war of attrition
and takes the fight in the 2nd via RNC

135 Pro
Manny Bermudez (SSSF ) Vs Josh Carrero (DCNU)
Fast Guillotine from Manny for the win at 31sec of the 1st

165 Pro
Bradley Desir (Team Desir) Vs Leon Davis (FAA)

Ralph Johnson Vs Jason Ward
Ralph comes out and picks apart Ward for the win.  Ralph KO's Ward at 1:02 in the 1st. 

145 Pro Title
Brandon Fleming (SSSF) Vs Erik Lee (Underdog BJJ)
Fleming wins via KO in the first.  Is the new 145 lb Title Holder