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February 10, 2014

CityBoy's Top Pictures of 2013

I am sorry these took too long to put up but I gathered some of my favorite pictures that we took from 2013 and looked them over for a while.  I finally have decided on the top 10 of 2013 and it was not by any means an easy task to accomplish.  There were so many to choose from and this is what I got.  I will add a few honorable mentions at the end as well.  

10.  Andre Soukhamthath against Kurt Chase-Patrick.  This was a memorable kick that dropped KCP and Dre then got the finish soon after.

9.  John Doomsday Howard against Chris Woodall.  Doomsday quickly put the hurt on Chris and as you can see in this final pic, Chris has had enough.

 8. This photo is the fight between Kin Moy and Kurt Chase-Patrick.  Kin Moy used his kicks during this fight to keep KCP back and I wasn't there to see it but I heard it was an awesome fight.

 7.  Cody Anderson vs. Jarod Lawton.  Cody was taking it to Jarod for 2.5 rounds.  The fight was almost over and Jarod got a tight triangle that ended the fight right at the last minute.  I believe it was after this fight in which Jarod got his new nickname.  Last Minute Lawton.

 6.  This fight is between Jay Perrin and Nick Spencer.  This was one was from a good battle back in February at NEF in which Jay ended up winning the unanimous decision 29-28.

 5.  This was a battle between Tim Flores and Joe Martinez.  They both were throwing punch for punch and as you can see in this impact shot, Tim Flores sure can take a punch.  Tim ended up winning this one by unanimous decision.

 4.  Valerie Aspaas against Maria Rios.  These ladies fought hard and it was a memorable night.  Maria Rios suffered her first loss and Valerie impressed myself and the fans up in Maine and won the unanimous decision.  Valerie improved to 5-0 and I would love to see her fight once again up in Maine.

 3.  Dez Green fighting Henry Martinez.  Dez looked phenomenal and I believe this was his last fight before heading to Bellator.  Dez dazzled and won this fight by tko stoppage to strikes in Rd 2 and won the title.

 2.  Awesome battle between JT Harold and Ricky Sylvester.  These two behemoths went head to head and JT ended up winning the unanimous decision at Coliseum to the Cage in March.

 1.  Winner Winner Chicken Dinner is between Erik Tseronis and Dave Spero.  This was a slam that as you can see got Dave Spero pumped.  He lost the first two rounds but in the end won this battle by triangle in the round 3.

I hope you enjoyed this year's memorable pictures and I apologize to any that didn't make the cut.  There were so many to choose from.  Here are a few more honorable mentions below.  Feel free in the comments to let us know what your favorite picture of 2013 was.  You can upload the photo in the comments as well fight fans.

Brett Morris vs. Soap Am

Phil Parrish vs. Taylor Trahan

Bone MMA had an awesome first show

Todd Chattelle vs. Dennis Olson

Tom Egan vs. Aldo Santos