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June 25, 2014


CES returns with another stacked card which makes this their 24th event of mixed martial arts action!  The CES crew have everyone's favorite local mma fighters on the card which include 10 professional fights.  One of them is of course the much talked about 155lb pro title fight between Luis Rockstar Felix and TUF's alumni Julian Lane.  Tickets are still available starting at just $40 bux at the link here.   The event will be held at the Twin River Casino and the doors will open to the MMA arena at 6pm.  The fights will start at around 7pm and the battles will ensue.  I am bummed that I am going to miss out on this show due to going to Combat Zone but have no fear we will have a crew there with the live updates.  Let me break down the card for you...

135lbs PRO JOE REVERDES (1-3 TUML) vs. RANDY "ROMEO" CAMPBELL (0-2  Kamikazee)

For the first fight at 135lbs Joe Reverdes takes on Randy Campbell.  Joe is fighting out of Team United Muay Lao and has a 1-3 record.  He has one win with a decision victory over Anthony Carmenatty.  His 3 losses 2 came by submission and one by ko/tko to strikes.  He will bring a huge crowd who will be ready to cheer him on.  His opponent Randy is out of Team Kamikazee and he has an 0-2 record.  He lost both of his pro fights by ko/tko to strikes.  He is still hungry for his first taste of victory.  This is going to be a great first fight to start off the evening of solid action.

145 lbs PRO KEENAN RAYMOND (1-0 Team United )vs. JAMES MURRIN (1-0 Broadway JJ)

Next up Keenan Raymond challenges James Murrin at 145lbs.  Keenan fights out of Team United and has a 1-0 record.  He has one submission win over Ralph Johnson at a previous CES.  He will be looking to sink in another sub but it won't be easy against James.  Murrin fights out of Broadway Jiu Jitsu and has a 1-0 record.  He has one win by ko/tko against Douglas Monteiro at a previous CES.  This is going to be a close battle and I think will be a good stand up battle for a little while.

155lbs PRO LEWIS CORAPI (5-1 Sityodtong) vs. MICHAEL SANCHEZ(6-11 Rothwell MMA)

Lewis Corapi is set to face Michael Sanchez at 155lbs.  Lewis fights out of Sityodtong and has a  record of 5-1.  His only loss came by decision against Marc Stevens.  He has one win by sub, 2 by ko/tko and 2 by decision and he has fought some tough opponents his entire career.  Lewis will be looking to get back to his winning ways but first he has to get past Michael Sanchez.  Sanchez has a 6-11 record and fights out of Rothwell MMA.  If I found the right Michael Sanchez online he lost many of his fights by submission which could be trouble with the likes of Corapi in there.  He won 2 of his fights by submission as well.  This is one of those match ups where you just don't know what to expect.  With a guy coming out of state that no one has seen it is tough to predict and that is what makes this fight exciting!

205lbs PRO WILLIE BROWN (2-0 MSDC) VS. J.A. DUDLEY (6-12 Team Endgame)

Willie Brown returns to the CES cage against J.A. Dudley at 205lbs.  Willie has a 2-0 record and trains out of MSDC.  Brown has both of his wins by submission and has show great control on the ground.  Dudley fights out of Team Endgame and has a 6-12 record. He has 3 submission and 3 decision victories so far in his pro career.  For his losses he lost 5 ko/tko, 2, sub and 7 by decision.  This could be a very close battle but I see Willie controlling this fight on the ground and coming out on top with the decision.

135lbs PRO PETE ROGERS JR. (1-1 Rogers) vs. MICHAEL SHANE LAMM (0-1 Dragon's Lair)

Then at 135lbs Pete Rogers Jr takes on Michal Shane Lamm.  Pete trains out of Team Rogers and has a 1-1 record.  He has two submission wins , one by sub and one to strikes.  In his last fight against Franklin Isabel he did a crazy kick to drop Franklin and then finished him off with strikes.  Michael Lamm fights out of Dragon's Lair and has an 0-1 record.  He lost his only pro fight by decision to Tundee Odumuso.  This should be a good battle and I think it will be a stand up one.

155lbs PRO ANDRES  JEUDI (6-2 Sityodtong) vs. SAUL ALMEIDA (15-5 Carlos Netto BJJ)

Andres Jeudi will fight Saul Almeida at 155lbs this Friday at CES.  Jeudi is out of Sityodtong and has a 5-2 record.  He has won the majority of his fights by controlling the fight standing.  He has fought tough opponents his whole career and this is another tough battle.  His two losses came by decision to Lucas Cruz and Chris Foster.  Almeida has a 15-5 record and trains out of Carlos Netto BJJ.  Almeida has won the majority of his fights by decisions.  He uses his long legs to control on the ground and is relentless on keeping them down.  He is riding a 2 fight win streak and is looking to continue that.  This is a classic match up of striker vs. grappler.  I think this will be a tough battle for both fighters and I think it will come down to the decision.

145lbs PRO DINIS PAIVA JR. (4-5 Keith Allen/CCFA) vs. JOE CUSHMAN (11-5 Lauzon MMA)

At 145lbs Dinis Paiva takes on Joe Cushman at CES.  Dinis is from Keith Allen's gym and CCFA.  He comes into this fight with a 4-5 record.  He has two wins by ko/tko, 1 sub and 1 decision victory so far in his career.  He lost one by DQ, 2 by sub and 2 by decision.  Dinis has been working on his striking with CCFA and is ready to show off what he has been learning to the CES crowd!  Cushman is from Lauzon MMA and has a 11-5 record.  Cushman is very well rounded and has wins in all aspects of the MMA game.  He has fought tough opponents his entire career and this is a tough one for both fighters.  Both fighters are good at wrestling and controlling their opponents which could even itself out.  This fight could come down to who can control the fight standing and work their strikes.

125lbs PRO KALINE  MEDEIROS (2-3 Triforce MMA) vs. BRIGITTE NARCISE (0-0 K Dojo Warrior Tribe)

Next up at CES is the female bout between Kaline Medeiros and Brigitte Narcise at 125lbs.  Kaline is from Triforce MMA and has a 2-3 record.  She has one win by ko/tko and one win by decision.  She lost 2 by sub and one by majority decision.  She is very excited to make her return to the CES cage and is never in a boring fight.  Brigitte is from Dojo Warrior Tribe and will be making her pro debut.  New England fans have seen Narcise in her amateur fight against Sarah Payant at a previous Reality Fighting event in which she won the decision.  It was an awesome battle and I expect this one to be as well.  You are in for a real treat on this fight CES fans.

225 LBS PRO GREG REBELLO (16-5 Triforce MMA) vs. AARON JOHNSON (12-8 ATT/Alliance BJJ)

At 225lbs Greg Rebello faces off against Aaron Johnson.  Greg fights out of Triforce MMA and has a 16-5 record.  Greg has the majority of his wins by way of the fist and he will be looking to make a statement in this fight in his return.  His opponent Johnson fights out of ATT and Alliance BJJ with a 12-8 record.  He has the majority of his wins by submission.  He lost the majority of his losses by ko/tko.  This should be a good fight and I got Rebello winning this by ko/tko!

170 LBS PRO RICARDO FUNCH (8-4 Link )vs. BRETT OTERI (12-5 Connor's MMA)

For the co main event Ricardo Funch is finally facing Brett Oteri at 170lbs.  CES has been trying to do this show but has not been able to due to injury but now it is on.  Funch has an 8-4 record and fights out of Team Link.  Ricardo has the majority of his wins by decision and ko/tko.  The only time Ricardo has ever lost was in the UFC.  No one locally has been able to defeat him.  Oteri is from Connor's MMA and has a 12-5 record.  Oteri is a submission specialist and has the majority of his wins on the ground.  He fights tough fighters in whole career and this is another tough one.  Will Ricardo get his first loss at a local event this Friday or will he be victorious and help his journey back to the UFC??  We will find out this Friday at CES.

155lbs PRO TITLE FIGHT LUIS  FELIX (11-7 Rockstar) vs. JULIAN LANE (6-3 Outta Town Shootas)

In the main event Luis Rockstar Felix squares off against Julian Lane at 155lbs.  This one is for the title so it could potentially be 5 rounds.  Felix is from Rockstar MMA and has a 11-7 record.  Felix fights top guys and gets the wins any way possible.  He is riding high of a huge win against former UFC Drew Fickett in which he won by a nasty head kick knockout.  Now he is set to face TUF alumni Julian Lane.  Lane fights out of Outta Town Shootas and has a 6-3 record.  He is mostly known from the show from his drunk antics and always saying "let's bang bro."  He is looking to shake that image and make a statement in this fight.  He has 3 submission victories, 1 decision and one by ko/tko.  He has two losses by ko/tko and one by decision.  This fight is going to be a stand up war and of course I will be rooting for Rockstar to get another knockout!

There you have the breakdown of the complete CES MMA fight card that is all happening this Friday on June 27th 2014 at the Twin River Casino.  Just a mere 40 bux gets you into seeing these great battles.  The Boss and The Artist will be there reporting the action for  Thanks to CES and their team for hooking us up with the fight card so we could share with you all and thanks to all our fans for always reading our website.