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February 3, 2014

Fan Reactions From Combat Zone 47

Combat Zone had a sold out show for their 47th event.  Not to mention they had some awesome battles and of course a show isn't without a little controversial decisions!  Here are some fan reactions I found and enjoyed from the event.

First one is from Dave Spero.  He received a win by dq from illegal blows to the head.  The video is now up at Combat Zone's website if you would like to see check it out.  He had this to say....

We chose the Perrin/Murphy fight as our choice for fight of the night.  Michael Strazzere agreed as well!

The man behind Triumph MMA had this to say about the Perrin/Murphy fight.  It was definitely fight of the year material but the year is still young!  Congrats Triumph!

You are correct Combat Zone, the room was very loud!

Mikey Zichelle took a break from his training to come check out Combat Zone and it sounds like he had a blast!  Make sure to come up to NEF to see him in his upcoming fight this Saturday against Jesse Peterson!  Oh yeah forgot to mention it is a title fight!