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June 26, 2014


Combat Zone has been hard at work behind the scenes and they are doing some great things.  They have a brand new webpage at and they have been moving their archive of videos over to their Youtube.  This is great cause in the past you could only watch your fight videos on their website exclusively.  Now we can all share on facebook and any social media place we want.  They also put together some really cool promo videos which shows Lucas Cruz behind the scenes and interview.  It has been so hectic with all the local shows and all I haven't gotten around to posting them but please do check them out.  To top it all off they have put together an awesome 11 fight card event for this Friday in Salem New Hampshire.  Four of them will be pro and one of the fights also on the card will be a female bout which will be sure to get the fans pumped!  Tickets are still available at the link here starting at just $40.  Let me break down the card for you.

155 lbs. AM Brian Cosco (1-0 Ironhouse/BTT) vs. James Squires (1-0 BMAC)

In the first fight of the evening Brian Cosco takes on James Squires at 155lbs amateur.  Brian fights out of IronHouse/BTT and comes into this fight with a 1-0 record.  He won his first fight by submission back on 2011 and is now making his return to the Combat Zone cage.  Squires fights out of BMAC and has a 1-0 record.  He won his first fight by ko/tko to strikes back in May at the Carnage in Canton event that no one visited.  This should be a good battle for the first fight to get the crowds warmed up.

185 lbs. AM Kristian Lombari (0-4 Team Fury) vs. Thomas Cheviot (0-0 Wai Kru)

Then at 185lbs Kristian Lombari takes on Thomas Cheviot.  Kristian is from Team Fury and has an 0-4 record.  He is still hungry for his first amateur victory.  He lost 3 of his fights by submission and one by ko/tko.  He has fought some tough guys in his career and this will be another tough one.  Cheviot fights out of Wai Kru and will be making his amateur debut.  Coming out of Wai Kru, you know he will be ready for a battle.

145 lbs. AM LJ Scarella (1-0 BMAC) vs. Mike Scappachio (0-0 Spero's MMA)

Next up is LJ Scarella against Mike Scappachio at 145lbs.  Scarella is fighting out of BMAC and has a 1-0 record.  He has one win by ko/tko in Rd 1 at the Carnage in Canton event.  His opponent Scappachio fights out of Spero's MMA and will be making his amateur debut.  Dave Spero always has his fighters battle tested so I know this will be a solid battle.  I think it will be a ground battle.

138 lbs. AM Kim Russell (1-1 Balanced Ground) vs. Rebecca Moore (0-0 Connors MMA)

Now in the female bout Kim Russell takes on Rebecca Moore at a catch of 138lbs.  Kim comes from Maine and has a 1-1 record.  She fights out of Balanced Ground MMA and is a very entertaining fighter to watch.  She lost her first fight by decision and then won her second fight by decision.  Her opponent Rebecca Moore is fighting out of Connor's MMA and she will be making her amateur debut.  Connor's MMA is another great school from New England that always has their fighters prepared.  This is going to be a fast paced fight that will have the crowd on the edge of their seats.  I see this one coming down to a decision.

170 lbs. AM Justin Boraczek (2-0 Spero's MMA) vs. Scott Coburn (0-2 Independent)

At 170lbs Justin Boraczek challenges Scott Coburn in the cage.  Justin is fighting out of Spero's MMA and has a 2-0 record.  He won one fight by DQ and another by submission against Scott Coburn.  Coburn wants revenge and wants to fight Justin again I guess.  Coburn is an independent fighter with an 0-2 record.  He lost both of his fights by submission.  Coburn will want to keep this fight standing and try to tire out Justin if he wants to win this.  Boraczek will want to get his takedown and work his submission just like the first fight.

135 lbs. AM Carl Langston (2-4 Balanced Ground) vs. Tim Lightfoot (2-0 Dynamic Martial Arts)

At 135lbs Carl Langston takes on Tim Lightfoot.  Carl is from Balanced Ground MMA and has a 2-4 record.  He lost two fights by decision, 1 by sub and 1 by ko/tko to strikes.  For his two wins he won 1 by sub and one by injury ko/tko.  Tim is from Dynamic Martial Arts and has a 2-0 record.  He has one decision victory and one by ko/tko to strikes.  I think this will be a good fight and should have some nice stand up shown in it.

170 lbs. AM Nick Alley (1-1 Team Link Hooksett) vs. Corey Bowhall (3-2 CNYMMA)

Nick Alley faces Corey Bowhall at 170lbs.  Nick is from Team Link Hooksett and has a 1-1 record.  He has one win by ko/tko and one loss by DQ.  He is from an excellent school so I know he will be ready to scrap.  Corey is from CNYMMA and has a 3-2 record.  He has two wins by sub and 1 by ko/tko.  Combat Zone fans will remember a couple of his fights including one that was a disqualification loss to Dave Spero due to too many hits to the back of the head.  Corey bounced back with two straight wins and is looking to continue that streak.  This fight is going to be awesome and has fight of the night written all over it.  I am definitely excited for this fight!

145 lbs. PRO John Santos (1-1 Team Fury) vs. Austin Pilotte (0-0 Team Link North)

In the first pro fight of the evening John Santos takes on Auston Pilotte at 145lbs.  John has fought for Combat Zone many of times and fights out of Team Fury.  He is entering the cage with a 1-1 record.  He lost his first fight to Joey Gomez who has been on a tear lately.  John then bounced back with a huge win against Aaron Petrucelli by ko/tko to strikes.  It was an awesome stand up war and I hope to see the same this Friday.  Austin is from Team Link North and will be making his pro debut.  As an amateur it appears he went 2-2 with 2 wins by submission so he appears to be a ground guy.  Santos will want to keep this fight standing and wear down Austin and I feel Austin will want to get this fight to the ground and work his subs for his way to victory.

145 lbs. PRO Vovka Clay (1-0 Triumph MMA) vs. Rodrigo Faria (1-0 Balanced Ground)

At 145lbs Vovka Clay faces Rodrigo Faria.  Vovka fights out of Triumph MMA and has a 1-0 record.  He had an awesome amateur career with a 6-2 record and has been continuing to win.  He went for the gold and in his pro debut won a really close battle against Bill Jones.  He certainly made his point and showed that he is a top contender in the 145lb division.  His opponent Rodrigo is from Balanced Ground MMA and has a 1-0 record.  He won very quickly in his pro debut against Jay Jay Torres by submission in Rd 1.  I only saw him fight for a few minutes but he looked very comfortable on the ground.  Vovka is very comfortable on the ground and I think this fight is going to be a really spectacular jiu jitsu battle.

125 lbs. PRO Jay Perrin (0-0 Triumph BJJ) vs. Quincy Humphry (0-0 Wai Kru)

At 125lbs Jay Perrin challenges Quincy Humphry.  Jay fights out of Triumph BJJ and will be making his pro debut.  He went 5-1 as an amateur and is excited to show the crowd some elbows!  He is a fast paced fighter and has won the majority of his amateur fights by decision.  His opponent Quincy is making his pro debut as well and fights out of Wai Kru.  I was not able to find out too much on his fights but I believe he went 15-5 as an amateur.  Once again Triumph is taking on a tough opponent and it usually goes there way.  This is another potential fight of the night right here!

155 lbs. PRO Lucas Cruz (8-2 CNBJJ vs. Jeff Anderson (8-8 B&F Boxing)

For the main event Lucas Cruz takes on Jeff Anderson at 155lbs.  Lucas has an awesome 8-2 record and trains out of Carlos Neto BJJ.  He is extremely well rounded and always finds a way to win.  His only two losses came to Luis Felix and Rob Font.  Lucas is extremely talented and is just a young 21 years old.  He will be in the UFC one day.  Anderson is from B&F Boxing and has an 8-8 record.  Jeff has many of his wins by decision and lost many of his fights by sub and decision.  He is on a 4 fight losing streak and is looking to turn that around against Lucas.  Don't let Anderson's record fool you, he can scrap and is highly entertaining fighter to watch.  I give the slight edge to Cruz and I see him winning this by submission but as we all know this is mma and anything can happen!

Phew, the second teaser of the week is now unwrapped for you viewing please and I hope you all enjoyed it.  Combat Zone has put together an awesome card for their 49th show and it will be sure to sell out.  Special thanks to the matchmaker Ryan Fennelly for sending us over an updated fight card so I know it is the most up to date for everyone.  Warchild and I will be making the trip so everyone will have a live play by play and we will be tweeting for all the fans.  Stop by and say hi if you are at the event.  See you there.