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April 27, 2014


Gladius Fights hosted their 11th event on April 26th, 2014.  We were unable to make this show in New York but we were able to get the results courtesy of Derek Constable.  The show was in Cortland New York at the J.M. McDonald Sports Complex.  The show featured two groups of teams against each other.  The two teams were Team Syracuse against Team Nashville.  It is kind of like if Cage Titans went up against CES.  Now the Nashville Renegades dominated the competition and won 7 out of the 8 fights.  Josh Mayville was the only fighter from the hometown team.  The full results are found below.

Brandon Warne Wins Gladius Flyweight Title by TKO R2.
Mac Brown def. Ben Davila by RNC :40 R3 (Gladius 145 Title)
Kevin Carrier def. Mike Bennett by TKO 2:16 R1.
Joe Goyette def. Erik Mendiola by Triangle 2:25 R1.
Erik Gillette def. Jeremy Post by Armbar 2:07 R1.
Dustin Bertch def. Jody Curtiss by RNC 2:14 R1.
Jesse Henderson def. Dillon Yarka by RNC 2:52 R2.
Cali Cutler def. Janice Meyer by Armbar R2.
Andrea K Lee def. Hanna Grable by Armbar 2:21 R1.
Desean Boatwright def. Tyler Bayer by RNC 1:19 R3.
Dekari Sanders def. Tom Connolly by Calf Crusher 1:26 R1.
Kegan Ginnrich def. Toren Reaves by DQ (Illegal Head Kick) 2:33 R1.
Josh Mayville def. Yannnick Jones by Unanimous Decision.
Charles Costello def. Derek Heyman by TKO 2:50 R1.
Adrian Thomas def. Bryce Talini by Unanimous Decision.
Matthew Bogardus def. Jason Tucker by RNC 1:31 R1.