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March 20, 2014

FIGHT CARD UPDATE--Premier FC 15 Full Fight Card

We are just 16 days away from Premier Fighting Championship returning to Western Mass for their 15th show.  I was able to catch up with the promoter and matchmaker Karyn Wesch and she gave us an update on the fight card.  As of right now there are 19 fights but as we all know as the date approaches many of the fights drop off the show.  Tickets are still available except for the top-tier-VIP section.  Standing area is $20 and Seats are $35 available here.  The event will be on April 5th at the absolutely stunning Chez Josef in Agawam Massachusetts.  The venue is very much like their previous areas at The Log Cabin in Holyoke so expect the same setup and excellent service except with a bigger area.  There are many fighters on the card who PFC fans have grown to love including Nick Pallini, Nestor X, Sarah Payant and Tim Flores to name a few. Karyn is still looking to add a few more fights to the card including some professional ones so please don't hesitate to get in touch.  The fight card can be found below.

145lbs Title Fight Nestor Xicohtencatl (4-1 Renzo Gracie CT) vs Tim Ortiz (Spacity BJJ 5-0)
Superheavyweight Mike Baker (2-1)  vs Vito Brightman (Thunder 0-1)

145lbs Jesse Miele (IMBCT 2-0) vs. Pam Sorenson 3-0
175lbs Dan Schbell (Thunder 0-0) vs. Jose Tejeda (Gladiator 0-1)
125lbs Tim Flores (Legal Beatdown 3-1) vs Adam Mimms (Spacity BJJ 1-0)
115lbs Justin Lyon (1-0 Independent ) vs Matt Bergen (Team Bergen 0-2)
170 lbs Ray Johns (Thunder 0-3) vs Angelo Richardson (Gracie CT 1-0)
135 lbs Carlos Candelario (3-0 New Britian Judo) vs Angel Laboy (Independent 3-5)
170 lbs Myles Reid (CCFA 1-3) vs Anthony Benevides (Gracie CT 0-0)
155lbs Ethan Gomez (Asylum Fight Gym 3-0) vs Nicholas Premoveau (Frank Palumbo 3-0)
145lbs Aslan Otcheyev (Gracie CT 1-0) vs Josh Hilditch (Nitsu 0-0)
145 lbs Rob Knox (Gracie NY 1-0) vs Nick Pallini (Independent 1-3)
155lbs Alex Ortiz (Gracie BJJ 1-0) vs Brad Bateman (Asylum Fight Team 0-0)
Heavyweight Said Sarfaraz (Gracie CT 0-0) vs Kory Saxer (Gladiator BJJ 0-0)
155 lbs Camber Bohlen (Gladiator BJJ 1-3) vs Colin Donoghue (Sitmangpong 0-0)
145lbs Kenny Peralta (Ultimate MMA 1-1) vs. Vinnie Brightman (Thunder 0-1)
130 lbs Sarah Payant (Gladiator BJJ 3-5) vs Sarah Jacobson (out of Wisconsin 2-2)
135lbs Hamzah Marquis Brewster (NE Combat 3-1) vs. Dashawn Robertson (Ultimate MMA 2-2)
205lbs Jeff Bok (Link 3-0) vs. Joe Lexus (Team Thunder 1-0)