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January 18, 2014

Warrior Nation XFA VIII Presents Full Fight Card For 2/21/2014

[WNXFA Press Release]

While the sport of mixed martial arts continues to surge on the main stream, so does it develop on the local level and I couldn't be happier with the progress.  Having followed along for so long, I feel like this year is pivotal for myself and the direction I move with Warrior Nation.  I'm calculated in my planning for promotional growth so that we never lose consistency or compromise the integrity of the promotion.  Those who know me since the beginning, know my best intentions were to simply promote the sport in a positive manner.  The fighters put entirely too much time and dedication into the life style to not get a return and I wanted to invite them with understanding and appreciation.  A little over 3 years now and my goals continue to be met.  I can see the following taking shape and it feels good to know that we have done this together.  I continue to learn and sometimes the mistakes made are the best teachers.  I'm ok with that as long as it's recognized and I make the necessary changes to best impact and represent the sport.  From the 0-0 amateur to the veteran pros, you all have your place and the path is never easy.  We, as the components to the sport, take risks together and for that, I am thankful to have shared the journey.  On February 21st I will take Warrior Nation to new territory and with that, comes new challenges.  A partnership with the Holiday Inn in Boxborough, Massachusetts has initiated and a new interest based on location begins to surface.  My goals remain the same and I am focused on how good the "show" can be.  With fighters still looking to match and plenty of room to host, I encourage teams to get in touch with me as it is not too late.  I'm looking forward to unleashing Warrior Nation VIII and have reached out to some of the best in the business with additions like NV Concepts on production and Chris Teebo Films accenting promotional pieces.  This will be my biggest challenge yet and at the same time, I'm smiling as I work endless hours, drive countless miles, and sacrifice personal time while constantly thinking.... "Let's make some noise, let's have some fun."

Get your tickets at the link here starting at just $35!  Full fight card is found below....


145 lbs Joe Leonard (Team Ravenous 2-2) vs. Ken Bailey (Florian MMA 1-1) 
120 lbs Brayden Fuscaldo (CT United 0-0) vs. Alexander Rodriguez (Team Plus One 0-0) 
125 lbs. Nate Russell (FAA Spfld. 2-0) vs. Jesse Gutierrez (Connors MMA 2-2)
135 lbs Steve Karr (GFV 0-2) vs. Brett Kerpa (Ultimate MMA 0-0) 
145 lbs Shawn O’Dou (Team Ravenous 1-0) vs. Nick Valentino (Sitmangpong 0-0) 
155 lbs Cody McMahon (CT United 0-0) vs. Dan Bardellini (Rivera Athletics 0-4) 
150 lbs Kevin Aurelien (Calasanz MMA 0-2) vs. Kenny Peralta (Ultimate MMA 0-1) 
155 lbs Joe Duong (GFV 0-0) vs. Don Walton (Saratoga Kyushokin 0-0) 
135 lbs Jesus Santiago (Strike Zone MMA 1-2) vs. Jecksan Rosado (NE Combat 0-1) 
125 lbs Nick Mancinone (FAA Spfld 2-1) vs. Kris Moutinho (Rivera Athletics 1-1) 
135 lbs Alex Vinarsky (GFV 1-0) vs. Ali Zebian (FAA Spfld 1-0) 
135 lbs Allen Edgecomb (Shaolin 2-1-1) vs. DaShawn Robinson (Ultimate MMA 2-2) 
155 lbs McLynn Cadiente (CT United 1-1) vs. Brett Morris (Rivera Athletics 5-1) 

155 lbs Steve Carr (Strike Zone MMA 1-2) vs. Addison O’Neil (DCNU 0-1) 

 CO-MAIN EVENT (150 lbs) 
Ruso Kubejashvili (Connors MMA 1-0)vs. Dominic Warr (Wai Kru 5-3) 

MAIN EVENT (145 lbs) 
Taylor Trahan (Team Link 3-1-0) vs. Joe Pingitore (NE Combat 4-0-1)