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October 10, 2014


We arrived at the show with just enough time to have a bite to eat at Johnny Rockets!  As we walk in the hallway is packed with tons of fight fans for the last CES show of the year.  BadAss Inc is there selling their awesome merchandise.  The Artist and I quickly found our spots.  Earlier in the evening we heard that Gemiyale Adkins was unable to make weight during weigh ins.  They allowed him to weigh in again today but he was still unable to make weight so unfortunately that fight is off.  That leaves CES with 9 professional fights for the evening.  Follow along with us as we keep you closer to the cage.

145 PRO James Murrin (Broadway BJJ 1-1) vs. Devin Pilkington (NEC 0-1)

Both fighters are intent on keeping it standing.  Murrin connects with a right that drops Pilkington.  He finishes him off with a few more punches and Big Dan has seen enough.

James Murrin defeats Devin Pilkington via ref stoppage to strikes at 59 seconds in Rd 1.

185 PRO Terrell Clark (Team Clark 1-1) vs Joe Cronin (CCFA 2-2)

Both fighters start us off with a kick.  Cronin pushes Clark up against the cage.  Clark is looking for a guillotine.  He drops down to the ground and gets it tighter for the tap.

Terrell Clark defeats Joe Cronin via tapout to guillotine at 1:07 in Rd 1.

145 PRO Kyle Bochniak (2-0, Broadway BJJ) vs. Ruso Khubejashvili (2-1 Lauzon's MMA)

Kyle gets in a solid combo that sends Ruso back to the cage.  Kyle pushes him up against the cage and gets the slamming takedown.  He moves to full mount and Ruso flips him over.  He is now working the guard.  Kyle works his way back to his feet.  Ruso tries to get another takedown but Kyle somehow remains on his feet.  Kyle takes him down briefly.  Ruso works his way up and its trying to get to the outside and Kyle chases him down and hits him with a right.  Blood is flowing from a cut from the top of Ruso's forehead.

Real close round Kyle 10-9

Rd 2:  They are going at it at the start of the round.  Ruso is fighting for a takedown but can't get it.  Ruso gets in a few knees from the clinch.  Kyle gets in a jab.  Both fighters get in a solid right.  Kyle gets the double leg takedown and is now working the guard.  Kyle gets in 3 solid elbows.

Kyle 10-9

Rd 3:  Once again they start out swinging for the fences.  Kyle gets the takedown and is in half guard.  Ruso spins and Kyle takes his back but is too high up.  Ruso stands up and Kyle slides right off and Ruso is back to his feet.  Kyle hooks him and moves right to mount.  Ruso flips him over and Kyle has the legs hooked looking for the rear naked choke.  Ruso slips out and is now on top in guard.  Ruso lays down some ground and pound but gives Kyle too much space.  He bucks him off and gets back to his feet.  Kyle gets the quick takedown and seals the round for him.

Kyle 10-9

Kyle Bochniak defeats Ruso Khubejashvili via unanimous decision.

Catch PRO Greg Rebello (Sityodtong 16-6) vs. JA Dudley (Team Endgame 7-14)

Dudley rushes in and closes the gap.  He is looking for a single leg takedown but can't get it.  Rebello reverses and gets a slamming takedown.  Dudley works his way up and is looking for the single leg but can't get it.  They break and Rebello gets in a left jab.  He pushes Dudley up against the cage and is trying for a double leg takedown but can't finish it.  Dudley gets in an outside leg kick.  Dudley gets the takedown and is trying to pass the guard when the bell sounds.

Rebello 10-9

Rd 2:  Rebello gets in a few body shots as Dudley closes the gap.  Rebello is fighting for a takedown but can't get it. There is a low blow and they take 30 seconds.  Rebello gets in a huge right that connects and the crowd goes nuts.  Dudley is still standing and is trying for a takedown.  Dudley spends the rest of the round on top.

Dudley 10-9

Rd 3:   Dudley misses with a high kick.  Rebello gets in a big combo up against the cage.  Rebello gets in another huge combo.  The crowd is going nuts!  Dudley gets the takedown and finishes the round on top with 59 seconds total.  He is bleeding everywhere and all over Rebello.

Rebello 10-9

Greg Rebello defeats JA Dudley via unanimous decision.

155 PRO Jimmy Davidson (Sityodtong 7-0) vs. Leon Davis (FAA 4-2)

Leon is working his leg kicks.  Leon is switching stances too trying to confuse Jimmy.  Jimmy connects with a jab.  Jimmy rushes in for a takedown but is pushed off easily by Leon.  Leon connects with a solid right.  Jimmy misses with a looping right.  Jimmy gets the takedown and is in the butterfly guard.  Leon slides over to the cage and gets back to his feet.  Jimmy gets another takedown and has Leon's back to the side.  Jimmy gets in a few punches before the bell sounds.

Jimmy 10-9

Rd 2:  Leon misses with a front kick.  Jimmy rushes in and gets the takedown.  He moves to the side and then to full mount.  Leon turns and Jimmy now has his back.  Leon is shrimping and not leaving Jimmy any room.  Jimmy flattens him out and is trying to finish but can't get it.  Leon slips through and now is at the side of Jimmy.  He gets in some knees to the side.  Leon gets in a few punches as the round ends.

Close round but I give slight edge to Jimmy 10-9

Rd 3:  Leon starts us off with a jumping knee that partially connects.  Jimmy goes for a takedown and Leon stuffs it.  They work their way back to their feet and Leon has the underhooks.  They break and Jimmy dives for a takedown.  Leon stuffs it and is trying to flip him over.  He takes his back and hooks the legs.  Jimmy slips through and they are back to their feet!  Leon takes him down again and is laying heavy.  Leon is in half guard.  He rolls and is trying for a leg submission but can't get it.  Leon rolls Jimmy over and is instantly in a head and arm choke.  It looks wicked deep and he gets the tap.

Leon Davis defeats Jimmy Davidson via arm triangle at 4:36  in Rd 3.  Leon gives Jimmy Davidson his first loss!  Awesome ground battle.

135 PRO Andre Soukhamthath (Blackzillians 7-2) vs. Tom English (Bellmore Kickboxing 5-4)

Dre connects with a jab.  Tom gets the takedown and is looking to pass the guard.  He does and is now in full mount.  Tom gets in an elbow.  Dre gets out and is on top but is caught in a guillotine.  He gives the thumbs up and eventually pulls his head out.  Now he is working the guard.  Dre gets in a few shots and Tom bucks him off and they are back to their feet.  Tom rushes in for a takedown but is stuffed.  He is now on his back and Dre is holding his legs looking to lay down some hammerfists as the round ends.

Dre 1-9

Rd 2:  Dre gets in a jab.  Tom catches a kick from Dre and counters with a jab.  Tom is looking for a takedown and gets it.  Dre gets the quick sweep and sinks in a nice rear naked choke for the tap.

Andre Soukhamthath defeats Tom English via tapout to rear naked choke at 2:17 in Rd 2.

185 PRO Todd Chattelle (Tri-Force 12-10) vs. Nuri Shakir (Bucket Brigade 17-21)

Both fighters are being cautious.  Todd gets in an outside leg kick.  Todd gets in a kick and Nuri counters with a right that drops Todd to his feet.  He is fine and gets right back to his feet.  Todd gets in a body kick.  Todd gets in a combo and an uppercut.  Nuri shakes it off and calls for more.  Todd clinches and gets in 3 knees to the head of Nuri.  Nuri comes back swinging.  Nuri gets in a knee as the round ends.

Todd 10-9

Rd 2:  Nuri gets in an outside leg kick.  Todd gets in an uppercut to the body.  Nuri gets in a combo.  Todd slips in a kick to the body.  Both these guys are swinging hard.  Nuri gets in another combo.  Todd with a straight right.  Nuri calls for more!  Nuri gets in a left and Todd goes down holding his eye.  Big Dan stops the fight.

Nuri Shakir defeats Todd Chattelle via verbal submission to strikes at 4:08 in Rd 2.

HVY PRO John Johnston (Sityodtong 6-0) vs. Keith Bell (MMA Institute 5-5-1)

John gets in a leg kick.  Keith lets out a barrage of punches and John looks to be hurt.  He fires back with a left.  They go down and Keith is working the side.  John works his way up and they are back to the center.  Keith misses with a kick and slips to the ground.  John finishes him off with some ground and pound.

John Johnston defeats Keith Bell via tapout to strikes at 2:21 in Rd 1.  Big John announces that this will be his last fight.

170 PRO Title Chuck O'Neil (Mass BJJ 13-6) vs. Ricardo Funch (Team Link 8-4) 

Ricardo rushes in and they clinch up against the cage.  Ricardo gets the takedown and is in the half guard.  Chuck is looking for the heel hook and is cranking on it.  Ricardo turns and Ricardo kicks him to the spine.  Chuck takes his 5 minutes and the fight goes on.  The ref deducts a point. Chuck rushes in with a combo.  Ricardo reverses and gets in two knees to the inner thigh.  Ricardo is trying hard for the double leg takedown but can't get it as the round ends.

Tie 9-9 due to point deduction

Rd 2:  Ricardo scoops him up and gets the takedown.  Ricardo is working the guard.  Chuck pulls up a triangle and is trying to hard to get the tap.  Ricardo picks Chuck up and Chuck rolls him around and gets the tap for the strap!

Chuck O'Neil defeats Ricardo Funch via tapout to armbar at 2:51 in Rd 2.  Tap for the Strap!!

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT;  Leon Davis against Jimmy Davidson
KO/TKO OF THE NIGHT:  Murrin tko win over Pilkington
SUB OF THE NIGHT: Chuck O'Neil sub win over Ricardo Funch