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August 22, 2014


Cage Titans will be hosting their 20th show this Saturday August 23rd in their staple venue in Plymouth.  I am talking about the Plymouth Memorial Hall of course.  The venue will be packed with fight fans all pumped to see the 21 fights.  Out of the 21 fights, 4 of them are title fights and 5 of them are professional.  The excitement and the feel of Plymouth Memorial Hall is breathtaking and you really have to be there to experience it in full force.  Mike Polvere and company once again have a star studded show so you better get your tickets early in case they sell out.  Tickets are available on their website or at the door.  Warchild and I will be making the trip to Papa Gino's before the show and we just might check out what is going on across the street at Titans!

125lb AM – Dave Baxter (1-1, USMMA) vs Jared Dalgleish (1-0, Team Trifecta)

For the first fight of the night Dave Baxter takes on Jared Dalgleish at 125lbs.  Baxter who is known for his Warrior Nation back-from-the-dead come from behind win which was then changed to a no contest.  He trains with USMMA and has a 1-1 record.  He lost his second fight by submission and then won his 3rd fight by ko/tko at Cage Titans 18.  He has been training hard and is ready to show off his newly learned skills.  His opponent Jared is from Team Trifecta and has a 1-0 record.  He won his first fight by decision against Ryan Kane which is no easy feat.  This is going to be a close battle and I feel could come down to a decision.

170lb AM – Chris Mehu (0-0, Bucket Brigade) vs Bobby Gasdia (0-0, SSSF)

Then at 170lbs Chris Mehu takes on Bobby Gasdia.  Chris trains with Bucket Brigade and will be making this amateur debut.  His opponent Bobby will also be making his amateur debut.  Bobby trains with SSSF who has been graciously holding the Cage Titans Media Day/ Medical clinic events.  Two fresh fighters so we will have to wait to see how this one pans out.

185lb AM – Pat McCrohan (1-0, Gillett’s MMA) vs Landher Mello (1-0, Daniel Gracie)

Next up at 185lbs Pat McCrohan challenges Landher Mello.  Pat is from Gillett's MMA and has a 1-0 record.  He won his first fight at the last Titans event by ko/tko in the second round.  His opponent, Landher Mello fights out of Daniel Gracie and has a 1-0 record.  I wasn't able to find out any information on him.  I think this fight will be a ground battle and as you can see on paper its as even as they come!

150lb AM - Davon Zimmerman (0-0, Renzo Gracie CT) vs David Espino (1-2, Team Trifecta)

Davon Zimmerman takes on David Espino at a catchweight of 150lbs.  Davon will be making his amateur debut this Saturday and fights out of Renzo Gracie CT.  Espino fights out of  Team Trifecta and has a 1-2 record.  He lost his first fight by decision against Mark Cardarelli.  He then bounced back with a ko/tko victory over Charlie Clark in the first round in just a mere 18 seconds.  In his 3rd fight he lost by submission in Round 3 against Aslan Otciev.  As you can see Espino has the 3 fight experience and he will try to use that to his advantage.  Zimmerman is from a solid school as well so I know he will be ready.

125lb AM – Este Lara (0-0, Underdog) vs Rich Santiago (0-2, Rivera Athletics)

At 125lbs, Este Lara makes his long awaited amateur debut against Rich Santiago.  Este is an outstanding wrestler and trains under Underdog BJJ.  He is also pretty damn good at being a commentator on fights.  His opponent Rich Santiago trains out of Rivera Athletics and has an 0-2 record.  He lost one of his fights by decision and the other by submission.  This is his first fight of 2014 and he is going to want to make it count.  Both fighters will be going hard as the both want their first taste of mma victory in the cage.

170lb AM – Myles Reid (1-5, Independent) vs Sean Newell (0-0, Rivera Athletics)

Next up Myles Reid takes on Sean Newell at 170lbs.  Myles is an independent fighter with a 1-5 record.  He won his first bout by submission and since then has struggled.  In his losses he has lost by either a submission or ko/tko.  He has a tremendous physique and will be looking to get his second victory of his career.  His opponent, Sean Newell will be making his amateur debut and fights out of Rivera Athletics.  As you can see, Myles will have the 6 fight experience in the cage and will be trying to use that as his advantage.  Newell will be prepared for a battle and will be looking to get this fight on the ground and finish it with a sub.

130lb AM – Jessie Pires (0-5, Team BKJA) vs Brendon Stephenson (0-0, Party Time MMA)

At a catchweight of 130lbs Jessie Pires challenges Brendon Stephenson.  Jesse comes into this fight with an 0-5 record and is out of team BKJA.  Jessie has lost 3 by ko/tko, 1 dec and 1 by submission.  He is a very entertaining fighter and even though he is 0-5 he was in every fight he fought.  His opponent Brendon is making his amateur debut and is under the team name Party Time MMA.  Brendon is the brother of Shayne Stephenson who at were huge fans of.  Tragically the mma world lost Shayne but he will not be forgotten.  This fight is going to be a fast paced battle and I think will be a stand and bang fight!

155lb AM – Derek Peterson (0-2, Gillett’s MMA) vs Joe Giannetti (0-0, SSSF)

Then Derek Peterson takes on Joe Giannetti at 155lbs.  Derek fights out of Gilett's MMA and comes into this fight with an 0-2 record.  He has fought all of his fights for Titans and has lost one by ko/tko and the other by decision.  He will be looking to get his first number in the win column this Saturday.  His opponent Joe Giannetti is making his amateur debut and fights out of SSSF.  SSSF always has their fighters battle ready so you know this one is going to be a solid one.

205lb AM – Yorgan Castro (1-0, Lauzon MMA) vs Anthony Palazolla (0-0, Team Boxer)

Yorgan Castro faces off against Anthony Palazolla at 205lbs.  Yorgan fights out of Lauzon MMA and has a 1-0 record.  He won his first fight by KO/TKO at a previous CFX show.  Under the title of Lauzon MMA you know he is gonna be tough as nails.  His opponent Palazolla will be making his amateur debut and is out of team Boxer.  This Saturday the big boys will be locking horns so don't blink on this fight!

155lb AM – Jacob Weeks (2-0, SBG East) vs Kevin Schneider (3-0, SSSF)

At 155lbs Jacob Weeks takes on Kevin Schneider in the cage.  Weeks has a 2-0 record and trains with SBG East.  He has won both of his fights on the ground by submission.  No doubt he will be looking for another submission victory if he can grab it!  His opponent Kevin Schneider has a 3-0 record and is out of SSSF.  He has one win by ko/tko, one win by sub and one win by decision.  As you can see both fighters have zero losses between them and unfortunately one of them will be getting a loss this weekend.

135lb AM – Allen Edgecomb (2-1, Metal Dog Muay Thai) vs Max Barrett (3-3, CCFA)

Then at 135lbs Allen Edgecomb squares off against Max Barrett at 135lbs.  Allen fights under the team Metal Dog Muay Thai and has a 2-1 record.  He lost his first fight by submission but then followed it up with two straight victories by decision.  He is fun to watch and always gets the crowd pumped.  His opponent Max is very similar in that way.  He has a big fan base and always puts on a show.  He trains under CCFA and has a 3-3 record.  He has 1 win by decision and the other two by ko/tko.  He has two losses by submissions and one by ko/tko.  Do not leave before this fight to get a beer because you are in for at treat on this one fight fans.

145lb AM – Jeff Perez (3-2 SBG East) vs Joe Leonard (2-3, Ravenous)

At 145lbs Jeff Perez challenges Joe Leonard at 145lbs.  Jeff trains out of SBG East and has a 3-2 record.  He has what I like to call the hat trick so far, one win by ko/tko, one by sub and one win by decision.  He lost both of his losses by decisions and this is his 5th time fighting for Cage Titans.  His opponent and good friend of mine is Joe Leonard.  He trains in Greenfield Mass under Team Ravenous.  He comes into this fight with a 2-3 record.  Joe has one win by ko/tko and one by submission.  He just fought for Warrior Nation a few weeks ago and took the fight last minute.  He lost that one by  a decision and is ready to bounce back and earn that victory.  Jeff Perez has his own agenda and with a win here could be up next for the title shot.  Now onto the main card!

125lb AM Title Fight Norman Fox (MMA Athletix 3-0) vs. Kris Moutinho (3-1 Rivera Athletics)

The first fight on the main card is Norman Fox against the champ Kris Moutinho for the 125lb strap.  Norman trains out of MMA Atheltix and has a perfect 3-0 record.  Norman has two wins by submission and one win by ko/tko.  He has fought all of his fights for NEF in the past but this time he is packing and heading south in hope to capture the belt!  His opponent Kris is from Rivera Athletics and has a 3-1 record.  Kris has two submission wins himself and also one by decision.  His only loss was to Marquis Brewster by a unanimous decision and since then he has dominated his opponents.  This is a tough fight for both fighters and in my eyes totally-title worthy!

170lbs AM Title Fight Paul Gaffney (3-1 Link) vs. Rich Hunter (4-1 DCNU)

Then at 170lbs Paul Gaffney takes on Rich Hunter for the 170lb Ammy title.  Paul trains out of Team Link NH and has a 3-1 record.  He has a KO/TKO victory, a sub and a decision victory so far in his amateur career.  In his last fight he lost a decision to Andrew Tripp.  Now he finds himself in another tough fight but he is a beast and is up to the challenge.  His opponent Rich is 4-1 and fights out of DCNU.  He lost his first fight by ko to Addison O'Neil.  Since then he has strung together some wins by sub, decision and ko/tko to strikes.  As you can see on paper, both fighters are very well rounded.  This is going to be an exciting fight folks and could very well go the distance.

HVY AM Title Fight Nick Fonteccio (Connors 2-1) vs. Mario Gonzalez (Team United 4-1)

Next title fight is in the heavyweight division and it is between Nick Fonteccio and Mario Gonzalez.  This fight was supposed to happen at the last show but due to injury it was pulled.  Thankfully both fighters agreed to fight on the next show and Mr. Polvere happily obliged and we thank him for that!  Nick trains out of Connor's MMA and has a 2-1 record.  He has one win by ko/tko and one win by submission.  His only loss came against Ed Gillis by knockout.  His opponent Mario trains out of Team United and has a 4-1 record.  He has wins by ko/tko and by submissions.  His only loss came by decision against Javier Velasquez and that fight was an absolute bloodbath.  This fight is worth the price of admission and it is going to be fun to watch fight fans.

145lbs AM Title Fight Ricky Proctor (Lauzon 3-1) vs. Dan Dubuque (5-1 DCNU)

For the last amateur fight of the evening Ricky Proctor challenged Dan Dubuque for the 145lb Ammy Title.  Ricky trains with Lauzon MMA and has a 3-1 record.  He has two wins by sub and one win by ko/tko.  His only loss came by the hands of Ruso Khubejashvili in which he got injured and was forced to pull out.  He is now set to face off another tough opponent.  Dan has a 5-1 record and trains with DCNU.  He lost his first fight for Cage Titans by decision and since then has put together a whopping 5 straight wins.  All 5 of them were unanimous decisions so we all know he has no problem going the distance.  I am not certain that this fight is going to go all 5 rounds but I think it is going to be a good ground battle.

170lbs PRO Ralph Johnson (7-12 TEAM CHEVY) vs.  Bobby Flynn (3-1 PROELITE)

For the first pro fight Ralph Johnson takes on Bobby Flynn.  Ralph trains out of Team Chevy and has a 7-12 record.  He uses his height and his boxing skills to get the job done and that is why many fighters will not stand with him.  Ralph has all of his wins by ko/tko and the majority of his losses are by submission.  His opponent Bobby trains with Pro Elite and has a 3-1 record.  Flynn is a huge fan of Ralph's and is happy to put on a show for the fans.  All 3 of Bobby's wins came by submission which could be disastrous for Ralph if the fight goes to the ground.  Ralph is fresh off a big win against Nick Lavin at the Victory show and will be looking for the KO!

145lbs PRO Peter Barrett (1-0 Maxx Training) vs. Franklin Isabel (4-8 CNBJJ)

At 145lbs newly turned Pro Peter Barrett takes on Franklin Isabel.  Barrett trains out of Maxx Training and has a 1-0 record.  In his pro debut he fought Lionel Young and and put on show for the fans.  He tried to finish the fight early in the rounds but ended up getting the finish in the 3rd round to strikes.  Watch out fight fans for his quickness as he plans to make this fight extra slippery!  His opponent Franklin Isabel trains with CNBJJ and has a 4-8 record.  He is a ground guy and all 4 of his wins have come by submission.  He is looking to break his 5 fight losing streak this Saturday and show off how hard he has been training.

125lbs PRO Remo Cardarelli (3-0 Rivera Athletics) vs. Anthony Carmenatty (Independent 0-2)

Then at 125lbs Remo Cardarelli defends his title against Anthony Carmenatty.  Remo trains with Rivera Athletics and has a perfect 3-0 record.  Remo does not like to let it go the distance and has finished all 3 of his opponents in his pro fights by submission.  Carmenatty is an independent fighter and has a 0-2 record.  He has lost one fight by sub to Billy Giovanella and one by decision to Joe Reverdes.  I think Carmenatty is gonna have a tough time keeping up with the slick ground game of Remo.

135lbs PRO Johnny Campbell (SSSF 7-5) vs. Fernando Perez (6-10 Team Boxer)

Johnny Campbell returns to the Titans cage against Fernando Perez at 135lbs.  Campbell has a 7-5 record and trains out of SSSF.  Johnny is a highly entertaining fighter to watch in the cage and lately has put together a two fight win streak.  He has fought tough fights his whole career and this one is no different.  He is fresh of two split decision victories over Kody Nordby and Robbie Leroux.  Perez trains with Team Boxer and has a 6-10 record.  He has 3 submissions, 2 decision and 1 win by ko/tko in his career.  For his losses most of them were lost by submission or ko/tko.  I feel this fight is going to come down to a decision and it is going to be real fun to watch!

150lbs PRO Catchweight Steve McCabe (Team Philadelphia 6-15) vs. Frank Sforza (3-0 SSSF)

In the main event Steve McCabe challenges Frank Sforza at 150lbs catch weight.  Steve trains out of Team Philadelphia and has a 6-15 record.  He has 5 ko/tko and 1 submission victories so far in his pro career.  He has 3 losses by ko/tko and 12 losses by submission.  Sforza has a 3-0 record and trains with SSSF.  He has two wins by submission and one by decision.  Sforza hasn't fought since 2011 and thankfully this fight wasn't scrapped.  Sforza's original opponent Taylor Trahan dropped out and luckily McCabe rose to the challenge.  We will have to wait and see if cage rust will be a factor for Sforza.  Probably not is my guess and I see him getting the W.

Phew!  That was a lot of fights to write about but that concludes this teaser.  I will try my best to pull Warchild away from the Kim Kardashian game so we can make the trip and cover the show for you all.  Get your tickets early cause you don't want to be left at the door and turned away when it is sold out.  Special thanks to Cage Titans for maintaining their website and keeping their fight card up to date with correct records.  It always makes my job easier when I receive the correct info.  What fight are you all most excited about?  Tell us by commenting below.