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March 4, 2014

Boss's Bellator 110 review...(with pictures by the Artist)

Bellator was back at beautiful Mohegan Sun Casino in Ct, and we had been patiently waiting for the stacked under, and main card. The ever popular, fan favorite Rampage Jackson was the headliner, fighting in the 205lb tourney, along with King Mo in the other 205lb matchup. However, The Artist and I were most excited to see our "local" guys in the spotlight! Connecticut's favorite fighter, Matt "The Mangler" Bessette was fighting in the 145lb tourney, and the diamond fisted Rico D. from Sityodtong was battling last minute replacement, and an ex opponent of mine, Marvin "Bulldog" Maldonado. Josh Diekman and Saul Almieda were fighting as well, so we made sure to leave early as to not miss any of our fellow New Englanders fight.

We packed up The Artist's van, and headed out to the casino. We made good time, and avoided any major traffic, to make it with some time to spare before the fights started. For us that meant we'd be able to enjoy the always awesome food spread Mohegan kindly puts out for the media covering the events. We ate some tasty chicken parm, and baked ziti along with some garlic bread, and finished it off with a cookie...(or two) and we were ready for the show to begin!!

Fight 1 - Marvin Maldonado vs Rico Disciullo -135lb
rd1- The fighters meet in the center and circle. Both guys throw a low kick at the same time, and Marvin falls to his back. He's back to his feet, and Rico is pressing forward. Marvin counters with a few kicks of his own, but Rico is looking to land kicks and punches. Marvin looks a bit intimidated. Rico presses to the cage, and clinches up firing some nice knees to Marvin's body and head. Marvin covers up, and puts a hand to the cage floor. Rico fires off a couple more knees, and the ref stops the action, as the knees were illegal being that Marvin was technically grounded. After some time with the doctors, Marvin can't continue and the fight is declared a No-Contest. Although the place wasn't yet packed, Rico had a lot of fans in attendance, who loudly showed their displeasure in the fight being over.

Fight 2 - Manny Lara vs Josh Diekman - Heavy weight
rd1- After a very brief exchange Lara drops to the floor and looks to be in severe discomfort. After watching the replay it looks as though his eye was grazed/scraped by an inadvertent finger as Josh was throwing. The fight is also declared a No-Contest, and the fans continue to boo loudly.

Fight 3 - Ryan Quinn vs Andrew Calandrelli -155lb
rd1- Both fighters come out and begin to trade punch combos. Ryan is moving forward, and landing more punches. Andrew seems to be having trouble getting started, and Ryan is continuing to score. Andrew is bleeding and being forced to fight off his heels, as he keeps backing up.Andrew trys to clinch, but Ryan breaks away and continues to own the cage.
rd2- Andrew comes out a bit more poised. He's starting to settle in on his punches not constantly being forced backwards. He clinches against the cage, but Ryan breaks away and presses forward with his boxing. They begin trading punches, both landing some decent shots. Both men are bleeding, but Ryan is controlling more of the action, mixing kicks with his punches.
rd3- guys come out with a good intensity for a third round. Andrew is trying to land his big punches, but Ryan avoids any major strikes, and continues to dictate and push the fight.Quinn mixes in some nice kicks in his combo's, and the final bell sounds. the fighters embrace with a great display of sportsmanship.
winner Ryan Quinn, rd3 unanimous decision

Fight 4 - Egidijus Valavicius vs Atanas Djambazov - 205lbs
rd1- Both fighters are huge jacked mean looking dudes..They both come out swinging hard, Valavicius lands a hard shot that stuns Atanas. He rushes in for the kill, landing a huge knee that KO's Atanas. The ref rushes in to protect the unconscious fighter.
winner Egidjus valavicius rd1 48 sec KO knee!!

Fight 5 - Andrew Fisher vs Saul Almeida - 145lb
rd1- Saul looks to clinch up and go for the take down right away. He presses to the cage and finally gets a take down. Fisher works right up and continues to defend by pushing away at Saul's head. Saul trys to transition to the back, but Fisher is blocking one hook by pushing against the cage. Saul kicks off the cage in a slick transition, and secures the back. He works for the rear naked choke, but fisher defends until the round ends.
rd2- This time fisher clinches to begin the round. Saul reverses and pushes Fisher back in top the cage. From here he again presses for the take down. Again he takes the back and starts to work for the submission. Fisher defends well, but can't shake Saul off his back. Saul transitions to an arm triangle. Fisher defends and rolls to the top but Saul keeps trying until the round ends.
rd3- Fisher comes out throwing combos knowing he's down on the cards. he starts to connect, and Saul wants to take it to the ground. Fisher gets a take down into full guard, but is looking to pass. Saul sweeps, and locks in a D'arce choke. It takes a bit to defend, but Fisher is tough, and he rolls to the top position.He starts to ground and pound, and Saul's face is covered in blood. At one point Fisher has a crucifix position, and ends up in side control pounding away as the fight ends.
winner Saul Almieda, rd3 unanimous decision

Fight 6 - Scott Cleve vs Daniel Weichel - 145lb tourney
rd1- Fighters come out with some crisp mma stand up/boxing. They are making use of the whole cage while trading combos. Daniel starts mixing in some nice front and high kicks. He clips Cleve and drops him! Daniel jumps right on and secures a deep rear naked style choke, and finishes from more of a side position with no hooks.
winner Daniel Weichel rd1 submission, rear naked choke.

Fight 7 - Will Martinez vs Goiti Yamauchi - 145lb tourney
rd1- Goiti comes out throwing very hard straight punches. Will shoots in and clinches up. Goiti presses off, and they are trading punches and kicks. Goiti throws a knee, and just misses as Will gets a take down. Goiti quickly looks for submissions, and trys for a heel hook. Will defends well, and drops some nice punches from top. Goiti stays busy, keeping Will on the defense, and they stand back up and shortly after the round ends.
rd2- Will moves in with a combo of strikes into a clinch on the cage. He reaches down and picks the ankle for the take down into full guard. Will works the body, and stays postured up out of trouble. Goiti works his way back up, and they trade on the feet. both guys are connecting and the crowd loves it! Will lands a few big ones before the round ends.
rd3- They meet in the center of the cage and again trade some nice shots. Goiti is getting bested and wants to clinch up against the cage. He lands some well placed knees to Will's legs and body. Goiti jumps guard, and Will stays strong on top to end the fight.
winner Will Martinez, rd 3 unanimous decision.

Main Card

Fight 8 - Dez Green vs Mike Richman - 145lb tourney

rd 1- The fighters circle, and Dez starts off with a few nice leg kicks. Mike presses in, and gets an accidental poke to his eye. he takes a couple minutes and they are back at it. Mike connects with a few leg kicks, and Dez seems to be hurt. He cant put much pressure on his lead leg, and almost rolls his ankle a couple times trying to move forward. Mike lands a couple more, but Dez is game and keeps fighting hard. Dez scores a take down, but can't keep Mike down for long. Mike is stalking landing some nice punches as the round ends.

rd2- Dez is looking for a take down, and tries to take Mike's back against the cage. He lands some nice knees to Mike's legs, then secures another take down. Dez is in side control, landing some punches, and controlling the position well. Dez lands some nice knees to the body, and some shoulder strikes to Mike's face before the round comes to a close.

rd3- Mike comes out pushing the pace, trying to land big punches. Dez is countering and moving very well, and the knee doesn't seem to be a problem. They trade back and forth and Mike's nose is bleeding. Mike continues to press, but Dez is countering nicely until the fight ends.
winner Dez Green rd3 unanimous decision.

Fight 9 - Diego Nunes vs Matt Bessette - 145lb tourney

rd1- Diego comes out throwing very hard, and just missing. Matt lands a few low kicks, and they both miss with high kicks.Diego clinches and presses to the cage. Matt hip tosses Diego to the ground and he quickly pops back up.Diego catches a Bessette kick, and trips him to the ground, ending up in half guard. After a short time they scramble to their feet and clinch against the cage, trading knees to the body. They split, and both kick at the same time falling to the cage floor, with Diego on top in full guard until the round ends.

rd2- Again Diego comes forward throwing heavy hands, and starts to score a bit. Diego continues to press forward, and Matt clips him and drops him. Matt trys to capitalize, but Diego is back up and continues to trade. Matt lands a couple nice kicks and the crowd is going WILD!! They clinch up on the cage again, as they split, Diego catches Matt's kick, and trips to the ground into Matt's guard. Matt is busy from his back, landing some nice double punches as the round closes out.

rd3- They come out trading kicks. Matt lands a nice kick to the body, setting it up with a nice combo of punches. Diego is throwing kicks as well, but the crowd cheers loud for the Mangler. Both fighters are throwing exciting strikes, and it's a very close fight. Matt slips in a quick head kick just as the round ends, and the whole place is on their feet!
winner Matt Bessette, split decision. The crowd goes insane!!!!!! Mangler mania runs WILD!!!

Fight 10 - King Mo vs Mikhail Zayats - 205lb tourney

rd1- Mik comes out swinging, and Mo shoots in to clinch up and try for a take down. Mik defends the take down but receives a few knees to the body from Mo. They split up, and circle, throwing head fakes, shot fakes, and not much else...a couple small exchanges, but not much action. Mo's mouth is bleeding as the round ends.
rd2- They come out and circle. Mik lands a nice low kick, and they continue to circle and fake, and just like the previous round, do little else. The crowd begins to boo loudly, craving a shred of the excitement they had seen earlier in the Nunes-Bessette fight. Mo keeps trying for a take down, and Mik defends. The boos continue until then round ends.
rd3- The crowd meets the fighters with loud boos to begin the round. Mik comes forward and lands another low kick. Mo shoots and Mik defends yet again. A few more minutes of boring circling, and Mo presses to the cage for a take down. He can't finish the take down, but lands some knees to the legs. They split, and continue to circle with little to no action. the crowd boos very loud until the fight is over.
winner King Mo rd3 unanimous decision. A chorus of boos ignite the arena.

Fight 11 Main Event - Christian M'Pumbu vs Rampage Jackson 

 205lb tourney

rd1- Rampage rushes across the cage, but Christian moves away. Rampage wants to bang, and tries to invite Christian to trade. He wants none of it, and they clinch against the cage. The crowd is rowdy, and want blood!! Christian is controlling Rampage against the cage, but isn't trying to strike, and the ref returns the fighters to center cage standing. They trade punches, and Rampage drops him! He follows up with a couple heavy punches, and M'Pumbu is OUT!!
winner Rampage Jackson, rd1 KO!

Bellator packed the Mohegan Sun arena, and the show, (although having a couple weird stops, and a terribly boring Co-Main event), was a huge success!! The crowd was a sell-out, and the quality of fights delivered big time!! We also got to attend the after fight press conference, which is always a cool time. It was great to hear from the fighters, win or lose, and see Rampage and King Mo sell their upcoming fight! Huge thanks to Bellator MMA for allowing us to help bring you all closer to the cage! We hope you enjoy the review, and also The Artist's pictures. Please leave a comment and tell us what you think. Thanks for reading!