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February 26, 2014

Bellator 110 2/28/2014 Teaser

Bellator kicks off their new season with a bang right in Uncasville Connecticut at Mohegan Sun this Friday.  As usual tickets will be on sale at the door or you can order them online and give the fighter credit.  This si the start of the lightweight tournament featuring locals Dez Green and Matt Bessette on the main card.  The main event is Rampage Jackson and M'Pumbu and co main is King Mo against Zayats to close out the night.  The undercard is stacked with some of the best local talent around in New England which is why we plan on attending and will be keeping you all up to date.  It will be an awesome show that you won't want to miss but if you can't make it of course you can watch it on Spike TV.  Let me break the card down for you...


David Roberts vs. Patrick Schultz

For the first prelim David Roberts takes on Patrick Schultz.  Pat is from Cape Cod Fighting Alliance and has an 8-2 record.  7 of his wins came by ko/tko.  He hasn't fought since 2010 and he is ready to make his return in a big way.  His opponent Dave Roberts is from Florida and has a 5-8 record.  For his wins he has 1 ko/tko and 5 submissions.  For his losses he lost 4 ko/tko, 3 subs and 1 by decision.  It should also be noted that he hasn't fought since 2009.  This is a tough fight for both fighters and on paper its a striker versus a ground guy.  I give the edge to Pat on this one and I think he will win it with a ko/tko stoppage in Rds 1 or 2.

Rico DiSciullo vs. Marvin Maldonado

For the bantamweight showdown Rico Disciullo will be facing newly signed Marvin Maldonado.  Rico was supposed to fight Jacob Smith whom is now training with Fighting Arts Academy but unfortunately he got injured last weekend.  Marvin is always ready for the opportunity and quickly stepped up for the challenge and we thank him for that.  Rico is from Sityodtong and has a 1-0 record.  As we all know he had a stellar amateur record with several knockouts with his only losses coming to KCP and Matt Doherty (twice).  He made his Bellator debut back is September of 2013 and made quick work of Glenn Allaire by getting the first round ko stoppage.  Now he is back in the cage looking for the knockout and to win this fight by any means possible.  His opponent Marvin is from New York and has a 1-1 record.  He had several amateur fights and many of them won by submissions and decisions.  He went pro and lost a split decision to Dan Cormier at CES.  He then fought for Reality Fighting and defeated by armbar Mike De Los Reyes.  He is a tough fighter and can grind out wins by controlling the fights on the ground.  Even on the bottom he is deadly with armbars and triangles.  This one is too close for me to call so we will have to see how it plays out on Friday.

Manny Lara vs. Josh Diekmann

Manny Lara takes on Josh Diekmann in a heavyweight battle. Manny is from Reign MMA and has a 4-4 record.  He has 3 ko/tko and 1 decison so far in his pro career.  He has recently suffered 3 straight losses and will be looking to turn that around this Friday against Josh.  His opponent Josh trains with Triforce MMA and has a 14-5 record.  He has 10 ko/tko and 4 submission victories in his career.  Out of his 5 losses, he lost 1 ko/tko, 3 sub and 1 by decision.  He is riding a two fight win streak with a huge Bellator win for him over Parker Porter.  I don't see this fight going to a decision and I will be rooting for The Freight Train Josh Diekmann to get the ko!

Andrew Calandrelli vs. Ryan Quinn

Then Andrew Calandrelli will face off against Ryan Quinn.  Andrew is the owner of Ultimate MMA in CT and has a 6-3 record.  He has 4 wins by submission and 2 by decision so far in his pro career.  For his losses he lost 1 by ko/tko and 2 by decision.  Andrew has a black belt in BJJ and has also trained boxing in his career so he is very well rounded.  His opponent Ryan Quinn has a 9-4 record and trains out of American Top Team in CT.  He has 1 ko/tko, 3 subs and 5 decisions.  For his losses 1 by sub and 3 decisions.  I have seen Ryan fight before and he is a strong wrestler and the heart of a champ who will never give up.  I think this fight will be an awesome battle and will end up going to a decision.

Saul Almeida vs. Andrew Fisher

Next battle is between Saul Almeida and Andrew Fisher.  Saul lives in Framingham Mass and trains with Dragon's Lair.  He has a 13-5 record and this is his 4th time fighting for Bellator.  In his career he has 3 wins by sub and 10 decisions.  For his losses he lost 1 by ko/tko, 1 submissions and 3 by decision.  He uses his long body to control his opponents and keep the top position.  His opponent Andrew Fisher has a 12-5-1 record  and fights out of England with Sunderland Fight Pit.  For his wins he has 4 ko/tko, 7 subs and 1 by decision.  For his losses, he lost 2 by ko/tko, 1 by sub and 2 by decisions.  This is a real close battle and I of course want to see Saul come out on top with the finish or decision!

Atanas Djambazov vs. Egidijus Valavicius

Atanas Djambazov squares off against Egidijus Valavicius at 205lbs.  Atanas is from Bulgaria and has an 18-3 record.  He has 9 ko/tko and 9 submission victories.  For his losses, he lost 1 submission and 2 by decision.  Most of his wins were all won in the first round.  His opponent Egidijus is from Lithuania and has a 25-10 record.  He has 14 ko/tko, 6 sub, 4 decisions and one by throwing in the towel.  For his losses, he lost 2 ko/tko, 5 sub and 3 by decision.  Another solid matchup lined up for Bellator and this one could go either way in my eyes.

Will Martinez vs. Goiti Yamauchi  featherweight tournament opening round

For the last fight on the prelims Will Martinez takes on Goiti Yamauchi for the featherweight tournament opening round.  Goiti has a 16-1 record with 13 of them coming by submission.  He has one loss which came by decision.  This is his 3rd time fighting for Bellator.  Will comes into this fight with an 8-2 record and fights out of Pennsylvania.  He has 3 ko/tko and 5 submission victories in his pro career.  He lost two fights by submission.  I am going to go with the slight edge to Goiti and I think he will win it by submission in Rd 2.

MAIN CARD    Spike TV, 9 p.m. ET

Scott Cleve vs. Daniel Weichel featherweight tournament opening round

For the first fight on the main card Scott Cleve takes on Daniel Weichel in the opening round of the featherweight tournament.  Scott is from Pariah MMA and has a 14-3 record.  He has 9 ko/tko, 2 submissions and 3 decisions for his wins.  For his losses he lost 1 by ko/tko, 1 by submission and one by decision.  He is on a 6 fight win streak and will be looking to continue that.  His opponent Daniel has an astounding 31-8 record and is from Team MMA Spirit in Germany.  The majority of his wins came by submissions.  For his losses he has 4 by ko/tko , 3 submissions and 1 decision.  Daniel has the fight experience so we will have to see if he has the advantage.

Desmond Green vs. Mike Richman featherweight tournament opening round

In the next featherweight opening round battle is between Desmond Green and Mike Richman.  Dez is from New York and trains out of Bombsquad MMA.  He has a 9-2 record and this is his 3rd time fighting for Bellator.  The majority of his wins came by decisions and I have seen him fight many times.  He is very well rounded and has a great wrestling background.  His opponent Mike has a 16-3 record and trains out of The Academy.  He has 7 ko/tko, 7 submissions and 2 by decisions for his wins.  For his losses he lost 1 ko/tko and 2 decisions.  This will be an awesome battle and I will be rooting for Dez Green.

Matt Bessette vs. Diego Nunes featherweight tournament opening round

In another battle for the featherweight tournament Matt Bessette takes on Diego Nunes.  Matt Bessette is from Underdog BJJ out of Connecticut and has 12-4 record.  He has 2ko/tko, 4 wins by submissions, and 6 by decisions in his pro career.  For his losses he lost 1 sub, 2 decisions and one DQ.  The Mangler Matt Bessette is definitely ready for this tournament as he has fought tough fights his entire career.  His opponent Diego has a 18-5 record and is out of X-Gym.  He has fought for UFC 6 times and is returning to Bellator once again.  He has 5 ko/tko, 6 sub and 7 decisions for his wins.  For his losses he lost 1 ko/tko and 4 decisions.  As you can see both fighters are well rounded and this is going to be a battle you don't want to miss.

Muhammed Lawal vs. Mikhail Zayats light heavyweight tournament semifinal

King Mo Lawal is back in the cage against Mikhail Zayats in the light heavyweight tournament semifinal.  He has an 11-3 record and is out of American Kickboxing Academy.  For his wins he has 9 ko/tko and 2 wins by decision.  For his losses 2 by ko/tko and 1 decision.  His opponent Mikhail has a 22-7 record and trains out of Rusfighters Sports Club.  For his wins he has 4 ko/tko, 12 submissions and 6 by decision.  For his losses he has 3 ko/tko, 2 submissions and 2 by decision.  King Mo will try to keep this fight standing as that is where is strengths are I am sure Mikahil if he needs to will take it to the ground and try to work a submission.

Christian M'Pumbu vs. Quinton Jackson light heavyweight tournament semifinal

For the main event Christian M'Pumbu faces Quinton Jackson for the light heavyweight tournament semifinal.  Christian has a 18-5-1 record and trains out of Crossfight MMA.  He has 7 ko/tko, 8 submissions and 3 wins by decision in his pro career.  For his losses he has one loss by submissions and 4 by decision.  This is his 6th time fighting for Bellator.  Rampage Jackson really needs no introduction.  He is an ex-UFC fighter and recently signed with Bellator to continue he professional career.  He made his debut for Bellator back in November and defeated Joey Beltran by ko/tko at the end of Rd 1.  He has a 33-11 and trains out of Wolflair Acadmey.  He has 15 ko/tko, 7 submissions and 11 decisions for his wins.  He has 3 ko/tko, 2 submissions and 5 decisions for his losses.  On paper I give the edge to Rampage and I think he will win this one by decision.

There is the full breakdown of the upcoming Bellator card that is happening this Friday right here in New England at Mohegan Sun.  As you can see the card is stacked with locals and big name stars so there is no reason why you don't attend.  The Boss and The Artist will be there in attendance keeping us up to date with the happenings and taking photos.  Which fight are you most excited to see??  Let us know your predictions by leaving a comment below.