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August 6, 2014


CES is back this Friday with another installment of mixed martial arts action.  This one is a special one because it will be the start of hopefully a new era.  This CES will be aired on AXSTV live and as we all hope more will follow.  We all knew MMA in New England was worthy of TV and I am glad CES and AXS got the deal done.  This event will be their 25th event and it is headlined by the title fight between Julian Lane and Luis Felix which was supposed to happen at the last event but Felix had to pull out due to injury.  This card is stacked with 11 professional bouts.  Tickets are still on sale at the Twin River Casino and online here for just $41 to start with.  The fights should start around 7pm and the show goes live to AXS on the main card at 9pm.  Let me break down the card for you..

ANDREW CHERICO( 0-0) vs. EVAN SCOTT (Lauzon MMA 1-1)

In the first fight Andrew Cherico takes on Evan Scott. Cherico will be making his amateur debut. His opponent is Evan Scott fighting out of Lauzon MMA and he also has a 1-1 record.  He lost his first fight by submission and won his second fight by decision against Manny Milan at a previous Reality Fighting.  As you can see this is a real close fight and it should be the great start of their epic night of fights.

TOMMY VENTICINQUE (TUML 1-1) vs. WAYNE AHLQUIST (Lakes Region Vale Tudo 0-0)

In the second fight of the evening Tommy Venticinque returns against Wayne Ahlquist.  Tommy fights out of Team United Muay Lao and has a 1-1 record.  He lost his first fight by submission and won his second fight by submission.  This will be his 3rd time fighting for CES a professional mixed martial artist.  His opponent Wayne fight out of Lakes Vale Tudo and will be making his amateur debut.  Looks like he was 3-5 as an amateur and looks to be well rounded with wins by ko, sub and decision.  Once again, this is a close battle and this is going to be a real fun one to watch as I know Tommy always comes to put on a show.


Keenan Raymond challenges Jay Bakanowski in the cage this Friday at CES.  Keenan fights out of Triforce MMA and has a perfect 2-0 record.  He won his first fight by submission and his second fight by a split decision against James Murrin.  His opponent Jay fights out of Fighting Arts and has a record of 1-1.  He lost his first fight by decision against Leon Davis.  He then bounced back with a victory over Bobby Flynn by submission.  This is going to be an exciting fight as both fighters are very well versed on the ground.  I feel this one is going to be a real close one and it is going to go the distance.

BILLY GIOVANELLA (Connor's MMA 6-2) vs. KODY NORDBY (Allaire 3-2)

In the next fight Billy Giovanella takes on Kody Nordby.  Billy was supposed to face Andy Aeillo but due to injury Andy had to back out.  Luckily for us, Kody Nordby stepped up and took this fight.  Billy fights out of Connor's MMA and brings his 6-2 record to the cage.  Billy is very well rounded with 2 wins by ko/tko, 2 wins by submission and 2 by decision.  His only two losses came to Darren Mima and Robby Slade.  Interestingly enough Billy has lost to Kody as an amateur by decision.  Kody fights out of Allaire MMA and has a record of 3-2.  Kody won his first 3 fights by submission but has since then lost 2 straight.  He lost one at CES against Jimmy Grant by submission and then lost a razor close split decision against Johnny Campbell at the last Cage Titans.  This is going to be a ground battle and both fighters have improved tremendously since they last met as an amateur and it is going to be real fun to watch.

ERIC SPICELY (4-0 Burrill's BJJ) vs. NURI SHAKIR (Bucket Brigade 17-20)

Eric Spicely steps into the CES cage and challenges Nuri Shakir.  Eric comes into this fight with a 4-0 record and trains with Tim Burrill's BJJ.  He has one win by ko/tko, 2 by submission and 1 by decision.  He will be looking to get the W and keep his perfect record intact.  He is a finisher as 3 out of his 4 fights were decided in the first round.  His opponent Nuri trains with Bucket Brigade and has a 17-20 record.  He is very well rounded with wins by ko/tko, by sub and by decisions.  For his losses he lost most of them by submissions.  As you can see Spicely is the young newcomer challenging the experienced Shakir and to me that makes this fight a good one.

NATE ANDREWS (Rockstar MMA 6-0) vs. GEMIYALE ADKINS (Team Balance 8-8)

Next up Nate Andrews takes on Gemiyale Adkins.  Nate has a perfect 6-0 record and trains under Luis Felix at Rockstar MMA.  He has 3 wins by submission and 3 wins by ko/tko.  4 out of his 6 wins were decided in the first round.  His opponent Gemiyale trains under Team Balance and has an 8-8 record.  Looking at his win/loss record I noticed he loves to go to a decision.  The majority of his wins and losses have come down to a decision.  This is going to be a problem as you can see Nate Andrews is a finisher by nature.  Gemiyale is on a 3 fight losing streak but he stepped up last minute to fight Julian Lane at the last CES so I wish him well in this battle.

TATEKI MATSUDA (Sityodtong 9-5) vs. ROBBIE LEROUX (Clinch MMA 5-4)

The Japanese phenom Tateki Matsuda challenges Robbie Leroux in what is sure to be an exciting bout.  I have never seen Tateki in a boring bout.  He trains with Sityodtong and puts his 9-5 record on the line.  He has won the majority of his fights by decision and for his losses most of them were loss by a very close split decision.  He is very well rounded and is comfortable wherever the fight takes him.  His opponent Robbie trains with Clinch MMA and has a 5-4 record.  He has 2 KO/TKO, 1 sub and 2 decision victories.  For his losses he lost 2 by ko/tko and 2 by decision.  He has lost 3 straight fights and is looking to turn that around this Friday at CES.  I see this one being a close battle and going to a decision.


Chip Moraza-Pollard takes on Harley Beekman.  Chip trains out of CCFA and has a 8-6 record.  He is fresh off a big decision win against Tom Egan and is looking to continue that streak.  They call him The Surgeon because he loves to pick apart his opponents with his precise striking.  His opponent Harley is from Team Bombsquad and has a 6-2 record.  He also has a win over Tom Egan by decision so they have that common factor.  He is a finisher and is very tough to finish.  This is going to be an all out war and I think Beekman will want to try to get this fight to the ground and keep it there if he wants to win this.  Chip will want to keep this fight standing and use his striking to win him the battle.

GIL DE FREITAS (16-5 Team Link) vs. GEORGE SHEPPARD (MMA Institute 15-7)

Then Gil De Freitas takes on George Sheppard.  Gil has a 15-5 record and fights out of Team Link.  Most of his fights have been in Brazil but his last 3 have been in New England.  I was fortunate enough to see his last 3 and two of them were decision victories over Ryan Sanders and one of them a Knockout against Chuck O'Neil.  He is not afraid to challenge the best and always rises to the challenge.  His opponent George has a 15-7 record  and trains with MMA Institute.  George has many of his wins by ko/tko which is why he has the nickname 'Lights Out.'  I feel Gil will want to work his takedowns and control this fight on the ground to ensure his victory.  For George he needs to keep this fight standing and try to wear down Gil with his striking and keep looking for that KO Punch.

CHARLES ROSA (8-0 American Top Team) vs. JAKE CONSTANT (Kennel Fight Club 5-4)

Charles Rosa returns to the CES cage against Jake Constant.  Charles trains with American Top Team and has a perfect 8-0 record.  He has finished all of his fights in which five of his eight wins were by submission and the other 3 were by ko/tko.  He continues to impress and will be looking to continue his streak.  He really is a sight to see and for sure is the next big fighter to go to the UFC from New England in the very near future.  His opponent Constant is from Kennel Fight Club and has a 5-4 record.  He has 2 wins by ko/tko, 2 by sub and 1 by decision.  He has 3 losses by ko/tko and 1 by decision.  I will be rooting for Rosa and I am sure all the CES fans will be as well.


In the main event Luis Rockstar Felix takes on Julian Lane for the lightweight title fight.  Luis is all healed up and ready to go.  He trains out of Rockstar MMA and has a 11-7 record.  He has 4 wins by ko/tko, 5 submission and 2 by decision.  He has wins over top contenders and is riding high off a huge head kick knockout over UFC veteran Drew Fickett.  Now he is in another tough fight against TUF veteran Julian Lane.  Julian is famous for his antics on TUF with his best saying "let me bang bro."  He will be looking to do just that this weekend.  He trains out of Wrecktrain Athletics and has a 7-3-1 record.  He has 1 ko/tko, 4 sub and 2 decision victories.  He headlined the last CES event and won against Gemiyale Adkins by decision.  He wants that title and wants to bring it home to Ohio.  He will have to get through the crowd favorite Luis Felix.  I can't wait for this one!!

That completes the breakdown of the entire upcoming CES fight card.  Thanks to CES for providing us with an up to date fight card so we can share with you all.  The Artist Joe Leonard and special guest will be attending this show and covering for us.  If you plan on staying at home, make sure to tune into for the main card but of course it just isn't the same seeing it live!!  Let us know what your favorite fight on this card is by commenting below.