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August 8, 2014

CES MMA RECAP 8/8/2014


Jay Bakanowski wins by TKO

Ahlquist wins by TKO

Billy Giovanella wins via submission triangle choke

Nuri Shakir vs. Eric "Dream Catcher" Spicely


Eric shoots in for an take down, but Nuri defends it. Nuri is now on top landing shots. Eric is able to get in a sweep him gaining top position. Doesn't waste time taking his back. Eric is now landing shots. Has Nuri gift wrapped & landing shots. Ref is keeping close eye. Eric finishes Nuri by strikes.

Winner: Eric "Dream Catcher" Spicely via TKO

Relentless Robbie Leroux (4-4), 2 KO's, 1 SUB vs. Tateki “Tek” Matsuda (9-5), 3 KO's

Up next is going to be a great fight between Robbie Leroux from Clinch MMA in Fall River, MA and Tateki “Tek” Matsuda fighting out of Sityodtong in Boston, MA. Robbie is coming off an 3 fight loosing streak so he is really digging deep to look for this win. Tateki is coming off an Unanimous Decision win over Matt Doherty. Keep in tune for the play by play for what should be some great action.

Relentless Robbie Leroux (4-4), 2 KO's, 1 SUB vs. Tateki “Tek” Matsuda (9-5), 3 KO's

RND 1:

They both don't waste time to get started rushing in with strikes. Tek clinches with Robbie and takes him down. Tek has side control, not much activity. Tek is looking for full guard now Robbie is able to get him in half guard. Robbie is able to get up and now is trying to take Tek down. Working a takedown against the cage and gets a big slam in. TeK is able to reverse and now is in half guard landing knees to the body,shots to the head and body. Continuing to keep good control of Robbie and looking to pass. Lands vicious strikes and passes to side. Tek now has crucifix position and is trying to finish the fight with strikes. Now back in side control peppering away. Robbie turns stomach down. And tek is able to get full back mount on top to sink in the rear naked choke.

Winner: Tateki “Tek” Matsuda via Rear Naked Choke Rnd 1, 4:53


RND 1:

Gem lands left hook. Nate rushes in Gem counters. Gem rushes in takes down. Nate fights back up, Gem has nates back against the cage . Nate land s a beautiful hip toss. Lands and full mount, now has g back working rear naked choke. Standing g turns and take nate down. Gem is working a takedown against cage. Nate has g's head. Nate takes down g and now has the back. Working for another rns. Gem is trying to escape. Seems he has the neck of g but g turns into nate now in nates full guard. Nate is lookin for a armbar but transitions to a triangle and then oma plata. Gem escapes and stands up. Grabs the neck of nate and working in a darce. Nate escapes and the round ends.

RND2 ; nate goes for a body kick . Lands a couple. Gem connects with a right. Nate goes for a head kick misses, but follows up with an upper cut. Now clinching, Gem has Nate up against the cage. Gem is looking for a takedown. Nates has Gem pressed up against the cage looking for a front choke. Gem explodes out and takes his back. Now looking for a takedown. Gem has a body lock and gettting some knees in. they explode with a dangerous exchange and now Gem has nate on his back. Nate keeps looking for submissions. Nate is able to stand up and now lookin to take Gem down. The round endswith Gem landing some powerful shots.

Rnd 3;
Nate lands a clean straight left rear kick dropping Gem. Gem recovers and is working a takedown. Gem explodes and lands some clean shots. Nate takes down Gem working an anaconda choke. Gem reverses and now has the back of Nate. Gem works to mount and has a arm triangle but nate escapes. Gem is now in full mount. Nate turns and Gem has the back again. Nate Stands up. Gem still has him pressured against the cage and is able to take him down. Nate was looking for an arm lock while Gem is in mount. Gem escapes and is looking for Ground and pound. Nate again turns and take nates back. Round Ends

GEMIYALE ADKINS wins via unanimous decision


RND 1: No tap at the bell they both take the center nether throwing much. Both feeling each other out. Both working their leg kicks. No-one landing anything significant. Harley working his jab but not landing. Both sorta hesitant to get in range. Chip get caught with a right overhand but does little. Some back and forth with kicks but no damage to either fighter. Harley lands w/overhand and charges in and has chip against the cage. Pummeling for position. Harley getting in some decent shot but chip reverses and then they break. Chip pitting some force behind his kicks now. Harley charges in for a takedown and ends up wi\standing with chip against the cage...round ends.

Rd. 2 Both come out more aggressive. Chip goes back to his leg kicks but harley get a take down off of a punch. Fight goes to the ground where harley escapes an arm bar. And is now in chips guard pressing him against the cage. Chip works to his feet but is still pressed against the cage carrying Harley's weight. The refee looking to potentially separate them. Harley switches levels and works for a takedown. Chip circles away and squares of in the middle. Both men moving light on their feet. Chip still working the boy with kicks but harley is moving forward landing a takedown on chip against the cage. Again chip is able to work to his feet but still pressed against the cage.

Rd. 3 Immediately they meet in the middle of the cage, Chip fighting off of the takedown is taken down but scrambles back up. There are evenly aggressive but now chip looks fresher with Harley against the cage. The fight stays against the cage with limited action the crowd yells for knees as the referee separates them...Chip begins to pick Harley apart. Harley appears to now be desperately going for takedowns. Chip fights off the takedown, Harley catches an over hand right but is unaffected. The fight continues with Harley pressing chip against to the cage. Harley is in complete control against the cage and that is where the fight ends.

Harley wins split decision

JAKE “THE GREAT” CONSTANT (5-4) 2 KO's, 2 SUB vs. CHARLES “THE BOSTON STRANGLER” ROSA (8-0) 3 KO's, 5 SUB (145lbs bout)

RND 1:
Jakes land hard led kick that sweeps Charles. Jake is quick to jump on charles and lands a crazy exchange. They back away from the cage. Charles catches jake with a nice uppercut that drops him. Charles lands a low blow with a kick. Jake takes a little to recover. They get back to action jake is trying to eluded the leg kick game of Charles. Jake keeps back Charles up against the cage with crazy strikes and explosioins. Charles keeps landing vicious leg kicks. Jake catches Charles with a nice left hook. Charles now has jake against the cage and gets a single leg takedown. Starting to work from half guard. Looking for side control. Charles goes for a peruvian neck tie but doesnt get it. Charles has front choke on the ground holding jake. Now gets jake into a triangle. Jake is looking to pass. Charles takes the arm of jake. Charles is able to finish jake with an arm bar off of his back.

Winner: Charles Rosa via ARM BAR SUBMISSION


RND 1:
Gil misses a leg kick. Keeps trying but no luck. George is keepin him at striking range. Gil lands a cpl leg kicks. Gil slips from george catchin his leg kick, gil gets back up. Theres been even exchanges back and fourth, gil keeps moving forward. George is staying loose and elusive. Gil is keep pressure andhis right hand loaded searching for the KO. George lands a right on gil. George keeps looking for a counter. Gil lands a couple more front leg kick. They both catch each other in a quick exchange. Gil keep catching george with some good hooks. George keeps the jab work. They hammer each other back and fourth with straights. Gil is turning it on with the leg kicks being the aggressor. George isnt checking any. George gets dazed, gil starts unloading on him . Gil goes for a takedown from clinch but doesnt get it. G looks like he may have recovered. Round ends.

RND 2:
Gil starts with leg kicks. Gil is stalking george around the cage. George still is not checking leg kicks. You can see in george's foot work slowing down from the leg kicks. Gil looks for an over right but no luck. George gets the back off Gil trying to take him down. Gil gets away, and stand back in the middle of the cage. George cant seem to get any combinations off with a leg kick. George works in a couple more punches. George slips against the cage and Gil is right there to put pressure on him against the cage standing up. Ref breaks to warn Gil about grabbing cage. They face off and exchange in the middle of the cage. George lands a nice 1,2 combo. Gil looking to clinch him, but george brushes it off. Gil landed a leg kick but may have hurt himself. George keeps trying to work the jab. Gil pressures george against the cage is able to catch George with clean right, dopping george and finishing him.

JULIAN “NITRAIN” LANE (7-3-1) 1 KO, 4 SUB vs. LUIS “ROCKSTAR” FELIX (11-7) 4 KO's, 5 SUB
RND 1:
Julian misses with a leg kick. They are feeling each other out in the middle. Julian keeps on looking for the leg kick. Lands a nice front leg kick. Not much going on. Julian lands a front body teap. J goes for a head kick but slips. L looks for and explosion with a leg kick but no luck. Luis gets in a body kick. Luis catches julian with a nice counter. And just gets l with a head kick. Luis is starting to open up with combos. Now pressuring Julian. Not much went on that round, round ends.
10-9 Luis

RND 2:
Feeling each other out in the middle. Julian gets in a leg kick. They feel each other out some more. Julian clinches up looks for a trip. Now has Julian has Luis against the cage looking for a takedown. Keepin pressure on Luis still looking for a takedown. Luis drops with a guillotine attempt. Has it locked but not enough to secure it. Julian escapes. Julian is now in half guard on top. Throwing in small body shots. Luis stands up and they are now back in the middle. Julian looks a little tired. Luis is throwing some combinations in keeping pressure. Lands a nice forward upper cut.Luis went for a takedown but Julian sprawled and tried to lock in a guillotine. Round Ends.

RND 3 :
They meet in the middle of the cage. Julian lands a body kick. They each trade shots. They circle each other, tagging leg kicks and body kicks. Luis tries for a combination but misses. Julian almost lands an over hand right. Luis lands a spinning kick knocking julian off balance. He stands back up. Luis keeps trying to work kicks. Julian lands a shot the chin of louis droppin Luis. Rushes in throwing bombs. Takes the neck of Luis and is able to sink in a gullotine, chocking Luis unconcious
winner: Julian Lane RND 4:45 via SUBMISSION CHOKE