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December 13, 2013

CES MMA XX Review by guest writer, Blaze Robinson - pictures by The Boss

After the long drive we finally roll into the Twin River Casino.  After finding our seats and solving a cage side pass snafu, we stuff our gullets and prepare for the excellent card we have ahead of us.  The venue is gorgeous and seats are plentiful.  Spectators trickle in as the fights prepare to begin, and will continue to for the rest of the night.

Eric “The Dream Catcher” Spicely (2-0) Tim Burill’s BJJ Vs. Tyler Rose (1-0) Calandrelli MMA
Eric Starts shoots in for a takedown to start the fight, and pressures Tyler to the cage.  Eric gets the take down and a scramble ensues, leading to Tyler being caught in guard.  Eric goes for a couple of submission attempts and find himself in mount.  Tyler rolls and gives up his back, and Eric goes for an Armbar.  Tyler Fights it until the end of the round.
During the rest, the Cage side Doctor comes in and takes a look at Tyler’s shoulder, which has been injured during the round.  The Doctor Stops the fight.
Eric Spicely Wins Due to Doctor Stoppage

Tundee Odumuso (1-1) New England Combat vs. TJ “The Carnivore” Hepburn (1-0) 802 MMA
TJ starts off the fight with a kick.  They circle and exchange jabs and leg kicks.  TJ shoots for a double but doesn’t get it.  He winds up grabbing a single, which Tundee defends.  TJ finishes the take down, and is in Tundee’s guard until the first round ends.
Rd 2:  TJ starts us out with a leg kick.  Tundee goes to answer with a kick of his own and possibly grazes TJ’s cup.  The fighters are separated, but TJ only takes a second, and right back to it he goes.  TJ starts back in with a series of kicks and shoots for a double.  He finishes it and ends up in half guard.  TJ passes to side control.  Tundee defends, but gives enough room for TJ to attempt to take his back.  TJ fights for his back until the round ends.
Rd 3:  TJ shoots for a double and gets it. Tundee sits up against the cage and defends from there.  TJ moves to mount.  Tundee rolls and TJ takes his back.  TJ throws some large ground and pound shots down on Tundee.  Tundee bucks to defend, but TJ keeps his back and gets the rear naked choke.
TJ “the Carnivore” Hepburn wins by tapout to a rear naked choke at 2:28 in the Third Round

Thomas “Captain America” Evans (2-2) TUML vs. Ruso Khubejashvili (Pro Debut) Connors MMA
Ruso starts the fight with a leg kick.  Then rushes Thomas and pushes him back to the cage.  Thomas defends with a knee to the body and pushes back toward the center.  The throws a combination and another knee.  Ruso forces him to the cage again and gets a takedown.  Ruso works some ground and pound from guard. Thomas walks up the cage to standing, but Ruso gets another take down.  Ruso works more ground and pound.  Ruso stands up, but Thomas stays on his back.  The Ref stands the fight back up.  Ruso pressures Thomas to the cage again and fights for a take down.  Ruso gets a trip, but the round ends.
Rd 2:  Ruso starts the round with a spinning back fist attempt while Thomas tries a knee.  Thomas throws a head kick to follow, but Ruso rushes him against the cage.  Ruso works some knees to the leg from the clinch against the cage, then gets a takedown.  He works some ground and pound and stands back up, with Thomas working from him back.  Ruso goes back in for ground and pound, but gets caught in guard.  They stay there, and the Ref stand them back up.  They exchange kicks, and Ruso throws a large flurry that pushes Thomas back.  The Round ends.
Rd 3: The round starts with  and exchange of kicks.  Ruso rushes in and there is an exchange of punches.  Thomas lands a solid uppercut and hook combination.  Thomas then tries for a mid-kick, but Ruso catches it and gets a takedown.  Small exchanges on ground, but not a lot happening.  The Ref stands it back up.  Large exchange after the stand up, and it continues until the fight ends.
Ruso Khubejashvili Winds via Unanimous decision. Scored 30-27 by all Judges.

Nate “The Snake” Andrews (5-0) Triforce/New England Combat vs. Franklin Isabel (4-5) Independent
Franklin starts the round off quickly with sprint across the cage and goes for a knee.  Nate drops him quickly but stays standing.  Franklin is stood up.  Franklin goes for the clinch and attempts a trip, Nate stays standing, and throws and connects with a head kick.  The Ref stops the fight.
Nate “The Snake” Andrews Wins Via Ref Stoppage in Round 1.

Greg “Ribz” Rebello (15-5) Triforce MMA vs. John “The Iron Bull” Doyle (10-20) The Gold Team
Greg starts the rights with a set of jabs and a front kick.  John takes Greg to the ground, and attempts some ground and pound, but Greg defends nicely and keeps John held down.  John Passes to half guard, but the pace slows.  The Ref stands it up.  Back on their feet, Greg starts with a combo and throws a kick.  John Catches it and drops Greg to the ground.  John works from Guard to half guard.  Greg works his way to top, and stays there until the round ends.
Rd 2: Greg starts with a jab, and works in with a flurry that backs John to the cage.  John  angles out, but Greg gets him back to the cage with another combination.  John shoots and gets stuffed.  John powers through Greg’s defense and gets the takedown.  John uses his position for a little rest, but Greg keeps active with a couple elbows from bottom.  Greg walks his way up the cage. Once standing he works his way to the outside and gets John to the ground.  He works some heavy ground and pound on John until the Ref stops it.
Greg “Ribz” Robello wins via TKO at 3:10 in the Second Round

Dennis Olson (13-7) Team Menace MMA- Team Flo BJJ vs. Brett Oteri (11-5) Connors MMA
Dennis starts off with a leg kick, only to have Brett answer with his own.  Dennis shoots and gets a takedown.  Brett stands back up, and pressures Dennis against the cage.  Dennis goes for the guillitene attempt, and tries to pull guard.  Now on the ground, Brett takes his back, but Dennis escapes and finds his way to the top.  Attempts some Ground and Pound, and another guillotine.  Brett works his way out, and makes his way to mount.  Dennis gets the roll, and takes his back.  Brett escapes and they scramble until the round ends.
Rd 2:  Round starts off with a heavy exchange, and Dennis gets a takedown.  The ref stands them back up.  Dennis Rushes Brett into the cage, and get a huge takedown.  Brett works a kimura, and gets the tap.
Brett Oteri Wins by tapout from a kimura in Round 2.

Charles Rosa (5-0) American Top Team vs. Ralph Johnson (6-7)
Ralph works his jab to start the fight.  Charles gets the leg kick and rushes Ralph into the cage.  Ralph works his way out, but is taken down by Charles with a single leg.  Ralph works his way back up, and hits Charles with some knees.  Charles answers with another takedown and passes right to side. There’s a scramble, and Charles gets a darce choke. 
Charles Rosa Wins by tapout via Darce Choke at 3:03 in the first round.

Luis “Rockstar” Felix (9-7) New England Combat vs. Lucas “Golden Boy” Cruz (6-1) Carlos Neto BJJ
Luis starts the fight with a large flurry of hands and a leg kick.  They Clinch up, and Luis pins Lucas to the cage.  Luis goes for a takedown, but Lucas stays up and answers with some knees to the body.  The Ref separates them due to a cup shot.  They start back at it, and exchange back and forth.  Lucas ends the round with a body kick and a large combination.
Rd 2: Luis starts with a high kick, and Lucas answers with an upper cut and a head kick.  Lucas keeps constant pressure on Luis, but Luis shoots in for a takes down, and presses Lucas against the cage.  He finishes the take down, but stands back up.  Luis pressures Lucas against the cage, and Lucas works some knees.  The Ref centers them both, and Luis Throws a big right hand, a take down attempt.  The round ends.
Rd 3: Luis starts off with a leg kick, and uses it to keep Lucas at a distance.  Lucas keeps constant pressure on Luis, so Luis goes for the Single leg. Lucas defends and pressures Luis to the cage, and works knees until the end of the fight.
Luis “Rockstar” Felix wins the fight by decision.

Andre “The Asian Sensation” Soukhamthath (6-1) Triforce MMA vs. Corey Simmons (5-5) D-Boyz
Andre Starts the fight with a series of kicks.  Corey answers back with some strong hands.  Andre gets a head kick, but Corey rebounds with a takedown attempt against the cage.  Andre defends and takes Corey down.  Andre ends up in Corey’s guard, but walks himself back up the cage to standing.  Corey pressures Andre against the cage, but Andre gets the trip and gets to mount.  Andre throws elbows until the round ends.
During the rest, Corey begins to dry heave, and almost vomit.  The Fight Is stopped.
Andre “The Asian Sensation” Soukhamthath wins the fight.

Rob Font (7-1) Sityodtong vs. Matt “The Cat” Dimarcantonio (4-3) Team Acesnsion
The Round starts with kicks being exchanged.  Matt rushes in and pushes Rob back.  Rob fights his way forward and pressures Matt back.  Matt Shoots for a double, and sits Rob with his back against the cage.  Rob works his way back to standing, and hits Matt with a solid body shot, and a spinning back fist to the body.  The fight makes it’s way to the ground, but the Ref stands it back up.  Rob hits Matt with a solid right hand, and they exchange kicks.  Matt Shoots, but Rob counters and gets a double of his own.  He works  from half guard, but the fighters and stood back up.  Matt goes for a kick, but Rob catches it and takes him down.  The round ends.
Rd 2: Matt starts in with a variety of kicks, but Rob gets the double and takes him down.  He works to Half guard.  Rob gets out of half, and stands back up.  Matt throws up kicks from his back.  Rob goes to the ground again and works to mount, he gets trapped in half guard until the round ends.
Rd 3: Matt Starts off the round with a flurry of punches and kicks, but Rob gets the take down.  Matt traps him with a body triangle and works Rubber guard. Rob works his way to standing again, and uses it for some large ground and pound from his feet.  He works some large hits until Matt stands.  Rob immediately gets the double leg, and works the ground until the end of the fight.
Rob Font wins the fight via Decision  scored 30-27.

All in all, a great night of fights.  Thanks to CES MMA for having us out to cover the event.  It was an amazing card that delivered exactly what they promised.  

Big thanks to Blaze for the review...Hope you all enjoy the pictures as well...look out for the full album on our face book page! (Boss)