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June 13, 2014


We arrived and parked in the parking lot near the venue.  As we were walking in we noticed the drummers which was great cause it was right at the entrance so I knew where to go!  We quickly found our passes and took the free koozie.  Prime Athletics, GetPunched and a tattoo table.  The show takes place in an tiered auditorium.  There is not a bad seat in the house.  At the press section on top of the stage there is an awesome ECFC glass made for us.  Thanks guys!  John Vena was the host and the refs are Brian Minor and Steve Rita.  The crowd looked to be about 1000+ people which is excellent for their first show. Looking around the cage I see many great banners all around including the next ECFC event which will happening on September 12th.  There were 3 gorgeous ring girls in attendance as well.

125lb AM Nick Iaciofano (1-0 USMMA) vs Sam Micale (2-1 Ultimate Athletics)

Nick is the shorter fighter but is getting in his shots.  Nick is all over him and gets the takedown.  He takes the back and has the legs hooked.  Sam is doing a good job at not letting him sink in the rear naked choke.  Nick is trying to soften him up with some shots to the head.  Nick gets the tap with about one second left for the win.

Nick Iaciofano defeats Sam Micale via tapout to rear naked choke at 2:59 in Rd 1.

155lb AM Ryan Dibartolomeo (1-3 Triumph) VS Robert Moser (0-0 Team Redline)

Ryan quickly slams him down and is working the side.  He gets pushed back to half guard.  Robert gets the roll and and is trying to get in some hammerfists but loses the position.  Now Ryan is in the guard.

Ryan 10-9

Rd 2:  Ryan gets the quick takedown once again and is working the side.  Not much action as Ryan was tied up the entire round.

Ryan 10-9

Rd 3:  Ryan waits for his opening and gets the double leg takedown.  He moves right into full mount and is trying to soften him up with some shots.  Robert gets some space and they are back to their feet.  Ryan gets another takedown but is caught in a guillotine.  Ryan holds on and looks to be getting his second victory.

Ryan Dibartolomeo defeats Robert Moser via unanimous decision.

155lbs AM James Hoyt (Burgess 2-0) vs. Lloyd Fernandes (Renzo Gracie 2-0)

Both fighters are working their strikes.  Hoyt gets in a good right hand that Lloyd walks into.  Both fighters are being cautious and making their strikes count.  Hoyt gets in a combo as the round ends.

Hoyt 10-9

Rd 2:  Again both fighters are working their strikes.  Both fighters are mixing in their leg kicks now as well.  Hoyt seems to be pushing the pace and getting in the better of the striking.

Hoyt 10-9

Rd 3:  Lloyd gets in a good leg kick.  Lloyd gets a takedown but is caught in a guillotine.  Hoyt lets go and Lloyd is now trying to posture up.  Hoyt is working his way up and Lloyd gets in a solid knee to the body.  They are clinching up against the cage as the round ends.

Lloyd 10-9

James Hoyt defeats Lloyd Fernandes via unanimous decision.

150lb AM Bior Guigni (Redline 0-0) vs Ashley Mills (SSSF 0-0)

Ashley is the taller fighter.  Ashley clinches Bior up against the cage.  They break and Ashley gets in a good straight jab.  Bior gets the takedown and is posturing up.  Ashley looks to be going for an armbar but can't get it.  Bior gets in some shots at the end as the round ends.

Bior 10-9

Rd 2:  Ashley gets in a good shot.  Bior gets the takedown but Ashley puts her in a triangle.  Bior is getting in some shots to the head and gets out!  Bior has her tied up and is peppering her with shots to the head.

Bior 10-9

Rd 3:  Ashley closes the distance and is working for a takedown.  Not much action from the clinch and the ref breaks it up.  Bior is clinching Ashley up against the cage as the round ends.  Both fighters hold up their hands and the crowd give a huge applause.

Ashley 10-9

Bior Guigni defeats Ashley Mills via unanimous decision.

170lb AM Jack Welch (0-0 Triumph) vs Barry Liseno (0-1 TEAM DPG)

They are going at it!!  Barry has gotten in a few big shots.  Jack gets the takedown but Barry pops right up.  Jack takes him down again.  They are back to their feet and Jack gets the takedown.  Jack is trying to finish with the rear naked choke.

Jack 10-9

Rd 2:  Barry hooks around Jack's head and takes him down.  He is on the bottom but gets the roll.  He gets in some knees to the body.  Jack rolls him and is now working the guard.  Jack postures up and gets a clean shot to the head in.  He finishes the round on top.

Jack 10-9

Rd 3:  Welch eats a few shots but gets the takedown.  He is now in full mount.  He bucks him off and Jack tries for an armbar.  Jack finishes the rest of the round on top in the guard.

Jack 10-9

Jack Welch defeats Barry Liseno via unanimous decision.

155lb AM Dylan Lockhart (0-0 Renzo Gracie NH) VS Kevin Carrier (3-2 Bombsquad)

Dylan goes in for a takedown and gets it.  Kevin gets out and takes the back.  Dylan fights it and gets out.  He is now posturing up trying to get him down.  He is full mount on his back getting in some ground and pound.  Dylan works a rear naked choke and it looks deep but Kevin slips out somehow!  They are fighting for position as the round ends.

Dylan 10-9

Rd 2:  Dylan goes for a takedown and doesn't get it.  Kevin is holding his own from the bottom.  He almost upkicks to the head but it didn't connect and the ref warns him.  Dylan gets a takedown and is in guard the rest of the round.

Dylan 10-9

Rd 3:  Dylan clinches him up against the cage and gets the takedown.  Dylan is in full mount on Kevin's back and trying to finish him off with some ground and pound.  Kevin hangs on and the round ends.

Dylan 10-9

Dylan Lockhart defeats Kevin Carrier via unanimous decision.

185lb AM Brad O'Brien (2-0 Triumph) VS Tim Caron (2-0 Team Burgess)

Tim gets in a leg kick.  Brad gets in a leg kick of his own.  Both fighters connect with a leg kick.  Brad ducks around a kick and is fighting for a takedown.  Brad is trying hard but Tim is showing some outstanding takedown defense.  Brad is continuing to try for that takedown but again can't get it.

Real close round Caron 10-9

Rd 2:   Brad goes for a spinning back fist that partially connects.  Caron gets in an outside leg kick.  They are going at it!  Tim gets the takedown and is now in half guard.  Brad has an inverted triangle for a bit and the crowd roars.  Tim is now working the side as the round ends.

Caron 10-9

Rd 3:  They come out swinging hard!  Caron connects flush with a right hand.  Tim gets the takedown and is now in guard.  Caron dodges the armbar and continues to work the side.  Brad is fighting to get up and Tim is holding his back.  Caron takes the back and works a rear naked choke for the tap.

Tim Caron defeats Brad O'Brien via tapout to rear naked choke at 2:20 seconds in Rd 3.  Awesome fight!!

135lb PRO Joey Gomez (3-0 Team Triumph) VS Robbie Leroux (4-3 Team Clinch)

Robbie goes for a takedown but Joey shakes it off.  Joey gets in a right hand.  Joey misses with a kick and Robbie connects with an outside leg kick.  Joey connects with a strike that sends Robbie back.  Robbie goes for a takedown and Joey stuffs him and gets in some killer elbows to the side of the head.  He gets the stoppage and Robbie is slow to get up.

Joey Gomez defeats Robbie Leroux via tko stoppage to strikes at 1:53 seconds in Rd 1.

135lb PRO Pedro Gonzalez (10-5 Redline) VS Josh Lange (3-1 Team Bombsquad)

Josh starts us off with a leg kick to the body.  Josh gets the hip toss takedown and is working the side.  Pedro quickly pushes off the cage and they are back to their feet.  Pedro picks up Josh and slams him down.  They are back to their feet.  Josh is fighting for a takedown and gets it.  He is in half guard briefly and the fighters get back to their feet.  Pedro powers Josh down but they get back to their feet quickly.  Pedro gets a guillotine and takes Josh down.  Josh is now on top working the guard and is getting in some ground and pound as the round ends.

Josh 10-9

Rd 2:  Josh gets in a counter jab.  Pedro misses with a takedown and falls to the ground.  Josh dives in and gets in a hammer fist.  Josh is now in the north south position.  Pedro gets some movement and Josh ends up in guard.  They stand up briefly and Pedro gets in a guillotine and gets the tap.

Pedro Gonzalez defeats Josh Lange via tapout to guillotine at 2:56 in Rd 2.

170lb PRO Nick Drummond (5-0 Wai Kru) VS Mike Hurlburt (1-3 Team Triumph)

They clinch up against the cage.  They reverse and Nick gets in a good elbow.  Nick is getting in some solid knees to the body from the clinch.  Mike takes him down and is getting in some shots.  Nick works his way up but Mike pulls him back down.  Mike has his back and is looking for a rear naked choke.  Nick recognizes and spins out.  Mike gets a deep guillotine and gets the tap.

Mike Hurlburt defeats Nick Drummond via tapout to guillotine at 3:28 in Rd 1.

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Pedro Gonzalez and Josh Lange battle.
SUBMISSION OF THE NIGHT:  Mike Hurlburt and the big guillotine victory!!
KO/TKO OF THE NIGHT:  Joey Gomez and his killer elbows!

It was a great night of fights.  There weren't any early stoppages and many of the fights went to a decision.  It goes to show you just how well matched the fights were that evening.  The crowd was solid and the noise in the auditorium was very loud and the venue reminded me of Plymouth Memorial but with bigger room.  The sound system in there was very good.  ECFC had glasses on the tables for the VIP which were a nice touch.  The rings girls looked awesome and one of them had a cannon on her.  She could throw the shirts all the way to the upper deck!  I would like to thank the ECFC staff for having us and putting on the show.  Thanks to all the fighters for all their hard work and putting on a show for us all!!  Tell us what you all thought about the first ECFC show!  Next one will be September 12th in the same location.