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June 18, 2014


Cage Titans is hosting their next show this Saturday at the Plymouth Memorial Hall in Plymouth Mass.  This will be there 19th show, if you can believe it and they are still going stronger than ever.  The show features 16 fights in which 4 of them are pros.  The card had a few fall out this last week but it is the nature of the sport.  One fight that dropped out was Nick Fontecchio getting hurt and Mario Gonzalez chose to wait for a later show to fight Nick so no doubt Cage Titans will have that in the works.  Heal up fast Nick!  Also on the card are two amateur title fights which are sure to get the crowd roaring.  Tickets are still available and starting at just $45 bux available at the link here.  With 16 fights total, I guarantee you will get your $$$ worth at a Mr. Polvere event.  The matches are as closely set as they come.  Let me break down the card for you.

165lb AM – Derek Peterson (0-1, Gillett’s MMA) vs Billy Connors (1-0, Boston Muay Thai)

First match up is Derek Peterson taking on Billy Connors at 165lbs amateur.  Derek is from Gillett's MMA and bring his 0-1 record to the cage.  Derek lost his first fight to Kevin Schneider at Cage Titans 15 by unanimous decision.  We know he can go the distance so he just gotta put together some better rounds and he will bring home the W.  His opponent Billy Connors is from Boston Muay Thai and has a 1-0 record.  Billy won a unanimous decision at Cage Titans 17 against Nick Renaud.  You see the trend here, the fighters keep returning to Cage Titans to fight which tells us they are doing things RIGHT.  I expect this one to be a close battle and I see it coming down to a decision.

170lb AM – Carlos Correia (2-0, DCNU) vs Dan Phelps (2-1, TriForce)

Next up at 170lb, Carlos Correia faces Dan Phelps in the cage.  Carlos quickly became 2-0 and fights out of DCNU.  He has a submission and a decision victory so far in his career.  Now all he needs is the Knockout to have the hat trick!  Carlos will be looking to get the W anyway possible.  He has a solid ground game and will be looking to control Phelps anyway possible.  His opponent Dan is from Triforce and has a 2-1 record.  He has a ko/tko and one submission victory so far in his career.  His only loss was to Richard Hunter by submission.  Dan will be ready to show all his fans how much he has learned from his last loss!  I don't think with both of these caliber of fighters that it is going to a decision.  I see this as being a ground battle and I see it ending by submission.

135lb AM – Chris Suarez (1-5, Independent) vs Andres Rodriguez (0-0, Sityodtong)

Chris Suarez returns to the Cage Titans cage against Andres Rodriguez at 135lbs.  Chris is a 1-4 independent fighter.  His one win came by knockout but he has struggled as of lately.  He is riding a 4 fight losing streak and will be looking to change that this Saturday.  He lost a couple fights by submission and a couple by decision.  His opponent Andres is from Sityodtong and will be making his amateur debut.  Being from Sityodtong you know he will be ready for a war.  I expect this to be a good stand up battle.  Suarez's last fight he was in rare form and couldn't answer the bell.  I expect him to come in much better shape for this fight.

120lb AM – Buun Tengamnuay (0-0, Boston Combat) vs Sheridan Decristoforo (1-0, TriForce)

Then at 120lbs Buun Tengamnuay takes on Sheridan Decristoforo.  Buun is from Boston Combat Club and will be making his amateur debut.  Sheridan is from Triforce and puts his 1-0 record on the line.  He won his first battle by submission about halfway through round 1.  This fight will be fast paced battle and I think it will be settled on the ground.

185lb AM – Pat McCrohan (0-0, Gillett’s MMA) vs Joseph Cameron (0-0, Boston Combat Club)

Pat McCrohan will battle it out with Joseph Cameron at 185lbs.  Pat is from Gillett's MMA and will be making his amateur debut.  Joseph is from Boston Combat Club and will also be making his amateur debut.  I love watching two fresh fighters make their debut because it is so unpredictable.  We will have to all find out how this one plays out this Saturday.

125lb AM – Ryan Kane (1-1, CCFA) vs Jessie Pires (0-4, Team BKJA)

Ryan Kane returns to the cage against Jessie Pires at 125lbs.  Ryan is out of CCFA and has a 1-1 record.  He lost his amateur debut by decision and then bounced back with a win by decision at the last Cage Titans.  I missed his last fight so I am anxious to see how much he has been improving!  Pires comes out of Team BKJA and with an 0-4 record.  Don't let his record fool you because Jessie can scrap!  I remember he had an all out slug fest for a bit against Remo.  I feel this one will be a stand up battle and Kane will be looking to show off his Muay Thai skills.

160lb AM - Nick Mahoney (0-0, Redline MMA) vs Rich Hacking (0-0, Sport Specific Fitness)

At 160lbs Nick Mahoney is taking on Rich Hacking.  Nick is from Redline and will be making his amateur debut.  Redline had a fantastic weekend last Friday at ECFC and they will be looking to continue their streak.  Hacking is from SSSF and will also be making their amateur debut.  SSSF, is another excellent school so Rich will be ready for a battle for sure.

133lb AM - Fabio Lima (1-1, Boston Combat Club) vs Randy Costa (1-0, Lauzon MMA)

Then at 133lbs Fabio Lima faces off against Randy Costa.  Fabio is from Boston Combat Club and has a 1-1 record.  He lost his first fight by decision then won his second fight by ko/tko.  His opponent Randy is from Lauzon MMA and has a 1-0 record.  He also has a win by ko/tko in just 35 seconds!  This should be a good stand up battle as both fighters have heavy hands.  I don't see this fight going to a decision.

135lb AM – Jeff Watts (4-3, Parts Unknown) vs Max Barrett (3-2 MAXX Training)

At 135lbs  Jeff Watts returns against fan favorite Max Barrett.  Cage Titans will remember Jeff Watts as the guy who fought Rico Disciullo and started out on his knees.  I wasn't there for that fight but it sure looked like Watts took a beating.  He moved out west not too long ago and is now looking to fight back in New England.  I believe the majority of his wins are from submissions and he is well versed on the ground.  Max is from Maxx Training and has a 3-2 record.  He has one dec victory and two by ko/tko.  For his losses he has one loss by submission and one by ko/tko.  This fight should have some fireworks and I highly doubt it will go to a decision.  Barrett in his last fight gave a healthy dosage of knees to the body that made Chris Suarez not answer the bell.  Don't blink on this fight!

145lb AM - Ricky Proctor (2-1 Lauzon MMA) vs Jose Rustrian (2-3, Boston Combat Club)

For the last undercard fight Ricky Proctor takes on Jose Rustrian at 145lbs.  Ricky is from Lauzon MMA and bring his 2-1 record to the cage.  He has both of his wins by submission and is only loss is by an injury against Ruso K.  Jose is from Boston Combat Club and has a 2-3 record.  He has two losses by ko/tko and one of his wins were by submission.  I wasn't able to find his full results.  I feel this fight is going to be a ground battle and should be a real treat for the jiu jitsu fans.

125lb AM Title Fight Kris Moutinho (Rivera Athletics 2-1) vs. Davis Roast (3-0 Sityodtong)

In the first fight on the main card, Kris Moutinho takes on Davis Roast in a 125lb amateur title fight.  Kris is from Rivera Athletics and has a 2-1 record.  He has one win by decision and one win by submission.  His one loss came by a decision to Marquis Brewster.  Kris has been looking better and better each fight and is a force to be reckoned with.  He is going up against once again a very tough opponent.  He will be looking to use his wrestling and to control this fight.  Roast is from Sityodtong and has a perfect 3-0 record.  He has two wins by decision and one win by submission.  This fight is a great challenge for him and I feel it is his toughest to date.  Roast will be looking to get his takedowns and control the battle in his favor.  This is going to be a real close battle and remember folks, it is 5 rounds!

155lb AM Title Fight Jimmy Manning (3-2 CCFA) vs. Dan Lopez (5-3 Boston Muay Thai)

At 155lbs Jimmy Manning takes on Dan Lopez for the amateur title fight.  Jimmy is from CCFA and has a 3-2 record.  He has two decisions and one submission victories.  He lost one fight by ko/tko and one by decision.  Lopez is from Boston Muay Thai and has a 5-3 record.  Dan has the majority of his wins by decision.  He is a very entertaining fighter to watch.  This fight is going to be awesome and I am anxious to see if it will go the distance (5 rounds).

145lbs Pro Lionel Young (Wai Kru 6-12) vs. Peter Barrett (0-0 Maxx Training)

In the first pro fight Lionel Young faces Peter Barrett at 145lbs.  Young is from Wai Kru and has a 6-12 record.  He has lost the majority of his fights by decision and submissions and has struggled as of lately.  He won all of his wins by submission.  Barrett is finally making his pro debut after a few cancellations and the heat between the two has been going online.  Peter trains with Maxx Training and is always a crowd pleaser in the cage.  Expect fireworks in this fight as I think it will be a slugfest.  This fight will not go to a decision!  I don't think Barrett giving up the experience will be a factor in this fight.

170lbs Pro John Downey (3-8 Wai Kru) vs. Ryan White(4-2 SSSF)

In the second pro fight John Downey faces Ryan White at 170lbs.  Downey has a 3-8 record and is out of Wai Kru.  Not sure if that record is right as online sites say he is 2-12 but oh well.  Training with Wai Kru then he should be battle ready.  He has lost the majority of his fights by submission all in round 1.  Ryan White is 4-2 and is out of SSSF.  He has a couple of submission wins and a ko/tko win.  I am not sure about both of his losses but I know he got his last loss when he got caught with a ko at Cage Titans 17.  This is a great match up for Ryan and I see him winning this fight by submission in Round 1.

125lb Pro Theo Desjardin (TUML 4-6) vs. Remo Cardarelli (2-0 Rivera Athletics)

The 3rd pro fight features Theo Desjardin against Remo Cardarelli at 125lbs.  Theo is from Team United and has a 4-6 record.  Theo lost his fights by ko/tko or submissions and ironically enough has lost to Cage Titans Promoter/Matchmaker Mike Polvere.  When he is not busy tattooing, Theo is training hard with Team United and working on his skills.  He has two wins by submission and two wins by ko/tko.  He isn't afraid to take on anyone and this is once again a tough fight for him.  Remo is from Rivera Athletics and has a unblemished 2-0 record.  In the pro stats he has won all of his fights by submission.   In his last fight he submitted a wicked tough Chad Kelly in Round 2.  Remo is very well rounded and will be looking for the submission.  I feel Theo will want to keep this fight standing and work his muay thai to try to tire out Remo.  I can't wait for this fight!

135lbs Pro Kody Nordby (3-1 Ronin MMA) vs. Johnny Campbell (SSSF 6-5)

In the main event Kody Nordy takes on Johnny Campbell at 135lbs pro.  Kody is back from a 1 year hiatus and has a 3-1 record.  He trains out of Ronin MMA and suffered the first loss of his career in his last fight.  He has won all of his fights by submission or decision and he fights some really tough fighters.  In his last fight at CES he didn't tap and was choked unconscious.  He is tough as nails and is looking to come back in a big way against a tough opponent.  Campbell is from SSSF and has a 6-5 record.  Campbell is very well rounded with wins by ko/tko, submissions and decisions.  Campbell is going to want to keep this standing and try not to do anything fancy because Nordby will take you down and work for a submission.  Campbell has been in the cage against some beasts and he is always entertaining to see in the cage.  This fight is worth the price of admission folks.

That puts the wrap on this teaser for the upcoming Cage Titans show.  Thank you all for reading our writeups and I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I had fun writing it.  We will be at the show covering for you all and we should have the live updates going for those who can't make it.  Special thanks to Cage Titans for putting together an awesome card for us!  Let us know what fight you are most excited for??