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May 29, 2014

Cage Titans Releases Full Fight Card!!!

I have been checking daily for you all and the day has come.  Cage Titans posted their full fight card for their upcoming show on June 21st.  It will be held at the Plymouth Memorial Hall and it will be sure to be an epic event.  The event right now has 20 fights in which 6 of them will be professional fights.  To go along with that there will be 4 amateur title fights which will be sure to keep us all on the edge of our seats.  Check out the full fight card below and tell us your thoughts!

135lbs Pro Kody Nordby (3-1 Ronin MMA) vs. Johnny Campbell (SSSF 6-5)
125lb Pro Theo Desjardin (TUML 4-6) vs. Remo Cardarelli (2-0 Rivera Athletics)
170lbs Pro Keegan Hornstra (2-8 Kaos) vs. Tim Silva (1-2 Rage MMA)
170lbs Pro John Downey (3-8 Wai Kru) vs. Ryan White(4-2 SSSF)
185lbs Pro Joe Levasseur (Triforce 0-1) vs. Joe Cronin (2-2 CCFA)
145lbs Pro Lionel Young (Wai Kru 6-12) vs. Peter Barrett (0-0 Maxx Training)
135lbs AM Title Fight Allen Edgecomb (Metal Dog Muay Thai 2-1-1) vs. Manny Bermudez (SSSF 4-1)
HVY AM Title Fight Nick Fontecchio (Connor's MMA 2-1) vs. Mario Gonzalez (Team United 3-1)
155lb AM Title Fight Jimmy Manning (3-2 CCFA) vs. Dan Lopez (5-3 Boston Muay Thai)
125lb AM Title Fight Kris Moutinho (Rivera Athletics 2-1) vs. Davis Roast (3-0 Sityodtong)

 145lb AM - Ricky Proctor (2-1 Lauzon MMA) vs Grant Mosley (2-1, Florian MMA)
135lb AM – Jeff Watts (4-3, Parts Unknown) vs Max Barrett (3-2 MAXX Training)
133lb AM - Fabio Lima (1-1, Boston Combat Club) vs Randy Costa (1-0, Lauzon MMA)
155lb AM - Nick Mahoney (0-0, Redline MMA) vs Rich Hacking (0-0, Sport Specific Fitness)
125lb AM – Ryan Kane (1-1, CCFA) vs Jessie Pires (0-4, Team BKJA)
185lb AM – Pat McCrohan (0-0, Gillett’s MMA) vs Joseph Cameron (0-0, Boston Combat Club)
120lb AM – Buun Tengamnuay (0-0, Boston Combat) vs Sheridan Decristoforo (1-0, TriForce)
155lb AM – Matt Alger (0-0, Rivera Athletics) vs Andres Rodriguez (0-0, Sityodtong)
170lb AM – Carlos Correia (2-0, DCNU) vs Dan Phelps (2-1, TriForce)
165lb AM – Derek Peterson (0-1, Gillett’s MMA) vs Billy Connors (1-0, Boston Muay Thai)