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April 1, 2014


Combat Zone returns this Friday on April 4th 2014 at the Rockingham Park in Salem New Hampshire for their 48th event to date.  Last card they scaled it back and did all amateur but on this card it features 3 professional fights.  There are a total of 15 fights which will be sure to please the crowd including myself.  There are many of the Combat Zone-crop-fighters on this card whom the fans have fell in love with.  Tickets are still available at the link here starting at just $40 and of course at the door assuming they don't sell out which does happen so tread lightly folks.  The doors will be opening at 6:30 and ice cold beverages will be served! The Kattar's and Ryan Fennelly (the match maker) have done once again an excellent job on the fight card and keeping their website up to date.  This card could very well be their best card to date and if you haven't been up to NH to see their show yet, I highly recommend you try it out.  Let me break down the fight card for you...

145 lbs AM Michael Fagan (IntenZe MMA 0-0) vs. Josh Harvey (Youngs MMA 0-0)

For the first fight of the evening at 145lbs, Michael Fagan will take on Josh Harvey.  Michael is from IntenZe MMA and will be making his amateur debut.  Also making his amateur debut will be Young's MMA's Josh Harvey.  This should make for an exciting fight because both of these guys are from top notch schools so I know they will be ready for a battle.

170lbs AM Tim Loughran (Mass BJJ 1-0) vs. Roger Williams (CNYMMA 0-0)

For the second fight of the evening Tim Loughran takes on Roger Williams at 170lbs.  Tim is from Mass BJJ, you know the school where Chuck O'Neil, Peggy Morgan and Jimmy Quinlan are out of and he will be making his return to the cage.  He has a 1-0 record and won by tko strikes against Dan Dinan at a Coliseum to the Cage show. Roger is from CNYMMA and will also be making his amateur debut.  CNYMMA guys are tough and I am sure will be ready for this battle.

155lbs AM Jeff Beal (Dynamic Martial Arts 0-0) vs. Mike Bulger (Sityodtong 0-0)

Next up at 155lbs Jeff Beal faces off against Mike Bulger.  Jeff is from Dynamic Martial Arts and will be making his amateur debut.  Also making his amateur debut is Mike Bulger from Sityodtong.  I can't give too much insight into this fight as both fighters haven't fought yet but that makes it exciting.  As Forrest Gump always says "You never know what you gonna get."

135lbs AM David Bradbury (Ind. 1-0) vs. Carl Langston (BGMMA 1-3)

Then David Bradbury squares off against Carl Langston at 135lbs.  David is an independent fighter with a record of 1-0.  David won his first fight by armbar in Rd 1 and no doubt he will be looking for another sub victory.  Carl is from BGMMA up in Maine and has a 1-3 record.  He lost his first 3 fights one by ko/tko, one by split and one by sub.  He then travelled up to CT for a fight against Brock Hilderbrand and it was worth the trip as he got the win when an injury occurred during a slam and he received his first taste of victory.  He will be looking to continue his winning ways this Friday.

170 lbs AM Claudio Rene (BMAC 1-0) vs. Corey Bowhall (CNYMMA 2-2)

At 170lbs Claudio Rene takes on Corey Bowhall at 170lbs.  Claudio is from BMAC and has a 1-0 record.  He won his first fight back at Combat Zone 27 by ko/tko in Rd 2 which was back in 2009.  He is now back and at a lower weight class looking to get the W.  His opponent Corey is from CNYMMA and will be coming from New York and putting his 1-2 record on the line.  He won his first fight by submission and then lost his second fight by submission.  Combat-Zoners will remember his last fight against Dave Spero in which he dropped Dave with a head kick and then tried to finish him off with strikes.  The ref saw too many hits to the back of the head and ruled the fight a DQ as Dave could not continue.  He was pretty upset about it and I am sure he will bring some of that energy to this fight.  He fought recently and won by tko and will be looking to continue his win streak.  I think this fight will be a stand up battle and will be a real treat for the fans.

160 lbs AM Nate Charles (BGMMA 1-7) vs. Brian Costco (Iron Horse 1-0)

Then Nate Charles challenges Brian Costco at a catch weight of 160lbs.  Nate is from BGMMA and has a 1-7 record.  He has lost two by ko/tko , 2 by sub and 3 by decison.  His one win he won in a big way with a 25 second knockout!  I have seen most of his fights and he has developed a nice set of hands and I expect him to use them this Friday.  Brian trains with Iron Horse and has a 1-0 record.  I was not able to find any of Brian's fight info so we will have to wait til Friday to see how he looks.

185lbs AM Kristian Lombari (Team Fury 0-3) vs. John Ryan (Triumph 0-0)

Kristian Lombari takes on John Ryan at 185lbs this Friday.  Kristian is from Team Fury and has an 0-3 record.  He lost two fights by submission and one by ko/tko.  He is still hungry for his first mma victory.  He has always fought tough fighters and he is facing another one in John Ryan.  John is from Triumph MMA and will be making his amateur debut.  I say he is a tough fighter because Triumph is an excellent school who always gets the fighters ready for a war.

 145lb AM Danny Abad (CNYMMA 1-2) vs. Dan Lynch (Team Pitbull 1-1)

Danny Abad faces Dan Lynch at 145lbs.  Danny is from CNYMMA and has a 1-2 record.  He lost his first two fights one by split and one by decision.  In his last fight he won it by submission in rd 2 against Dave Sousa in front the Combat-Zoners at CZ 47.  He will be looking to continue his winning ways.  His opponent , Dan Lynch is from Team Pitbull and has a 1-1 record.  He lost one decision and won his second fight by submission in just 19 seconds of Rd 1.  This is going to be a good battle CZ fans so pay attention during this one and I see it going the distance.

170lbs AM Brett Trahan (BTMMA 9-2) vs. JT Harold (Pitbull 3-1)

Then Brett Trahan takes on JT Harold at 170lbs showdown.  Brett is from BTMMA and has a 9-2 record.  I wasn't able to find all of Brett's fight info but he appears to be very well rounded with wins by decision, ko/tko and submissions.  His opponent JT Harold is from Pitbull and has a 3-1 record.  JT is very well rounded as well with wins by ko/tko, submission and decision.  His only loss was a decision to Paul Gaffney which was an awesome battle.  I expect this fight to be one of the best ones of the evening and I think it will be a stand up war!

145 lbs AM Jake Pilla (Wai Kru 2-0) vs. Paulo Alves DeSousa (BMAC 2-0)

Jake Pilla squares off against Paulo Alves de Sousa at 145lbs.  Jake is from Wai Kru and quickly became a 2-0 amateur fighter.  He won both of his fights in under a minute so far in his career and one was by ko/tko and the other was by submission.  He comes out explosive and so far has been able to finish but this will be his toughest fight to date.  Paulo trains with BMAC and has a 2-0 record as well.  He has a ko/tko and also a submission victory in his career.  Now as you can see both of these fighters know how to finish which should make for an awesome battle.  Add to the mix that one fighter will be losing his undefeated streak and you got a damn good match up.

185lbs Pro Cheyenne Vazquez (IntenZe MMA 1-0) vs. Eddie Brito (Team Fury 3-5)

In the first pro fight of the night Cheyenne Vazquez takes on Eddie Brito at 185lbs.  Cheyenne is from IntenZe MMA and has a 1-0 record.  He made his pro debut at CES against Terrell Clark and won by split decision.  It was a very nice pro debut in which Cheyenne showcased his striking and got several nice kicks in during that fight.  His opponent Eddie is from Team Fury and has a 3-5 record.  He has two wins by ko/tko to strikes and one by submission.  He has two losses by submission and 3 by ko/tko.  CZ fans will remember his last fight against Ray Shawdee in which he lost by armbar in Rd 1.  This is a good match up for both fighters and I think it will be another good stand up battle.

150 lbs Pro John Santos ( Team Fury 1-1) vs. Dan Bonnell (Prime FC MMA 11-10)

Next up for the second pro fight John Santos faces Dan Bonnell at a catch weight of 150lbs.  John is from Team Fury and has an 1-1 record.  He fought both of his pro fights for Combat Zone and lost his first one by ko/tko.  In his last fight it was an awesome slug fest in which he won by ko/tko against Aaron Petrucelli.  The crowd was going nuts and no doubt he will look to bring it again this Friday.  He faces a tough veteran Dan Bonnell who has an 11-10 record.  Dan is the head ringleader of and took this fight just two weeks ago.  He has won the majority of his by submissions and my guess is he will want to get this fight to the ground as quickly as possible.  For his losses he lost them by submissions and by ko/tko.  Dan does not like to let his fights go to decision and he leaves it all out in the cage!  This fight will get the crowd cheering for sure.

145lbs AM Aaron Lacey (Young's MMA 3-0) vs. Matt Tullos (5-0 Connor's MMA)

At 145lbs two-top-undefeated-ammies go head to head.  I am referring to Aaron Lacey against Matt Tullos of course.  Aaron Lacey is from Young's MMA and has a 3-0 record.  Aaron has two submission wins and one by ko/tko with two first round finishes so far in his career.  His opponent Matt is from Connor's MMA and has a 5-0 record.  He is the current Cage Titans champ and 2 ko/tko, 1 submission and 2 decision victories so far in his career.  His last fight for Cage Titans in which he defended his title against Brett Morris in a 5 round battle was a very entertaining battle.  I expect this fight to be the one everyone will be talking about on their way home and this fight is really too close to call.

135lbs AM Alec Wilson (Wai Kru 0-0) vs. Jordan Yantlin (Untamed MMA 0-2)

Then at 135lbs Alec Wilson takes on Jordan Yantlin.  Alec is from Wai Kru and will be making his amateur debut.  Jordan is from Untamed MMA and has an 0-2 record.  He fought for CZ in both of his fights and lost one by ko/tko and one by submission.  He has already faced two tough fighters and now he will be facing  another tough fighter from Wai Kru.  We will see how this one fares.

155lbs Pro Brent Kinberger (Team Link 5-3) vs. Mervin Rodriguez (Renzo Gracie NH 5-7)

In the main event, in a pro bout, Brent Kinberger squares off against Mervin Rodriguez at 155lbs.  Brent is from Team Link and has a 5-3 record.  He started his career with 5 straight victories in accruing 3 wins by ko/tko and 2 by submissions.  He then lost his last 3, two by decisions and one by submission and since then hasn't fought since 2010.  He is back and being from Team Link you know he will be very well prepared for anything that he faces.  Mervin is from Renzo Gracie NH and has a 5-7 record.  For his wins he has 1 ko/tko, 3 submissions and 1 by decision so far in his pro career.  For his losses he has lost 4 by submissions and 3 by decisions.  I think it is safe to say that this fight will be a jiu jitsu battle and will be fun to watch.  I haven't seen either of these guys fight yet so I am excited to see what they bring to the cage this Friday.

There you have the full breakdown of the Combat Zone 48 show that will be held this Friday in Salem NH at the Rockingham Park on April 4th, 2013.  Warchild will be there taking photos for us and I will be there with the live play by play.  I have to say that this show has many fights that I am excited to see and I feel they are getting better and better each show Combat Zone has.  This makes it very easy for me to want to make the 2 hour drive up to Salem and Combat Zone really knows how to treat their fans.  I always see many regulars at the show which means the fans love what they see and they return.  Will you be going to Combat Zone and what fight are you most excited for?? Let us know by commenting below.