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September 26, 2014


Arrived at the Rockingham Park and entered the arena.  Many of fight fans are already in attendance anxiously waiting for the fights to begin.  I found my spot by the cage against fellow judge Shawn 'Flanno who is drooling over my iPhone 6 Plus.  There are 7 fights total and they are going to be really good match ups.  Two of the fights are professional battles and one of them is an amatuer title fight.  The refs tonight are Pat Allen, Kevin MacDonald and John English.  The judges are Mike Walls, Mike Cordeiro and Flanno.  The ring girls are looking great even with the purple hair!  Mark Oliveri is handling the tunes which sound great in this venue.  Lets get to the fights so please follow along.

180lbs AM Taylor Mears (0-0 Lakes Region Valley Tudo) vs. Scott Coburn (0-2 Ind)

Scott starts us off with a rushing kick.  Taylor gets the takedown and then takes the back.  He works a tight arm triangle and gets the tap.

Taylor Mears defeats Scott Coburn via tapout to arm triangle at 56 seconds in Rd 1.

--A fighter forgot his cup so there was a slight delay--

150 lbs AM Mike Scappachio (1-0 Spero's MMA) vs. Corey Cohen (0-0 Lakes Region Valley Tudo

 Mike rushes in and takes him down and moves into a real fast armbar.  He extends and gets the tap.

Mike Scappachio defeats Corey Cohen via tapout to armbar at 27 seconds in Rd 1.

**150 lb AM Jimmy Munoz (1-1 Munoz Karate)  vs. Dave Sousa (1-3 CNBJJ)** Scrapped due to fighter can't see out of one eye, perhaps a migraine from the weight cut

170 lbs AM Sean Seaburg (0-0 Boom Athletics) vs. Dave Spero (4-2 Spero's MMA)

Sean rushes in and takes him down.  He threatens with a guillotine but nothing too serious.  They bounce back up and Dave pulls guard.  Very fast paced fight!  They are back up and Dave dives for a takedown again but is stuffed.  Dave misses with a right and then takes Sean down and transitions fast into a rear naked.  Sean fights it for about 30 seconds but its too tight and he is forced to tap.

Dave Spero defeats Sean Seaburg via tapout to rear naked choke at 1:42 seconds in Rd 1.

125 lbs PRO Chad Kelly (2-1 FAA) vs. Kenny Murphy (0-0 Team Link Hooksett)

Kelly starts us off with a leg kick.  Kenny catches a kick and throws a counter jab.  Kenny rushes in and Kelly gets in a left hook that connects to the jaw and Kenny is out cold.  He comes to after a few minutes.

Chad Kelly defeats Kenny Murphy by ko punch in 58 seconds in Rd 1.  Wow big win for Machinegun Kelly!

145 lbs AM Title Fight Jake Pilla (3-0 Havoc MMA) vs. James Squires  (2-0 BMAC)

James gets in a right hand.  Squires gets the quick takedown and Pilla catches him in a guillotine but can't get it.  Squires has him in a lock and after a minute has to let go.  In the scramble Pilla takes the back and gets a rear naked choke for the tap without hooking the legs.  PURE strength.

Jake Pilla defeats James Squires via tapout to rear naked choke at 1:42 in Rd 1.

145 lbs PRO Evan Parker (4-2 Fighting Arts Academy) vs. Taylor Trahan (4-1 Team Link North)

Both fighters are being very cautious.  Trahan gets in inside leg kick and then closes the distance.  He is fighting for a takedown but can't get it.  Parker gets the underhooks and reverses.  Parker fights and gets the takedown.  He eats a few elbows to the head.  Trahan works his way up and is fighting for the double leg.  He gets it and is now in half guard.  Trahan is almost to full mount but gets pushed back.  He gets in an elbow before the push back and the bell sounds.

Trahan 10-9

Rd 2:  Trahan dives for a takedown but can't get it.  He throws a kick and Parker counters with a right.  Trahan ties him up at the cage and is looking for another takedown.  He is softening him up with some knees to the left outside leg of Parker.  Trahan gets in a high knee to the head of Parker.  Parker gets the reverse and gets the single leg takedown.  Trahan reverses it and Parker works his way back up.  Trahan is looking for a double leg and switches it to single leg but can't get it.  Trahan gets the quick takedown and takes the back as the round ends.

Trahan 10-9

Rd 3:  Trahan gets in a high kick.  Parker misses with a left.  Trahan gets in a left jab.  Parker connects with a good punch that stumbles Trahan back.  Trahan rushes in for a takedown and eventually gets it.  Parker works his way up and Trahan takes him down again.  Parker works his way up again and gets a takedown of his own.  He gets in some hammerfists as the round ends.

Parker 10-9

Taylor Trahan defeats Evan Parker via unanimous decision.

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Trahan UD win over Parker
SUB OF THE NIGHT:  Jake Pilla rear naked choke win over James Squires.
KO OF THE NIGHT: Chad Kelly brutal KO over Ken Murphy!