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June 12, 2014


East Coast Fighting Championship is hosting their inaugural event on this Friday, June 13th, 2014.  The show will take place in Lowell Mass at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium.  We just received the updated fight card and it is going to be a show you don't want to miss.  It features 11 closely-matched fights in which 4 of them are professional bouts.  Part of the 4 pro bouts iS the first round of the 135lb tournament featuring Pedro Gonzales, Robbie Leroux, Joey Gomez and Josh Lange.  Another feature on this show is the highly anticipated women's bout between Redline's Bior Guigni and SSSF's Ashley Mills.  The doors open at 6:30 and the fights will start around 7:30pm.  There is also a pre-event Block Party going on with food, drinks and music by WAAF between 5:30-7:15PM.  Tickets are still available and start at $40 here and at the door.  Let me break down the card for you all.

125lb AM Nick Iaciofano (1-0 USMMA) vs Sam Micale (2-1 Ultimate Athletics)

At 125lbs Nick Iaciofano takes on Same Micale.  Nick is from USMMA and has a 1-0 record.  He won his first fight at Cage Titans 17 against Val Parker by ko/tko in just 34 seconds of Rd 1.  He will be looking to continue his streak and by golly the fans would love to see another knockout!  Micale begs to differ on that one and he comes out of Ultimate Athletics with a 2-1 record.  His two wins came by ko/tko and his one loss came by submission.  This first fight should set the pace for an action packed nights as these two guys appear to love to bang it out!

155lb AM Ryan Dibartolomeo (1-3 Triumph) VS Robert Moser (0-0 Team Redline)

Next up at 155lbs Ryan Dibartolomeo faces Robert Moser in the cage.  Ryan is from Triumph MMA and has a 1-3 record.  He lost his first 3 fights against very tough fighters, one by decision and to by tko stoppage to strikes.  He then bounced back with a split decision win against Nermin Zilic.  Ryan has been training hard with Triumph and he will be war ready.  His opponent Robert is from Redline and will be making his amateur debut.  Redline is an excellent school that gets their fighters ready as well.  This fight will be another solid match up by ECFC and in return should make for an action packed fight.

155lbs AM James Hoyt (Burgess 2-0) vs. Lloyd Fernandes (Renzo Gracie 2-0)

James Hoyt meets Lloyd Fernandes at 155lbs in the cage.  James is from Team Burgess and has a perfect 2-0 record.  He has two decision victories and will be looking to continue this streak.  Fernandes is from Renzo Gracie and also has an unblemished 2-0 record.  He has one win by unanimous decision and one win by submission.  Both of these guys are from great teams and I feel this one will be a ground battle.  I see this one coming down to a decision.

150lb AM Bior Guigni (Redline 0-0) vs Ashley Mills (SSSF 0-0)

Next is the  highly anticipated women's battle between Bior Guigni and Ashley Mills at 150lbs.  Bior is from Redline and will be making her amateur debut.  Since she is from Redline I know she will be looking to show off some excellent striking.  Mills trains out of SSSF and will also be making her amateur debut.  Mills has done many NAGAs so we know she is very comfortable on the ground.  This has the potential to be fight of the night and sure will get the crowd pumped!!

170lb AM Jack Welch (0-0 Triumph) vs Barry Liseno (0-1 TEAM DPG)

Then at 170lbs, Jack Welch takes on Barry Liseno.  Jack is from Triumph and will be making his amateur debut.  Triumph always has their fighters ready for battle so Jack will be ready for anything.  Barry is from Team DPG and has an 0-1 record.  He is still hungry for his first taste of amateur victory.  He lost his first fight against Jimmy Manning by submission.  Once again he is facing a tough opponent and I am anxious to see the results of how hard both of these guys have been training.

155lb AM Dylan Lockhart (0-0 Renzo Gracie NH) VS Kevin Carrier (3-2 Bombsquad)

At 155lbs Dylan Lockhart will square off against Kevin Carter.  Dylan filled in a last minute slot and trains out of Renzo Gracie NH.  He will be making his amateur debut and I would imagine is very comfortable on the ground.  Kevin is from Bombsquad in NY and puts his 3-2 record on the line.  He has two ko/tko and one submission victories so far in his career.  One of his losses came by majority decision and the other one was by ko/tko.  Dylan is giving up a 5 fight experience on this one so I hope he rises to the challenge because Bombsquad fighters are tough as nails.  This is going to be an awesome battle.

185lb AM Brad O'Brien (2-0 Triumph) VS Tim Caron (2-0 Team Burgess)

Another huge fight on the card is Brad O'Brien taking on Tim Caron at 185lbs.  Brad is from Triumph and has a 2-0 record.  He has one win by submission and one win by ko/tko to strikes.  His opponent Tim is also undefeated and has a 2-0 record.  He is from Team Burgess and has both of his wins by way of decision.  I love this fight as it is two tough amateurs going head to head.  To make it even better they are both from two excellent schools out of New Hampshire.  Thank you guys for never backing down and taking the tough fights!!  Whomever wins this fight will be sure to move up the ranks in the 185lb division and I see this being a very close battle.

**170lb PRO Joe Cloutier (3-0 Quiet Man/Doomsday) vs. Wayne Harnois (Brute Force 3-14) **Cancelled Due to Not Being Medically Cleared

The first pro fight of the night is the return of Joe Cloutier against Wayne Harnois at 170lbs.  Cloutier just can't seem to get any luck with a fight.  He was going to fight previously for AFO but that show shockingly (not really) didn't happen.  Now he even had a few opponent changes on this card but finally he has an opponent!  He trains with Doomsday MMA and Quiet Man with a 3-0 record.  He has 3 wins by submissions and is looking to improve to 4-0.  Harnois trains with Brute Force MMA and has a 3-14 record.  As you can see he has lost the majority of his fights and in fact is on a 9 fight losing streak.  This is not a very good match up but that is what happens sometimes with a last minute replacement.  To give Harnois some credit, he has fought some tough guys recently such as, Saul Almeida, Rodrigo Almeida, Ralph Johnson and Ryan White.  I see this fight being a quick one and Cloutier winning by decision.

135lb PRO Joey Gomez (3-0 Team Triumph) VS Robbie Leroux (4-3 Team Clinch)

In the first pro fight of the tournament Joey Gomez takes on Robbie Leroux.  Gomez is from Triumph and has a 3-0 record.  He has all 3 of his wins by ko/tko and he would love another win by the way of his fist!  Relentless Robbie Leroux is from Clinch MMA and has a 4-3 record.  He has 1 win by ko/tko, 1 submission and 2 by decision.  For his losses he has one loss by ko/tko and the other 2 by decision.  His last four fights have come down to a decision but unfortunately for him, Gomez doesn't like to go to a decision!  Both fighters are going to leave it all in the cage because they want to advance to the finals and be the winner of this tournament!

135lb PRO Pedro Gonzalez (10-5 Redline) VS Josh Lange (3-1 Team Bombsquad)

In the second semifinal fight for the tournament Pedro Gonzales takes on Josh Lange.  Pedro is from Redline and has an outstanding 10-5 record.  Pedro has the majority of his wins by submission.  He is fresh off a muay thai victory which was for Lion Fights in which he won by ko via his elbow!  Thankfully he wasn't hurt and lives to fight this Friday!  Expect Pedro to use his leg kicks to keep the distance and wear down Josh Lange.  Lange is from Bombsquad and has a 3-1 record.  Lange is very well rounded with a hat trick, a win by ko/tko, one by submission and one by decision.  His only loss came to Dinis Paiva who controlled him on the ground.  He has since then bounced back with 2 straight victories.  Once again he is facing a wicked tough opponent.  Both of these fighters are going to bring it and this is another potential for fight of the night and it is another one too close to call!

170lb PRO Nick Drummond (5-0 Wai Kru) VS Mike Hurlburt (1-3 Team Triumph)

In the main event Nick Drummond returns against Mike Hurlburt at 170lbs.  Drummond is from Wai Kru with a stellar 5-0 record.  He has 4 wins by submission and 1 by ko/tko.  In fact his very first pro win was against Mike Hurlburt back in 2008.  Nick doesn't fight that often but he makes them count for sure.  Hurlburt trains out of Team Triumph and has a 1-3 record.  He lost his first 3 by submission and won his last fight by submission against Ryan Cowette up in Maine.  Now in that fight he was getting pummelled by knees and ended up getting the win by guillotine.  It was stopped early and Cowette never tapped and appeared to be fine afterwards.  I am not saying that Hurlburt wouldn't have won that fight I just feel it was an early stoppage.  Regardless it is in the books and this is going to be an exciting fight.  I see Drummond winning this one by submission but Triumph always loves to prove me wrong and get the W!

That wraps up this fight card for the ECFC first event that takes place this Friday.  Also taking place this Friday is a Food Bank.  Fight fans please dust off those cans of corn or non-perishable goods from your shelves and help the needy by bringing a few items and help those in need.  No one in this world deserves to go hungry and I know the fighters who are cutting weight knows the feeling!!  Warchild and I will be there capturing all the action for you so make sure you keep checking the site for all the updates as we got you covered!  Thanks to the entire ECFC team for all their support and hooking us up with the info.  BG will vouch that I bugged him every day for the past week to get this updated fight card for you all as we strive to have the most up to date fight card.  See you all there!