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January 24, 2014

CES MMA XXI 1/24/2014 Review

We are here live waiting for the fights to start.  CES has put together a 9 fight stacked all professional show for us tonight.  Pat Sullivan has once again done a fine job as matchmaker. As I walked into the beautiful Twin River Casino I saw John Doomsday Howard was available for meet and greet.  I then passed SKS fight gear who was selling their awesome merchandise.  I found my seat next to Tom Evans who thankfully is sharing his WiFi with me so we can do the live play by play.  Kelly MacDonald is the head photographer for the CES show as usual.  The refs are John English and Kevin MacDonald. CES put together some fights the week of the show and they were some nice additions.  One addition was Tunde Odumuso and Adam Quitt who agreed to fight on just a few days notice. For local celebs I have seen Tommy Venticinque, Mario Gonzalez, Luis Felix, Eric Spicely, George Nassar, Scott Rehm, Loco Lobo, Dave Ginsberg, Keith and Pete Jefferies, Ribz, Boogz, Josh Diekmann, Matt Bessette, Soap Am, Nick Mahmood and Shawn Flanagan (both are judging) and more to follow.

180lbs Adam Quitt (1-3 Rivera MMA) vs. Tunde Odumuso (N.E.C. 1-2)

Both fighters are being patient and looking for the right time to make their punches.  Adam clinches Tunde up against the cage and is trying to take him down.  Tunde defends and pushes him to the side and steps to the middle of the cage.  Tunde swings wildly and tries to get the KO but Adam rushes inside and tries for another takedown.  Tunde defends and gets in a knee before they break.  Tunde gets in a good straight right.  Tunde gets in a few more knees to the body.  Tunde gets in two jabs that connect clean.  Adam tries for a takedown again but to no avail.  Some blood is coming out of Adam's nose.

Tunde 10-9

Rd 2:  Tunde gets in a knee to the body from the clinch.  Adam goes for a takedown but has no success.  Tunde is getting on some good punches and blood is starting to come out of Adam's nose now.  Tunde gets in a big right.  Adam's face is smeared with blood now.  Adam goes for a takedown and Tunde clinches and gets in a knee to the head.

Tunde 10-9

Rd 3:  Tunde gets in some more punches and blood is flowing once again from Adam's nose.  Adam is trying for a hip toss takedown and Tunde is defending it one again.  Tunde gets in a knee to the body before they break.  Tunde gets in a combo body then to the head.  Tunde gets in an outside leg kick as the round ends.  Second leg kick of the fight!

Tunde 10-9

Tunde Odumuso defeats Adam Quitt via unanimous decision.

150lbs Kyle Bochniak (0-0 Broadway Jiu Jitsu) vs. Peter Bertucci (Allstar MMA 0-0)

Both  fighters are going at it.  Not too many significant strikes happening.  Kyle gets the takedown and and quickly works a rear naked choke submission for the victory.

Kyle Bochniak defeats Peter Bertucci via tapout to rear naked choke at 1:05 in Rd 1.

135lbs Shaun Marmas (Integrated Martial Arts 5-5) vs. Matt Doherty ( Redline 2-0)

Matt starts us out with a leg kick.  Shaun clinches Matt and is looking for the takedown.  Matt ends up pushing Shaun down to the mat and is now in guard.  Shaun is throwing his legs up looking for an armbar.  Matt recognizes it and pulls his arm out in time.  He is getting in a some ground and pound.  Nice elbow from Matt.  Shaun tries a leg lock and Matt rolls out.  Matt ends up on bottom and is working for an armbar as the round ends.

Matt 10-9

Rd 2:  They clinch and are throwing knees right as the round starts.  Shaun gets the takedown and Matt reverses it.  Matt is now in Shaun's guard and is looking to posture up to drop down some bombs.  Shaun does a good job at defending from the bottom but he is still getting hit with some heavy bombs.  Matt gets in an elbow, his best of the fight.  Shaun bucks him off and they are back to their feet.  Shaun gets the hip toss takedown and Matt gets a reverse triangle but its not deep as the round ends.

Matt 10-9

Rd 3:  Matt starts the round off with a leg kick.  Shaun clinches and is looking for the takedown again.  Matt connects with a knee that drops Shaun.  Mantis finishes him with a rear naked choke.

Matt Doherty defeats Shaun Marmas via tapout to rear naked choke at 1:22 in Rd 3.

140lbs Dinis Paiva (Keith Allen MMA 3-5) vs. Franklin Isabel (Wai Kru 4-6)

Franklin starts us off with a leg kick.  Franklin connects with a right hand and Dinis rushes in and knocks him down with a good shot.  Dinis lets him up.  Dinis connects and knocks Franklin down and finishes him off with some ground and pound.

Dinis Paiva defeats Franklin Isabel via tko stoppage to strikes at 1:49 in Rd 1.

Brief interview with the man who sells KFC here at the venue (one of the sponsors).

265 lbs John Johnston (Sityodtong 4-0) vs. William Baptiste (2-0)

William rushes in and gets in a combo.  John weathers the storm and gets in an inside leg kick.  John connects with a straight right that drops William.  He is trying to finish him off with some ground and pound.  William seems to have come to and stands back up but eats a knee to the body.  John connects with a high kick and threw it so hard he falls to the ground.  William drops and the ref stops the fight.  William stands up wobbly after the fight is over.

John Johnston defeats William Baptiste via head kick knockout at 1:49 in Rd 1.

155 lbs Andrew Osbourne (7-7) vs. Bekzod Abdurakhmonoz (4-0 Broadway Jiu Jitsu)

Bekzod misses with a front kick.  Bekzod gets the takedown and Ozzy works his way to his feet.  Bekzod looks to be working a d'arce but can't quite get it.  Bekzod is controlling Andrew from the side and getting in the occasional shots to the head.  They roll and Bekzod works a rear naked choke for the tap.

Bekzod Abdurakhmonoz defeats Andrew Osbourne via tapout to rear naked choke at 3:54 in Rd 1.

135lbs Andre Soukhamthath ( Blackzilians 7-1) vs. Kin Moy ( Redline 4-0)

Dre starts us off with an outside leg kick.  Kin gets in a leg kick.  Both fighters are working in their leg kicks.  Dre catches Kin's leg and sweeps him with a leg kick.  Dre is in guard and Kin gets up to his feet quickly.  So much is happening so quickly.  Dre gets in a good knee.  Dre takes Kin down and is now in half guard.  As Kin is trying to get up, Dre gets in a knee to the body.  They are to their feet and they break.  Kin gets in a leg kick.  Kin misses with a jab and Dre takes him down.  Kin uses the cage and stands back up.  They both go at it with a barrage of elbows and punches.  Dre takes Kin down and they are both taking a breather.  They are back up and swinging away.  Kin gets the takedown and is getting in a few shots to the head.  Dre sweeps and is in guard as the round ends.

Dre 10-9

Rd 2:  Dre gets in a straight right.  Kin gets in a jab.  Kin throws a leg kick and Dre gets the double leg takedown.  They get back to their feet and Dre connects with a good left and takes Kin down.  Kin doesn't take much damage and uses the cage to get back to his feet.  Dre connects with a right and gets the takedown.  Kin reverses and ties Dre's arm between his legs.  He takes Dre's back and has a body lock.  Round is almost ending and Dre somehow slips out and is back to their feet.  Wow what a fight!!

Dre 10-9, Dre controlled 4 minutes and Kin controlled the last minute.

Rd 3:  Both fighters throw a leg kick.  Dre rushes in and is looking for the single leg.  He switches to a double and gets the takedown.  Kin works his way up to his feet and is threatening with a guillotine but Dre pops his head out.  Dre takes Kin's back briefly and Kin sweeps.  Kin is working the side and dropping elbows.  Kin moves to full mount and is trying to finish.  He gets in some elbows.  Kin is working an arm triangle but can't get the finish.  Dre spins and Kin has the back and is looking for a rear naked choke.  Dre sweeps and is on top.  Kin is threatening with an armbar as the round ends.

Kin 10-9

Kin Moy defeats Andre Soukhamthath via unanimous decision 29-28.  Wow!!  Fight of the year candidate!!  I had it going the other way but it was a close second round.

Doomsday Howard is called into the cage and John's friend from the Navy Guard and he gets a Team CES jacket! I'm #jealous !

145lbs Rob Font (Sityodtong 8-1) vs. Ahsan Abdullah ( Allstar MMA 5-4)

Ahsan works a jab and Rob gets in an outside leg kick.  Rob gets in a combo.  Rob works a jab in.  Rob connects with a front kick.  Rob gets the jab and connects.  He rushes in and unloads a barrage of strikes that drops Ahsan.  He tries to finish him off with some ground and pound but Ahsan weathers the storm.  Rob works a d'arce choke and gets the tap.

Rob Font defeats Ahsan Abdullah via tapout to d'arce choke at 3:33 in Rd 1.  Rob improves to 9-1!!  I think it was the front kick that hurt Ahsan.

185lbs Todd Chattelle (Triforce MMA 12-9) vs. Shedrick Goodridge (All Star MMA 4-6)

Shedrick starts us out with a leg kick.  Shed gets a single leg takedown.  He is now in half guard.  Todd gets out and is working his way to his feet.  They are back in the center of the cage.  Todd misses with a right and Shedrick takes him down.  Todd works his way back to his feet.  Todd connects with a knee to the body and Shedrick is working a single leg takedown.  Shedrick gets in a left jab.  Shedrick gets in an accidental eye poke and takes a few minutes.  Todd gets in a body kick and the crowd cheers.  Todd gets in a jab.

Shedrick 10-9

Rd 2:  Shedrick is working his jabs.  He clinches and is trying for a takedown.  Both fighters get in a knee before the break.  Shedrick gets the single leg takedown and is working the side.  He is getting in some punches to the head.  Todd bucks him off and they are back to their feet.  Todd throws a leg kick and it connects and Shedrick takes him down once again.  Shedrick is working the side.  Todd sweeps and they are back to their feet.  Todd looks tired but he gets in a jumping knee to the body.  Shedrick gets the takedown via trip as the round ends.

Shedrick 10-9

Rd 3:  Shedrick is working his jabs.  Todd knows he is down in the rounds and has to finish.  Todd gets in a leg kick and they clinch.  Shedrick gets the takedown.  Todd is working his way up but Shedrick makes him pay with some big shots to the head.  Todd is swinging for the fences as the round ends.

Shedrick 10-9

Shedrick Goodridge defeats Todd Chattelle via unanimous decision.

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT: Kin Moy vs. Andre Soukhamthath
KO/TKO OF THE NIGHT: John Johnston head kick knockout
SUBMISSION OF THE NIGHT:  Rob Font d'arce choke win!!

It was an awesome night of fights that lived up to the hype.  The highlight of the night was Kin Moy against Andre Soukhamthath in which Kin won the unanimous decision in a very close match up.  It was round 2 that was the deciding factor as Dre won Rd 1 and Kin won Rd 3.  Dre scored many takedowns in Round 2 and was on top for 4 minutes on my count and then Kin swept and then took Dre's back for a minute.  Judges gave that round to Kin as he did lots of damage from the bottom while Dre was on top and that my friends was the deciding factor.  Thanks for the awesome battle CES and of course to all the fighters that fought hard tonight.  Thanks to Warchild for taking photos for us and keeping me company.  Thanks to CES and company for allowing us to cover the event.  On another note, Todd Chattelle broke his hand in Round 1 of his fight so unfortunately he wasn't able to throw his heavy right hand the rest of the fight but he hung into the end of the fight in which he lost the decision.  Heal up fast Todd.  All of our photos will be uploaded to our fanpage on Facebook fanpage