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March 14, 2014

CES MMA 3/14/2014 Event Review

 After a nice ride with minimal traffic, we arrived at the gorgeous Twin River Casino with time to spare.  Walking into the vendor's area, we spotted Eric Bedard at the SKS Fight Gear table, as well as Badass Inc selling their gear. We make my way inside and see out media buddies, Nick Mahmood, Dan Bonnell, his wife and Tom Evans covering for their websites.  For local celebs, we saw Michael Mulligan and Shane, Peggy Morgan, My man Jake Aiken, Karyn Wesch, Sarah Payant, Camber Bohlen, Gladiator, Jeremy Ross, Prime Athletics, CES Champ Rob Font, Mike Campbell, Mark Dellagrotte, Rico Disciullo, Tyson Chartier, Joe Lauzon, Todd Chattelle, Greg Rebello, Kaline Medeiros, Loco Lobo, Mario Gonzales, Josh Diekmann, Nick Newell, Scott Rehm, Bill Mahoney, Doomsday Howard, the Decristoforo brothers, Marco Alvan, Banana, Peter Barrett, Dom Warr, 40 Wounded Warriors, Pat Schultz and more.  Big Dan and Kevin the Ref were the referees for the evening.  Kelly MacDonald is taking the photos for CES once again.  There are 10 professional fights on the agenda for tonight and one of them is a title fight between two top- tier-guys in New England which will be sure to entertain the fans.

170 lbs Tom Venticinque (TUML 0-1) vs Rick Rivera (Gladiator BJJ 0-0)

Rick catches the leg kick and counters with a punch and they go to the ground.  Rick is working the side.  Tom bucks him off and Rick takes the back and is trying to finish with the rear naked choke.  Tom slips out and is now on top in the guard.  Tom gets in a big elbow and the crowd cheers.  Rick tries for an armbar but can't get it and Tom now has his back.  He sinks in the rear naked choke and gets the tap.

Tom Venticinque defeats Rick Rivera by tapout to rear naked choke at 3:41 seconds in Rd 1.

145lbs Kyle Bochniak (Broadway Jiu Jitsu 1-0) vs. Marius Enache (Balance 1-2)

Marius gets in some low kicks to start us off.  Kyle rushes in and gets in a combo and the takedown.  Marius works his way back up very quickly and they are back to their feet.  Kyle is working for another takedown but can't get it.  Kyle eats the kick to the body and then gets the quick takedown but once again Marius bounces right back up.  Kyle is working for another takedown but can't get it and they are to the center of the cage as the round ends.

Kyle 10-9

Rd 2:  Marius starts us off with a head kick that connects.  Marius connects with a combo and blood is coming out of Kyle's nose.  Kyle connects with a straight right that drops Marius.  He covers and gets in three straight clean elbows to the side of the head for the ref stoppage.

Kyle Bochniak defeats Marius Enache by ko from ground and pound at 1:14 in Rd 2.

145lbs Josh LaBerge (8-4 Lauzon's) vs Steve McCabe( Balance 6-14)

Josh misses with a punch and stumbles.  Steve takes his back up against the cage and Josh reverses.  He now has Steve's back.  He gets in 3 high knees to the head that drops Steve and then finishes him off with an uppercut and some ground and pound.  Wow!!

Josh LaBerge defeats Steve McCabe via ko at 37 seconds in Rd 1.

140lbs Brandon Fleming (SSSF 3-2) vs. Robert Sullivan( Balance/Baltimore BJJ 3-1)

They clinch and Robert gets in a knee to the body.  He gets the takedown but Brandon gets quickly to his feet.  Brandon reverses and is working for a single leg takedown.  Brandon gets in a head kick and a good body shot.  Bob is looking for the takedown and he gets the slam but Brandon pops right back up.  Brandon gets hit in the cup and falls to the ground.  Action resumes and Brandon misses with a spinning backfist.  They clinch and Bob gets a quick takedown.  Brandon bounces back up and gets in a clean knee to the body.  Brandon gets in a kick to the upper body as the round ends.

Robert 10-9 but definitely a close round.

Rd 2:  Brandon is working for a takedown but can't get it.  Blood is flowing from the side of Brandon's head.  Bob gets in a solid kick.  Bob rushes in and gets an elbow in.  Brandon gets in a combo.  Brandon gets in a combo to the body.  Brandon gets in a jumping knee that connects clean.  Bob is going for a takedown and gets it but Brandon is working his way back to his feet.  Robert is now bleeding from the side of his head.  Brandon gets in a 1-2 combo to the head as the round ends.

Brandon 10-9

Rd 3:  Brandon gets in a high kick and Bob is going for the single leg.  Brandon gets in another elbow from the top that opens up the cut some more.  Ref stops it to have it checked by the doctor and the fight resumes.  They break and are swinging away.  Both fighters are bloodied up.  Brandon is feeling it now and is getting in the majority of the strikes.  Bob gets in a jab and Brandon gets in an elbow.  Brandon gets in two front kicks to the body as the round ends.

Brandon 10-9

Brandon Fleming defeats Robert Sullivan via unanimous decision 29-28.  What a bloody war!!

155lbs Andres Jeudi (Sityodtong 5-2) vs. Brendan Rooney (C3 Athletics 5-1)

Andres gets a few inside leg kicks to start us off.  Andres seems to be feeling this fight out.  Andres gets in two clean lefts that connect.  Andres get in an outside leg kick that turns red instantly.

Andres 10-9

Rd 2:  Brendan goes to the ground off a kick and is trying to bade him down.  Andres doesn't bite and backs off and lets him up.  They clinch and Brendan pulls guard.  Andres is getting in some big elbows to the body.  Andres gets pushed off and backs off.  They are back to their feet and Andres gets in a body kick.  Not much action up until the bell.

Andres 10-9

Rd 3:  They both come out swinging.  Brendan is going for a takedown but can't get it.  Andres connects with a combo that rocks Brendan down.  There is some confusion whether the fight was stopped but Big Dan never gave the signal.  Andres is now in guard and trying to get in some ground and pound as the round ends.

Andres 10-9

Andres Jeudi defeats Brendan Rooney via unanimous decision 30-27.

185lbs Chip Moraza-Pollard (CCFA 7-6) vs. Tom Egan (Team Egan 7-4)

Both fighters are working their jab.  Chip gets in a clean jab.  Chip gets in a body shot.  Tom misses with right.  Tom gets in a high kick that is partially checked.  Chip gets in a left.  Chip slips and Tom lets him back up.

Chip 10-9

Rd 2:  Chip works a couple of jabs to start the round.  Tom gets in a body shot.  Chip is pushing the pace still.  He misses with a front kick and gets in a combo.  Tom gets in a right hand of his own.  Chip gets in a straight right.  Blood is coming from Tom's nose.  Tom hits with a high kick as the round ends.

Real close round, I say Chip 10-9

Rd 3: Tom gets the quick takedown but Chip gets right back up.  Tom gets in a left hook.  Tom is pushing the pace now.  Tom gets the takedown and is now in half guard.  Tom is getting in some big elbows.  He gets pushed back to guard and then goes back to half.  He gets in a good elbow before the round ends.

Tom 10-9

Chip Moraza-Pollard defeats Tom Egan via unanimous decision. 30-27, 29-28, 29-28.

145lbs Charles Rosa (ATT 7-0) vs. Brylan Van Artsdalen (9-9 Daddi's Fight Camp)

Charles starts us off with some high kicks.  Another high kick and Brylan gets the takedown.  Charles is working an armbar but it is around the elbow.  He switches it to a triangle and Brylan gets in a hard slam to get out of it.  A fan jumps up to the cage and is escorted out.  Brylan was working a d'arce but Charles is out.  Charles works an armbar and Brylan taps.  Charles gets up and seems to be favoring his shoulder.  It looks like Charles got hurt when Big Dan pulled him off.  Wow what a crazy finish.

Charles Rosa defeats Brylan Van Artsdalen via tapout to armbar at 3:25 in Rd 1.  There is talk that Charles may get suspended for not letting go of the armbar in time.  Guess we will have to watch for this when the fight video is released.

170lbs Chuck O'Neil (Mass BJJ 12-6) vs. Roger Carroll (Team Superior 13-10)

Roger misses with a kick and gets back up.  Chuck gets in a good uppercut.  They are clinching up against the cage.  Chuck reverses and gets in a right  hook that drops Roger.  Roger recovers and they are back to their feet.  Chuck rocks him with another shot and tries to finish but Roger has his lucky clover with him for this fight.  He threatens with a heel hook but Chuck pulls his heel out quick enough. Chuck backs off and lets him back up.  Chuck backs him up against the cage and gets in a solid combo.  Roger is clinching Chuck up against the cage and gets the takedown as the round ends.

Chuck 10-9

Rd 2:  Chuck connects with another combo that rocks Roger.  Roger closes the gap and they are clinching up against the cage.  Roger pulled guard but Chuck lets his back up.  Roger is trying for a double leg takedown but can't get it.  Roger falls to the ground trying to get Chuck to his guard.  Roger clinches Chuck and Chuck pushed him down by trip.  Chuck is now in guard as the round ends.

Chuck 10-9

Rd 3:  Chuck comes forward with a combo and closes the distance.  They break and Roger clinches Chuck up against the cage.  Roger gets the takedown and Chuck ends up in guard.  Chuck gets pushed off and goes back into the guard of Roger.  Chuck gets in some body shots but for the most part Roger is defending from the bottom quite well.

Chuck O'Neil defeats Roger Carroll via unanimous decision.

HVY Title John Johnston (Sityodtong 5-0) vs. Josh Hendricks (Team Nogueria 19-9)

Josh gets the quick takedown and goes for a deep armbar.  John is out and is now on top in guard.  John must have gotten in an elbow or something because both fighters are bleeding.  Josh is now on top in full mount and he gets in three straight elbows.  John gets the sweep and is now on top getting in elbows.  He gets in some more ground and pound and the ref stops the fight.  John gets up and raises his hand and his left eye is completely swollen shut.  I am thinking from the heads butting it might have happened.

John Johnston defeats Josh Hendricks via tko stoppage to strikes at 4:36 in Rd 1.  Big John is now the new CES heavyweight champ!!

155lbs Drew Fickett (42-20) vs. Luis Felix (10-7 NEC)

Both fighters are feeling each other out.  Luis is getting in his jabs.  Luis gets hit in the cup.  Luis gets in another jab.  Luis got in a nice counter right hand.  They clinch and Luis gets in two big knees to the body.  Luis gets in a kick to the outer thigh.  Luis is clinching Drew up against the cage as the round ends.

Luis 10-9

Rd 2:  Drew gets the takedown but Luis bounces right back up.  Drew is clinching Luis and Luis reverses.  Drew is trying for the guillotine choke but can't get the finish.  Luis swings his way out and Drew smiles.  Luis gets a left head kick knockout and the crowd goes nuts!!

Luis Felix defeats Drew Fickett via head kick knockout at 2:22 in Rd 2.

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Johnston and Josh Hendricks...blood and awesome battle!!
KO OF THE NIGHT: Luis Felix head kick knockout!!
SUBMISSION OF THE NIGHT:  Charles Rosa wicked deep armbah!!

CES announces their next event fight is between Brett Oteri and Ricardo Funch.  They also announced Rob Font and Rico Disciullo will be on the card.  This was an awesome night of fights and we saw lots of great finishes.  The Luis Felix knockout will be talked about for a while and I know it will definitely be in the lineup for KO of the year for sure.  CES had a packed crowd there last night and they were the loudest during the John Johnston fight and of course Luis Felix's fight.  Thanks to CES for always putting on a solid show and for allowing us to cover for everyone.  Thanks and please show your support by leaving us a comment below.