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May 7, 2014


New England Fights returns to the Colisee in Lewiston Maine for their 13th mixed martial arts show on Saturday May 10th.  Matt Peterson, once again has matched up a stellar card which will be sure to entertain everyone in attendance.  They have 15 fights total in which one of them is a title fight and 5 of them are professional fights.  I will break down each fight much further but the headline fight is the title fight between Ryan Sanders and Gil de Freitas.  The previous main event fight of Kin Moy against Paul Gorman was unfortunately scrapped due to Kin suffering an injury.  Tickets are still on sale at the link here and start at just $25.  If that is not enough to get you all to attend then don't forget NEF has hired a new ring girl who is a gorgeous blond model named Kaity who is just waiting to meet you all.  The weigh ins are Friday at 2pm at the Fusion Lounge of the Ramada in Lewiston.   The doors will open up at 6pm and the fights should start promptly at 7pm on Saturday night.  Let me break down the fight card for you.

125 AM Dustin Veinott 0-3 (CMBJJ) vs Dan Thayer 0-1 (Choi)

The first fight of the evening is between Dustin Veinott and Dan Thayer at 125lbs.  Dustin is from CMBJJ and comes into this fight with an 0-3 record.  He is still hungry for his first taste of victory.  He lost one fight by submission and one by tko to strikes.  In his last fight he lost the decision to Stephen Desjardins but I have to say he has been improving each fight and he has been learning each and every time.  His opponent Dan is team Choi's MMA and has an 0-1 record.  He lost a split decision to Jason Carpenter back at the last show NEF 12.  I feel this fight will be a good test for both fighters and will result in a close decision.

125 AM Norman Fox 2-0 (MMA Athletix) vs Mike Brown 2-1 (N. S. Muay Thai)

Next up in another 125lb fight, Norman Fox takes on Mike Brown.  Norman is from MMA Athletix and has a perfect 2-0 record.  He has a tko victory to strikes and one submission victory under his belt so far in his amateur career.  His opponent Mike Brown is from N. S. Muay Thai and has a 2-1 record.  He has two submission victories and one loss to submission to strikes so far in his amateur career.  Both fighters here are proven finishers and definitely try their best to put on a show for the fans and get the finish.  However, I do feel this is going to be a close battle.

145 AM Phil Exner 0-0 (Wes Littlefield's) vs Mike Crespo 0-0 (MMA Athletix)

In the 145lb amateur division Phil Exner faces off against Mike Crespo.  Phil is from Wes Littlefield's Gym and will be making his amateur debut.  His opponent Mike is from MMA Athletix and will also be making his amateur debut.  Two newcomers from two really solid gyms up in Maine should make for an excellent fight.  I am sure both of these fighters will be ready to put on a show for us all.

135 AM Carl Langston 2-3 (BGMMA) vs Sheldon Bang 0-0 (CMBJJ)

Then at 135lbs Carl Langston takes on Sheldon Bang.  Carl is from BGMMA and has a 2-3 record.  He lost his first 3 fights and has recently bounced back with two straight victories.  He is looking to continue that streak this Saturday up in Maine.  His opponent Sheldon trains with CMBJJ and he will be making his amateur debut.  CMBJJ gets their guys battle ready for sure but this will be a tough fight with Carl already having 5 fight experience going into this fight.

145 AM Dom Cofone 4-3 (BGMMA) vs Aaron Lacey 3-1 (Young’s MMA)

Dom Cofone faces off against Aaron Lacey in a 145lbs battle.  Dom has a 1 ko/tko, 2 subs and one decision victory in his arsenal.  For his losses, he lost two by submission and one to decision.  He will be looking to break his two fight losing streak but once again he is facing a very tough opponent.  Aaron is from Young's MMA and now has a record of 3-1.  He has two submissions and one ko/tko victories in his career so far.  His last fight he fought undefeated Matt Tullos and lost a decision.  As you can see two top notch fighters and both are looking to return to their winning ways.  This one is going to be a ground battle.

155 AM Jeremy Tyler 4-1 (Team Irish) vs Steve Bang 2-1 (CMBJJ)

The ever-popular Tyler brothers are fighting on this card as well.  The first one is Jeremy Tyler taking on Steve Bang at 155lbs.  Jeremy is from Team Irish and has a 4-1 record.  Jeremy lost his first fight by submission and since then has strung together 4 straight wins in which he won them all by submission.  One of his opponents that he defeated was Shawn Bang the brother of Steve Bang.  Steve is from CMBJJ and has a 2-1 record.  He lost one fight by submission, won one by submission and another win by decision.  Both guys have been working hard and are ready to show you what they have been training lately.  This should be a good scrap.

155 AM Jarrod Tyler 1-1 (Team Irish) vs Jason LaChance 0-0 (MMA Athletix)

Next up Jarrod Tyler takes on Jason LaChance at 155lbs.  Jarrod is also from Team Irish and has a 1-1 record.  He lost one fight by ko/tko to strikes and won one by decision over Nate Charles.  NEF fans will remember that battle as it was a war that Jarrod won the rounds but was cut pretty badly during that fight.  Jason trains out of MMA Athletix and will be making his amateur debut.  If this fight is anything like Jarrod's last fight then we are in for another stand up war.

165 AM Mike Robinson 1-2 (MMA Athletix) vs Chad Jordan 0-0 (The Academy)

At 165lbs Mike Robinson challenges Chad Jordan in the cage.  Mike is from MMA Athletix and comes into the battle with a 1-2 record.  I was not able to find any fight information on Mike so we will have to wait and see on this one.  His opponent Chad is from the Academy and will be making his amateur debut.  Both of these schools are really good at preparing their fighters so this should be a battle.

185 AM Buck Pineau 7-2 (Choi) vs Zach Elkins 11-5 (First Coast/Team Riot)

At 185lbs Buck Pineau returns to the cage after his injury and takes on Zach Elkins.  Buck is from Choi's MMA and has a 7-2 record.  He has 2 wins by ko/tko, 3 submissions and 1 decision victory in his career.  NEF fans will remember his courageous fight against Isaiah Queen in which he tore his ACL in the first round and still powered through to win the decision.  For his losses he lost one by decision and one by submission.  He is facing another tough opponent so I am anxious to see how he has healed up from his injury.  Zach is from First Coast/Team Riot and has a 11-5 record.  From what I have found online he seems well rounded with wins by ko/tko, sub and by decision.  He is coming up from Florida and the Florida guys always put on a show.  This is a potential for fight of the night.

190 AM Crowsneck Boutin 4-6 (Choi) vs Dan Connaughton 2-1 (Defensive E.)

In the last amateur fight of the evening Crowsneck Boutin takes on Dan Connaughton at a catch weight of 190lbs.  Crowsneck trains with Choi's MMA and has a 4-6 record.  Crow has two ko/tko to strikes victories and 2 by decision.  He lost 4 fights by submission and 2 by ko/tko to strikes.  Crow is a character for sure and always is ready to battle and he loves to fight in Maine.  In fact, 9 out of 10 of his fights were for NEF.  His opponent Dan is from Defensive Edge and he has a 2-1 record.  He has one submission and one ko victory in his career.  He is coming off a loss to Mike Vangelist in which he lost by submission.  I think this fight will be a slug fest so fight fans get ready.

140 PRO Rodrigo de Faria 0-0 (BGMMA) vs Jay Jay Torres 0-0 (Drum Factory)

For the first pro fight of the evening Rodrigo de Faria takes on Jay Jay Torres at 140lbs.  Rodrigo is from BGMMA and will be making his amateur debut.  Jay is from the Drum Factory and will also be making his pro debut.  I am not familiar with any of these fighters amateur record so we will have to wait and see how this one pans out.

145 PRO John Raio 2-4 (First Class/Choi's) vs Amos Collins 1-4 (Serra BJJ)

Then at 145lbs Fan Favorite John Raio returns against Amos Collins.  John comes into this fight with a 2-4 record and trains with First Class/Choi's MMA.  John lost his first four fights but since then has strung together two wins.  His first win was against Asa Zorn with quick tko victory.  Then in his last fight against Bruce Boyington he won a controversial submission victory by rear naked choke.  Expect the crowd to be loud and proud of their favorite fighter John Raio in the cage this Saturday.  His opponent Amos is from Serra BJJ and has a 1-4 record.  He has won a unanimous decision and lost two by submission.  As you can see once again this is another closely matched fight which should make for a good battle. I will be rooting for John Raio to pull out another submission victory!

155 PRO Jesse Erickson 2-2 (CMBJJ) vs John Daniels 2-2 (Rock City MMA)

Jesse Erickson returns against John Daniels at 155lbs.  Jesse is from CMBJJ and has a 2-2 record.  He has lost one fight by ko/tko and one by submission.  He won both of his wins by submission as well.  He is a very entertaining fighter to watch in the cage and has an excellent ground game.  I expect he will try to get this fight on the ground and control this fight.  His opponent John is from Rock City MMA and has a 2-2 record.  He has one win by submission and one by decision.  For his two losses he lost them both by submission.  I have never had the pleasure to see Daniels fight in the cage so I am not sure of his experience but I see Erickson winning this one by 1st round submission.

155 PRO Jon Lemke 3-1 (Team Irish) vs Devin Powell 2-1 (Shop/Port City BJJ)

Next at 155lbs Jon Lemke will take on Devin Powell.  Jon is from Team Irish and has a 3-1 record.  He has two wins by tko to strikes and one by decision.  His only pro loss came by the hands of Matt DesRoches up in Bangor Maine at NEF 8.  I have seen Jon fight many times and he has some excellent striking.  His opponent Devin trains with the Shop/Port City BJJ.  He comes into this fight with a 2-1 record.  Devin has one victory by decision and one by submission.  In his last fight he lost to Bruce Boyington by decision in a great battle from both men.  Devin also has some awesome colorful tattoos.  This fight is going to be really entertaining so don't go home early fight fans.

170 PRO *TITLE*  Gil de Freitas (c) 15-5 (Link) vs Ryan Sanders 6-4 (Young's)

For the main event at 170lbs, Gil de Freitas defends his title against THE Ryan Sanders.  Gil is from Team Link and has a 15-5 record.  He has won most of his fights by submission and decision.  NEF fans will remember his last fight against Ryan Sanders in which Gil controlled all 5 rounds and won the decision.  In his last fight Gil fought for CES against Chuck O'Neil and he knocked Chuck out cold which is no easy task by any means.  I expect Gil to come out strong again and to use his wrestling to control this fight.  Ryan is from Young's MMA and will be looking to put on a much better performance than his last fight against Gil.  He has 5 out of 6 fights won by submission.  NEF fans will remember his last fight against Marcus Davis in which he won by Marcus unable to continue to due to cuts over his eye.  He is going to take that momentum from that huge victory and look to capture the title.  Ryan is no stranger to adversity so I know he will be up for the challenge.

There you have the complete breakdown of the upcoming New England Fight's show that will take place this Saturday at the Colisee in Lewiston Maine.  The Artist and I will be making the trip north to cover the show for you all.  I will be there for weigh ins and The Artist will be filming the battles.  Warchild can't make the trip as he heads South to play some golf (feel free to harass him).  What fight are you most excited about?? Let us know by commenting below.