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January 21, 2014

CES MMA XXI 1/24/2014 Teaser

CES returns with their first mma card of the year and they are picking up right where they left off last year.  By that I mean they are back with another star studded card with many top level guys in New England.  The show is this Friday at the Twin River Casino and the date is January 24th, 2014.  Tickets are on sale at the door and available online here starting at just $41.  We will be there live blogging the action so make sure you stay right here to keep up with all your mma action but of course we encourage you all to come out because nothing replaces the atmosphere of a live event.  Although in our live play by plays we try our best to make you feel like you are there!  Let me break down the card for you...

Kyle Bochniak (Pro Debut) vs. Anthony Loycano(1-3)

Kyle Bochniak takes on Anthony Loycano in the first fight of the evening.  Kyle is from Broadway Jiu Jitsu and had a 5-1 amateur record.  He is very well rounded with 2 wins by submission, one decision and 2 by ko/tko so he is dangerous all over the canvas.  He fought his last amateur fight for CES and he must have liked what he saw and is now going pro with them.  No doubt he will be ready for where ever this fight takes him.  His opponent Anthony has a 1-3 record.  Anthony is from Team Pitbull and has one victory by submission.  For his losses he lost two decisions and one by ko/tko strikes.  I think this is a good match up for both fighters due to Anthony's experience.

Willie Brown Jr. (2-0) vs. Kevin Haley (2-0)

CES fan favorite Willie Brown Jr. takes on Kevin Haley.  Willie is from Modern Self Defense in Boston and has a perfect 2-0 record.  He has won both of his fights for CES and by submission.  He will be looking to keep his perfect record intact.  His opponent Kevin is also undefeated at 2-0 and is from Team Anubis.  He has one win over Travis Lerchen by ko/tko and one win against Steve Skrzat by disqualification at a previous Gladius.  This is going to be a good ground battle and I don't see it making it to a decision.  As the saying goes someone's O must Go!

Dinis Paiva (3-5) vs. Franklin Isabel (4-6)

Next up Dinis Paiva faces off against Franklin Isabel in the cage.  Dinis has a 3-5 record and trains out of Keith Allen MMA.  He has one win by ko/tko, one submission and one decision victory.  For his losses he lost two by sub, two by decision and one by DQ.  Don't let Dinis's record fool you if you look up who he has fought he always has tough fights.  His opponent Franklin has a 4-6 record and trains out of Wai Kru.  All four of Franklin's wins came by submission.  He has lost one by ko/tko, 4 by sumissions and one by decision.  Franklin has also fought some tough fighters in his career as well.  This is a much better match up for both of them and can't wait to see how this one turns out.  My gut tells me this one is going to come down to a decision.

Shaun Marmas (5-5) vs. Matt Doherty (2-0)

Then Shaun Marmas fights Matt Doherty at 135lbs.  Shaun has a 5-5 record and is dropping down to 135lbs for this fight.  He trains with Integrated Martial Arts Academy and 1 ko/tko, 3 sub and one decision victory in his career.  For his losses he lost two by ko/tko and 3 by decision.  He has fought many big names and this one is another tough battle for him.  No doubt he will want to take this fight to the ground and try to work a submisison.  Matt trains out of Redline and has a 2-0 victory.  He had a great amateur career and has quickly became a 2-0 professional fighter.  He has both of his wins by tko/ko stoppages.  He has fought tons of tough 135ers as an amateur and a professional and has come out victorious.  Matt will want to keep this fight standing so he can tire out Shaun and get the tko stoppage.  This one is going to be a great one!

John Johnston (4-0) vs. William Baptiste (3-0)

Big John Johnston takes on William Baptiste as the heavyweight showdown of the night.  Big John is one of the head coaches at Sityodtong and has an undefeated 4-0 record.  He has two wins by knockout and two by tko stoppages.  No doubt he will be looking to get his kicks up high and get another knockout of the night!  His opponent William has a 3-0 record and fights out of North Carolina.  I was not able to find all of his fight info but he has one ko/tko and one decision victory.  This fight will be one you don't want to miss and don't blink because there could be a knockout for sure!

Andre Soukhamthath (7-1) vs. Kin Moy (4-0)

The huge bantamweight showdown between Andre Soukhamthath and Kin Moy is finally going to happen.  Dre is training down in Florida with BlackZilians and has a 7-1 record.  He has 4 ko/tko, 2 sub and 1 decision victories.  His only loss came back in 2011 to Robbie Slade in which he lost a very close decision.  He will be looking to use his fast striking to keep Kin at a safe distance and to control the fight.  Kin is from Redline and has a undefeated 4-0 record.  He has 3 wins by submissions and one by ko/tko.  Kin has some excellent striking as well so I am anxious to see how this one plays one.  This fight is razor close and the fight could go either way.  Thank you to both fighters for agreeing to this tough fight and good luck to both fighters whom I am both big fans of.

Rob Font (8-1) vs. Ahsan Abdullah (5-4)

Rob Font then takes on Ahsan Abdullah.  Rob is pretty much one of the hottest fighter in New England right now with an 8-1 record and is trying to defeat every top guy in his division.  He is from Sityodtong and has 2 ko/tko, 2 subs and 4 decision victories so far in his pro career.  His only loss came as his first pro fight in which he lost a decision to Dez Green.  Ahsan trains with Renzo Gracie NY and has a 5-4 record.  He has 2 ko/tko, 2 submissions and 1 decision victory.  For his losses he has lost 2 by submission and 2 by decision.  He is with a new team and is not an easy fighter to put away.

Todd Chattelle (12-9) vs. Shedrick Goodridge (4-6)

For the main event, CES's staple fighter Todd Chattelle takes on Shedrick Goodridge.  Todd has the record for fighting for CES the most and has a 12-9 record.  He has 9 ko/tko, 2 submission and 1 win by decision so far in his career.  For his losses, he lost 5 by ko/tko, 3 by sub and one by decision.  Todd never turns down a tough fight and in return has fought some beasts in his career.  He will be looking for the quick finish.  Shedrick is training with Renzo Gracie NY and has a 4-6 record.  He has 2 ko/tko, 1 sub and 1 win by decision so far in his pro career.  For his losses he lost 3 by ko/tko, 1 submission and 2 by decision.  Just like Todd, he has fought tough fighters in his career and is always looking to throwdown.  This has fight of the night written all over it and CES fans are in for a treat.

As you can see CES has brought us another stacked night of mixed martial arts.  Warchild will be there taking photos for us and I will be there doing the live play by play.  It feels like it has been forever since I covered a show so I am looking forward to getting back into the groove.  What fight are you all most looking forward to?? For me it is definitely Kin Moy and Dre fight.  Let us know what you think.