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January 31, 2014

Combat Zone 47 1/31/2014 Review

We made it in time even though Warchild was half hour late to pick me up.  He said he was busy walking around town trying to get people to sign the petition to get Justin Beiber deported.  We quickly made it in to find our seat.  I like how Combat Zone opens the doors two hours before the event to give people plenty of time to find their seat and get some ice cold beverages.  I am sitting next to my buddy Shawn Flanagan who is judging tonight.  Suckerpunch is here selling their awesome merchandise.  Combat Zone is having 9 amateur fights for the night which is a perfect number if you ask me.  Julie Fisher did a great job singing the national anthem.  Kevin MacDonald and John English are our refs for the evening.  Michael Strazzere, Dan Bonnell, Rodrigo Almeida, Doomsday, Big John, Buck Pineau, Bill Jones, Perry Filkins, Vovka Clay, John Fain, Orto and Tom Evans are in the house!  New NH rules are in effect tonight.  No shin guards and now elbows to the body are allowed for amateurs.  Ring girls are looking good of course. The place is packed and the show is about to begin..

170lbs   Jimmy Munoz 0-0 (Munuz Dojo) vs. Marty Sheehan 0-0 (CNBJJ)

Mart starts us off with a jab.  Marty gets the takedown but is caught in a guillotine.  Jimmy throws his legs up and gets back up to his feet.  Very nice job.  Marty gets another takedown via trip.  He passes to full mount and then takes the back.  He is sinking in the rear naked choke but can't get the tap.  Marty pulls guard with a guillotine as the round ends.

Marty 10-9

Rd 2:  Jimmy gets in a kick.  Marty gets the takedown but Jimmy ends up on full mount.  He is getting in some hammerfists.  The ref has seen enough.  Too many unanswered strikes.

Jimmy Munoz defeats Marty Sheehan via tko to strikes at 1:07 in Rd 2.

150lbs   David Sousa 1-2 (CNBJJ/Intenze MMA) vs Danny Abad 0-2 (CNYMMA)

David gets in a good body kick.  Danny is trying for a takedown up against the cage.  Danny ends up getting the takedown.  David is threatening with a triangle.  Danny eventually gets out with 40 seconds left in the round.  He takes the back and gets in some punches to the head.

Danny 10-9...real close

Rd 2:  They come out full force.  Danny takes his back standing and takes David down.  He softens up with some fists to the head.  David gets up to one knee and slams David on his back.  Danny sinks in the rear naked choke for the tap.   What a good fight!!

Danny Abad defeats David Sousa via tapout to rear naked choke at 1:25 in Rd 2.

145lbs   Paulo Alves De Sousa 1-0 (BMAC) vs Ivan Sanchez 1-3 (Intenze MMA)

Paulo gets in an outside leg kick.  Ivan tries for a double leg takedown but Paulo defends nicely.  They clinch and Paulo gets in a knee to the body.  Both fighters get in a pair of leg kicks.  Paulo gets in a high kick that rocks Ivan.  He is stumbling back and is hurt.  Paulo gets in a few more strikes and finishes him off.

Paulo Alves De Sousa defeats Ivan Sanchez via tko strikes at 2:41 in Rd 1.

185lbs   Andrew Cutter 0-1 (Kaos) vs Brad O’Brien 0-0 (Triumph MMA)

They are going at it right from the start!!  Andrew looks like he has a small cut.  Both fighters are getting in their jabs.  Andrew gets rocked and goes down.  Brad is trying to finish him off with ground and pound.  Andrew tries for an armbar but it looks too far down on the arm.  Brad finishes him off with some ground and pound.  Awesome fight!!

Brad O'Brien defeats Andrew Cutter via tko to strikes at 2:36 in Rd 1.  Gotta give Andrew Cutter credit for taking this fight on one days notice.  Awesome battle.

170lbs   Corey Bowehall 1-1 (CNYMMA) vs Dave Spero 3-2 (Spero MMA)

Corey gets a head kick that rocks Dave Spero.  Corey tries to finish with the hardest hammerfirsts I have seen of the night.  Dave is trying to defend but the ref stops the fight for shots to the back of the head.  The fight is ruled a disqualification.

Corey Bowehall is disqualified due to strikes being ruled intentional to the back of the head.  In return Dave Spero gets the win.  My thoughts are this.  Dave was rocked.  If the ref stopped the fight earlier as Dave went down I don't think anyone would question it.  There were some strikes to the back of the head for sure that you can see in the replay.  However I would have ruled it unintentional and had the fight a no contest but it is up to the ref.

140lbs   Jake Pilla 1-0 (Wai Kru) vs Jordan Yantin 0-1 (Untamed MMA)

Jordan misses with a kick and Jake picks him up and slams him down.  Jake finishes him off with some heavy ground and pound.

Jake Pilla defeats Jordan Yantin via tko to strikes in 30 seconds at Rd 2.

130lbs   Ken Murphy 5-0 (Team Link Hooksett) vs Jay Perrin 4-1 (Triumph MMA)

Jay gets in a leg kick.  Jay clinches Ken up against the cage.  Ken tries for the reverse but Jay slams him back up against the cage.  Jay almost gets the single leg but Ken does some excellent takedown defense.  Jay gets in a good combo.  Ken gets in a combo.  Jay clinches Ken up against the cage.  Ken gets in a knee to the body.  Jay rocks Ken with a head kick and drops Ken.  Jay tries to finish but runs out of time.  Ken stands up to go to his corner all wobbly.

Jay 10-9

Rd 2:  Ken gets in a leg kick.  Ken gets in a jab.  Jay gets in a combo to the head.  Jay gets in another combo.  Ken gets in a leg kick.  This fight is awesome.  Ken gets a takedown but Jay gets right back up.  Jay gets a leg kick in.  Ken counters with a right hand.  Kenny dives for a takedown and Jay stuffs it and makes him pay with an uppercut.

Real close round.  Ken 10-9 due to the takedown and strikes were pretty even.

Rd 3:  Jay starts us off with a leg kick.  Ken gets the takedown but Jay rolls out and gets right back to his feet.  Jay backs Ken up into the corner and gets in a good body shot.  Ken gets in a jab.  Ken gets in another right hook.  Ken gets the quick takedown but Jay again is right back to his feet.  Jay is bleeding from the top of his head.  Jay dives for a takedown but is stuffed and Ken gets in a knee.  He is still fighting for the takedown.  As Ken was breaking he gets hit with a knee to the head.  Totally not intentional.  I believe there is only 20 seconds left in the fight.  They go right back swinging for the fences until the round ends.

Ken 10-9 but again real close

Jay Perrin defeats Ken Murphy via split decision. 30-27 Perrin, 29-28 Murphy 29-28 Perrin.  Not the way I had it but like I stated above they were real close rounds.  Hats off to both of these fighters for taking this tough, tough fight.

210lbs   Xavier Vargas 3-2 (Spero MMA) vs Javier Velasquez 3-0 (Connors MMA)

Both fighters get in their kicks.  Javier is working for a takedown.  Xav gets in a good knee to the body and they break.  They clinch and are both working their punches to the body.  Xav pulls Javier down but Jav ends up on top of him.  He bucks him off and is trying to get to his feet.  They work their way up as the round ends.

Javier 10-9

Rd 2:  Javier does a jumping knee and they clinch.  Xav gets in a guillotine and pulls guard.  He is trying hard to finish but can't get the finish.  Xavier is working his way up the cage.  Javier gets in a knee to the body.  Javier is fighting for a takedown but can't finish as the round ends.

Javier 10-9 but real close.

Rd 3:  They clinch up against the cage and are both working their knees.  Xav gets the reverse briefly and is getting in some strikes to the body.  Javier gets the takedown and and is working the side.  Xav uses the cage and gets back to his feet.  Javy gets hit in the cup and takes a few minutes.  Fight resume and Javy goes in for the takedown but can't finish as the round ends.

Javier 10-9

Javier Velasquez defeats Xavier Vargas via split decision, 29-28 Vargas, 29-28 Velasquez, 30-27 Velasquez.  Another closely judged fight on the evening and that makes the second split decision of the night.

170lbs   Andrew Tripp 5-0 (Team Irish) vs Paul Gaffney 3-0 (Team Link Hooksett)

They clinch and they fall to the ground.  Paul is trying to make him pay with hammerfists.  Andrew has Paul's leg and is working for a leg lock but can't get it.  Andrew gets the takedown and is working the side and getting in some hammerfists.  Andrew is threatening with a armbar but Paul steps over and is now on top to the side.

Andrew 10-9

Rd 2:  Andrew gets in a head kick.  Paul gets in a jab.  Andrew dives for the takedown and gets it.  He is now in Paul's guard.  Paul has the heel and is going for the heel hook.  Andrew gets out and goes back to guard.  They are back to their feet.  Andrew looks tired and Paul finishes off the round strong with some good punches to the head.

Andrew 10-9 but real close.

Rd 3:  Andrew gets in a straight right.  Paul gets in a right hook.  Andrew gets the single leg takedown.  Andrew moves to the side and then to full mount.  He hooks the legs and has the back.  Andrew is trying hard for the finish.  Paul spins and is almost out as the round ends.  Wow what a fight!!

Andrew 10-9

Andrew Tripp defeats Paul Gaffney via unanimous decision 29-28.  That was an intense battle!!

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Jay Perrin vs. Ken Murphy...awesome close battle.
SUBMISSION OF THE NIGHT:  Danny Abad Rear naked choke victory!
KO/TKO OF THE NIGHT: Paulo Alves De Sousa tko victory!
BLUNDER OF THE NIGHT: Everything went smooth.

The event was as good as I was expecting coming in.  There were 3 decision fights in which two of them were split.  The rest of the fights were all finished and in a big fashion.  Not to mention these were all amateur fights!  Combat Zone has been cruising along and once again it was a sold out event.  Their next show is scheduled for April 4th and that will be their 48th event.  Thanks to Combat Zone crew for their support and allowing us to cover the show.  We always have a blast and it is a pretty smooth drive for us there and back.  Thanks to Warchild for taking the photos for us.  All of our photos will be uploaded to our facebook fanpage so make sure you support us and throw us the like!