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March 14, 2014

Cage Titans Releases Full Fight Card For April 5th Show

Cage Titans has just announced their full fight card for their upcoming event on April 5th.  This event will be at the Plymouth Memorial Hall in Plymouth Mass.  On the card is featured 6 professional fights including the newest addition of Steve Skratz against Pat Schultz.  Pat was supposed to fight at Bellator but that fight dropped off so we know he is battle ready!  On the undercard they have Razzle Dazzle Ryan Kane taking on Dan Krall at 125lbs which should be an awesome battle.  For the full fight card follow the jump.

Pro 135lbs "Relentless" Robbie Leroux (6-2 Clinch MMA) vs. Johnny 'Cupcakes' Campbell (5-4 SSSF)
Pro 125lbers  Chad "Machine gun" Kelly (2-0 FAA) vs. Remo Cardarelli (1-0 Rivera Athletics)
Pro  185lb Michael Rodriguez (Pro Trifecta) vs. Ralph  Johnson (6-8 Independent)
Pro 145lb Peter Barrett (Pro Debut Maxx Training) vs Christian Rivera (4-12 Independent)
170lb Pro Frank Falso (0-0 Team United) vs. Keegan Hornstra (1-7 Port City)
195lb Pro CatchWeight Steve Skratz (NE Combat 7-7) vs. Pat Schultz (8-2 CCFA)
145lb Amateur Title Fight Billy "The Kid" Keenan (Redline 4-2) and Dan Dubuque (3-1 DCNU)

125lb AM – Ryan Kane (0-1, CCFA) vs Dan Krall (1-1, Battlecrew)
135lb AM - Fabio Lima (1-1, Boston Combat) vs Max Barrett (2-2 MAXX Training)
185lb AM – Joseph Cameron (0-0, Boston Combat) vs Mike Fisk (0-0, Team Anubis)
125lb AM – Buun Tengamnuay (0-0, Boston Combat) vs Dave Baxter (0-1, USMMA)
145lb AM – Jose Rustrian (2-2, Boston Combat) vs Jeff Perez (2-2, SBG East Coast)
145lb AM – Chris Suarez (1-4, Independent) vs Jimmy MacDonald (1-0, FightZone)
 135lb AM – Ryan Pompeii (1-0, TriForce) vs Randy Costa (0-0, Lauzon MMA)
155lb AM – Evan Aubrey (1-1, Wai Kru) vs Jacob Weeks (1-0, SBG East Coast)
 160lb AM – Barry Liseno (0-2, Independent) vs Jimmy Manning (2-2, CCFA)
170lb AM - TJ Holt (0-2, Independent) vs Derek Peterson (0-1, Gilette’s)