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August 2, 2014


The event was held at the Hu Ke Lau in Chicopee Mass and this is Warrior Nation.  There are a total of 8 fights in which one of them is a professional fight.  Jesse Camp has worked very hard on this event and the fans have responded by coming out.  The show was packed with fight fans and they are all enjoying their favorite Polynesian dish and drinks.  The lovely Warrior Nation girls are walking around selling 50/50 raffle tickets which always goes to an awesome cause.  The 50/50 raffle is going towards a Hu Ke Lau employee who suffered a massive stroke.  Also on the fight card is Warrior Nation's first female fight from the promotion.  John Vena was the host for the evening.  The judges are Brian Minor, Nick Mahmood and Dave Ginsberg.  The refs are Paul O'Brien and Gary Ebelin.  Kathryn Winston started off the night with a beautiful rendition of Star Spangled Banner.  Let the fights begin!

145lbs AM Curtis Watkins (CT United 1-1) vs. Joe Leonard (Ravenous 2-2)

Curtis goes in for a takedown and gets it.  He has the back and is trying to flatten Joe out.  Joe is using his hips to slide out.  Curtis is on top getting a few shots to the body and head.  Joe is trying to get the roll but can't quite get it.

Curtis 10-9

Rd 2:  Curtis misses with a right.  He rushes in and gets the double leg takedown.  Curtis has the side and gets pushed to the north south position.  Curtis passes to full mount and is trying to finish the fight with ground and pound.  Curtis tries for a rear naked choke but Joe defends it well and can't get the finish.

Curtis 10-9

Rd 3:  Joe gets in a leg kick and Curtis get sin a right hand.  Curtis gets the takedown and is now in half guard.  Curtis postures up and gets in a few hammerfists.  Not much action and the ref stands the fight up.  They slug it out and Curtis gets another takedown and moves right to full mount.  Curtis is trying to get the finish with some ground and pound as the round ends.

Curtis 10-9

Curtis Watkins defeats Joe Leonard via unanimous decision.

130lbs AM Katlynn Szafarowicz (Strikezone 0-0) vs. Lina Soto (Wai Kru 0-0)

Kat rushes in and clinches here against the cage.  Lina gets in two good knees to the body.  Kat gets the takedown but Lina bounces right back up.  Kat gets another takedown but again Lina gets right back up.  They are clinching again and Lina gets in some more knees to the body as the round ends.

Lina 10-9, too many knees

Rd 2:  They start swinging away as the round starts.  Lina connects with a good right hand and Kat dives for a takedown but is stuffed.  Lina gets in some shots to the side and takes her back.   She sinks in the rear naked choke and gets the tap.

Lina Sota defeats Katlynn Szafarowicz via tapout to rear naked choke at 1:27 seconds in Rd 2.

135lbs AM Joe Albani (CT United BJJ 0-0) vs. Will Smith (DCNU 0-0)

Will gets in an inside leg kick.  Will gets the slamming takedown and is being held down.  Stalemate and the ref stands them up.  Fight resumes and Will gets hit in the cup.  He takes a few minutes and the right resumes.  Joe gets in an inside leg kick of his own.  Will gets the takedown and moves to the side as the round ends.

Will 10-9

Rd 2:  Both fighters are working their jab.  Joe catches a leg and gets in a counter jab.  Will goes for a takedown but can't get it.  Will gets in an outside leg kick.  Joe gets in a inside leg kick.  Will gets in a solid jab.  Will rushes in for a takedown as the round ends but runs out of time.

Will 10-9, real close round

Rd 3:  Joe gets in a good jab.  Will gets the double leg takedown and is now working the guard.   Ref stands them up after not much action.  Joe unleashes a flurry of punches.  Will gets another takedown and ends the round on top.

Will 10-9

Will Smith defeats Joe Albani via unanimous decision.

125lbs AM Matt Wheeler (Bushido/Metal Dog 0-0) vs. Nick Mancinone (FAA 2-2)

Matt rushes in with a right hand.  Nick gets in an inside leg kick.  They clinch and Matt gets in a knee to the body in the break.  Matt knocks Nick down and gets in the guard.  Nick is fighting for an armbar but gets slammed down.  Nick rolls into a rear naked choke but he doesn't have the legs hooked.  Matt gets out and ends the round in guard with a heavy hammerfist.

Matt 10-9

Rd 2:  Nick gets in a combo and Matt suplexes Nick down.  Matt is working the guard and then passes to the side.  He moves to full mount and gets the armbar.

Matt Wheeler defeats Nick Mancinone via tapout to armbar at 2:37 in Rd 2.

145lbs AM McLynn Cadiente (CT United 1-2) vs. Jose Salazar (BTT/ Wai Kru 1-0)

Jose gets in two quick inside leg kicks.  Jose gets the takedown and is now in the guard.  McLynn gets back to his feet.  Jose gets another takedown.  McLynn gets up and he gets in a kick to the leg of Jose who is still on the ground trying to bade him down.  Jose gets back to his feet and gets the takedown as the round ends.

Jose 10-9

Rd 2:  Jose slams McLynn into the cage and they go to the ground.  They make their way back up and Jose slips but as McLynn is trying to push im down Jose gets the takedown.  They get back up right away and McLynn gets in a flurry in the corner.  They go to the ground and Jose ends up in guard from the scramble.  The ref stops the fight to have McLynn's wraps cut that were hanging.  Ref puts them in the same position and the fight resumes.  They work their way back up and Jose gets a takedown as the round ends.

Jose 10-9, real close round

Rd 3:  Jose dives for a takedown and scoops him down.  McLynn pushes off the age and ends up in guard.  McLynn postures up and gets in two straight fists.  McLynn is peppering the body with shots.  Jose gets some space and gets back to his feet.  He gets the takedown as the round ends.

McLynn 10-9

McLynn Cadiente defeats Jose Salazar via split decision.

170lbs AM Sam McCue (Bushido/ Metal Dog 0-0) vs. Connor Barry (Independent 2-1)

Connor connects with a right hook.  They clinch up against the cage and Connor gets in a solid knee to the body.  The second knee connects to the cup.  Sam connects with a kick and Connor unleashes a combo.  They clinch up against the cage.  Connor gets in a couple uppercuts and is getting in some huge knees to the body.  Sam goes down and Connor is on top trying to finish as the round neds.

Connor 10-9

Rd 2:  The round starts and Connor connects with a body shot and a left hand that drops Sam.  He finishes with some ground and pound and gets the stoppage.

Connor Barry defeats Sam McCue via tko stoppage to strikes at 11 seconds in Rd 2.

HVY AM Ed Nook (CT United BJJ 1-0) vs. Dan Randall (FAA Spfld 1-0)

Dan starts us off with a leg kick.  Both fighters are swinging hard.  Dan goes for a takedown but can't get it.  Dan goes for a jumping kick and the crowd roars.  Ed connects with a right.  Dan connects with an uppercut.  Both fighters connect with a right.  Dan gets the takedown and is laying down bombs.  Dan is trying to finish him with some heavy ground and pound.  Ed weathers the storm and gets back to his feet.  They are swinging away and as the bell sounds Dan connects with a left that drops Ed to one knee.  He is slow to get up.

Dan Randall defeats Ed Nook via tko victory by the doctor's advice at the start of Rd 2.  Wow what a fight!!

155lbs PRO Matthew Kinberger (Link 6-3) vs. Jimmy Davidson (Sityodtong 6-0)

They clinch up against the cage.  Jimmy gets the takedown and is now working the guard.  Matt gets some space but Jimmy goes right back to guard.  Jimmy is now working the side.  Matthew is bleeding near his eye.  Matt gets some more space but Jimmy lays heavy and is now in half guard.  Matt gets in a solid upkick that sends Jimmy back.

Jimmy 10-9

Rd 2:  Jimmy gets in an inside leg kick.  Jimmy connects with a right hand that drops Matt.  Jimmy finishes him off with some ground and pound for the ref stoppage.

Jimmy Davidson defeats Matthew Kinberger via tko stoppage to strikes at 55 seconds in Rd 2.  Jimmy improves to 7-0!

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT: Mclynn Cadiente vs. Jose Salazar
KO/TKO OF THE NIGHT:  Dan Randall tko
SUB OF THE NIGHT:  Matt Wheeler over Nick Mancinone

It was once again a fantastic night of fights.  Every fight was well matched and lived up to the hype.  The crowd paid attention the entire time and was into the fights cheering all night long.  Warrior Nation raised some big money for the family of the Hu Ke Lau employee which was awesome.  The reffing on the night did an excellent job.  The sound in the Hu Ke Lau was right up there with top quality.  No matter where you were you can hear  the sounds clearly.  Jesse Camp interviewed each winner which was a nice touch to hear from the fighters thought's on the war they endured.  Thanks to Warrior Nation staff and the Hu Ke Lau for their hospitality.