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January 27, 2014

Fan Reactions From CES 1/24/2014 Event

Here are some reactions after the awesome night of fights from Twin River Casino brought to us by CES MMA.  

Todd Chattelle suffered a broken hand in the first round and fought the rest of the fight with it.

Andres Jeudi had this hilarious comment about Rob Font after the fight.

The always vocal Michael Strazzere had this to say about the fight of the night!

I found this comment from the Fanpage.  Yes we do read your comments.  This one came from ExtremeMMA's Rob Gagne who had this to say about the fight of the night.

Received this comment from Hub-Knockout from our Twitter!  

That wraps up this installment of Fan Reactions for CES event.  Stay tuned for tomorrow when I will bring you reactions from Cage Titans!