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January 6, 2014

Reality Fighting: New Year's Bash 2014 Review

After a great open mat grappling session at our gym, (Ravenous MMA in Greenfield Ma), I cleaned myself up, iced my new cauliflower ear, kissed my wife and son, and took off to pick up Joe “The artist” Leonard. We gassed up the car and headed out to our favorite venue, the beautiful Mohegan Sun Casino in Ct. It was our first show of the  year, to cover Kipp  Kollar and Joe Cuff’s Reality Fighting MMA event!

The ride was nice, and free of any traffic and we made good time. As always we thoroughly enjoyed the free food provided at the event. We saw some of our friends, Zak Lynch of and  Derrick Constable…Nick Mamhood repping, and Tom Evans covering for his new site Regional fight Sports. The crowd slowly made their way in, and it was finally time to start the show.

Fight 1 – Mike Johnson (New Era MMA) vs Josh Flores (Underdog BJJ) 140lbs am
Rd1- Mike  throws a big overhand right that misses, and quickly shoots for a take down. Josh defends, and they clinch on the cage. Mike controls the position against the cage, but can’t secure  the takedown. They scramble and separate. Both men begin to trade some wild punches each connecting a bit. Josh throws another that drops Mike to his back, but he quickly recovers, and defends with an open guard from the bottom. Josh begins to drop some heavy shots from the standing position, but Mike is moving and defending well. Mike takes a couple hard punches, while still trying to move, but the ref calls a stop to the fight. Mike isn’t happy, but the fight is over.
Winner Josh Flores 2:03 rd1 TKO ref stoppage strikes.

Fight 2 – Marvin Maldonado (Bruno Tostes BJJ) vs Mico De los Reyes (Dexter Vale tudo) 125lbs Pro
Rd 1 – As always, Marvin starts the action with a left kick to the body. Mico responds coming forward with some heavy punches that back Marvin into the cage. Marvin fires back, and this one is getting exciting! Both guys are scoring with punches and kicks, mixing it up well. Marvin gets the take down, and is quickly swept by Mico. Mico starts to land some nice elbows while in Marvin’s guard. Marvin starts to slow down and control Mico from the bottom. He sets up a nice armbar, forcing  Mico to defend vigorously. Marvin repositions, and rolls Mico over. Marvin is now belly down, and he cranks it ( I know how that feels… ;) ) Mico is forced to tap, and may have hurt some ligaments in the process.
Winner Marvin Maldonado 3:11 rd 1 submission, arm bar.

Fight 3 – Kevin  Aurelien (Ind.) vs Jose Rivera (Kipp’s Basement) 155lbs am
Rd 1 – The fighters circle, and Kevin  half -throw fakes a few front kicks. Jose comes forward and lands some heavy looping punches that back Kevin into the cage. Kevin responds with some punches of his own, but is dropped as he comes forward. Kevin immediately shoots and scores a take down, and Jose slaps on a guillotine attempt. Kevin fights out and Jose sweeps to the top position. Jose drops back for an ankle lock, but Kevin defends. The round ends with Kevin in top side control.
Rd 2 – Both guys come out and miss with some kicks. Jose presses forward with some nice punches. They clinch up, and Jose lands a nice Knee to the body. Kevin shoots again and gets a takedown. Again Jose tries for a guillotine and Kevin defends. They are back to their feet and begin to trade. Jose clips Kevin with a big right, just as Kevin delivered a left. Kevin falls back to the ground and covers up. The ref calls the fight.
Winner Jose Rivera 1:53 rd 2 KO punch.

Fight 4 – Mike Mangan (Team Thunder) vs Steve Barnes (Team Plus One) 155lbs am
Rd 1- Mike comes out circles and throws a kick that misses. Steve shoots right in and gets a take down. Mike immediately scrambles and Steve looks for a guillotine choke. Mike defends and is now on top in half guard. Since both guys are newer ammys, striking on the ground is not allowed. They grapple for position, and eventually stand up. Steve throws a nice Knee as the round ends.
Rd 2 – Steve shoots right in, and Mike tries for the guillotine himself. Steve defends and takes top side control. He mixes in a few body shots as he looks for submissions. Mike defends until Steve takes the back. At the ten second mark, Steve sinks a rear naked choke. He gives it all he has, and Mike taps just as the round ends!!
Winner Steve Barnes 2:59 rd 2 submission, rear naked choke

Fight 5 – Johnny O’Brien (CRC MMA) vs Johnny Lopez (Underdog BJJ) 135lb Pro
Rd 1 – O’Brien rushes right in for the clinch and throws a couple short knees. Lopez shows he’s stronger and in control as they clinch against the cage. Lopez quickly scores a take down into guard. He wastes no time and easily passes into the mount. O’Brien is holding on for his life, but Lopez flattens him out, and sets up a guillotine from the top position. A quick tap from O’Brien and the fight is over. A couple tense moments as it looks like Johnny O’Brien may have hurt his neck. A stretcher is brought in, but he’s moving so we think (and hope) he’s ok.
Winner Johnny Lopez 1:09 rd 1 submission, mounted guillotine.

Fight 6 – Brigitte Narcise (K Dojo Warrior tribe) vs Sarah “Soulja” Payant (Gladiator BJJ) 125lb am
Rd 1 – Sarah comes out with a punch to kick combo. Brigitte shoots forward and Sarah pulls a guillotine. It’s deep for a second, but Brigitte defends well. Brigitte makes it to half guard, and mixes in a couple body shots. She falls back for an ankle lock, but Sarah defends, they scramble to standing, and the round ends.
Rd 2 – Brigitte rushes into a clinch to trip, and Sarah reverses on the way down. Sarah is on top, but they scramble back to standing. Brigitte doesn’t want to stand with Sarah and shoots in and gets another take down. Sarah regains full guard, and Brigitte does little to pass. The ref stands the ladies back up and Sarah tries to land some heavy punches. Brigitte clinches up, and works another take down. She stays in top half guard until the round ends.
Rd 3 – Sarah again comes forward striking and Brigitte clinches against the cage. She holds Sarah against the cage and lands some nice knees to the legs of the Soulja. Sarah gains control of the Thai clinch and lands a couple nice knees to the body. Sarah throws her arm around Brigitte’s neck and controls for a bit threatening with a potential guillotine. Brigitte presses forward scoring anther take down into full guard as the round ends.
Winner Brigitte Narcise rd 3 unanimous decision.

Main event 135lb vacant title fight
Joey Gomez (Triumph BJJ) vs Joe Cushman (Lauzon MMA) 135lbs Pro
Rd 1 – They come out and circle. Cushman moves in trying to land a big punch. Gomez is moving his head and countering with a jab uppercut that just misses. Cushman moves in again and Gomez slips a punch and lands a flush right uppercut that puts Cushman down and out! Gomez follows up with a few more hammer fists for good measure as the ref stops the fight.
Winner Joey Gomez :40 rd 1 KO punch.

There you have the fights… it was a smaller card, as several fights fell through, but it was a good night of fights none the less. The crowd was decent even with a smaller card, and lack of several “big’ fights. As always, we’d like to thank Reality Fighting head man Kipp Kollar, and Joe Cuff as well as Mohegan sun for allowing us to bring you all “ Closer to the cage”! Hope you enjoy the review, as well as the pictures, taken by Joe “The Artist” Leonard. We look forward to a great 2014, and this short but action packed Reality card was a great start!! See you all real soon!