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September 11, 2014


Premier Fighting Championship has just sent us over the full fight card for their upcoming show which takes place next Saturday.  The show will be in Worcester Mass at the Palladium on September 20th, 2014.  I have gone to many concerts back in my younger days to the Palladium so I am pumped to see a cage in the middle of room.  The card features 18 fights in which 8 of them are professional fights.  Also on the card are two female bouts, one between Sarah Payant and Sarah Click, second one is between Cassie Crisano and Jesse Miele.  You can get your tickets by visiting here and they start at just $30 bux.  The full fight card is found below.  Stay right here with us as we will be releasing the full preview next week of every fight.  Also if you are a 145 amateur looking to fight then get on this card by contacting PFC.

135 AM Chris Suarez (1-6 Team United) vs. Rob Rios (1-3 Underdog BJJ)
155 AM Davon Zimmerman (RGFT 0-0) vs. Concepcion Marquez (1-0 Independent)
145 AM Vinnie Brightman (Thunder 0-2) vs. Shaun O'Dou (Ravenous 1-0-1)
125 AM Dan Krall (Battlecrew MMA 1-2) vs. Justin Valentin (Underdog BJJ 0-0)
170 AM Angelo Richardson ( Speed School MMA 1-1) vs. TJ Holt (Independent 0-1)
125 AM Sarah Click (2-0 CCFA) vs. Sarah Payant (Gladiator BJJ 4-5)
170 AM Ray Johns (Thunder 0-4) vs. Andres Pedraza (RCI 0-0)
170 AM Brian Corvese (Team United 0-0) vs. Justin Franchesco (All Stars Gracie 1-4)
145 AM Donnie Francis (Gemini MMA 0-0) vs. Justin Brangiero (DCNU 0-1)
145 AM Nico Byrd (Team Boxer 2-1) vs. TBA
145 PRO Manny Milan (Renzo Gracie 2-3) vs. Mike Filippone (Independent 2-1)
170 PRO Frank Falso (TUML 0-1) vs. Asa Zorn (Wolf Pac 0-4)
120 PRO Dan Cormier (Triforce 3-4) vs. Jordi Gallardi (Link 0-0)
130 PRO Yeison Berdugo (TUML 0-1) vs. Todd Sweeney (Battlecrew MMA 1-6)
155 PRO Andrew Chirico (Renzo Gracie 0-0) vs. Addison O'Neil (DCNU 1-2)
175 PRO Ralph Johnson (Independent 6-11) vs. TJ Sumler (Victory 3-5)
140 PRO Jessy Miele (IMBCT 0-1) vs. Cassie Crisano (ATT 2-1)
195 PRO Dirlei Broenstrup (9-3 Team Link) vs. Shedrick Goodridge (All Star Gracie 6-7)