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October 9, 2014

CES MMA 10/10/2014 TEASER

On October 10th, 2014 CES is hosting their next event at the Twin River Casino.  This will be a show you won't want to miss with 10 professional fights stacked with the top names in New England.  The show will also include the title fight between Chuck O'Neil and Ricardo Funch which will be a huge showdown between them.  Tickets are still available on their website at the link here and also at the door.  This show will NOT be on AXS TV so don't plan on sitting at home and enjoying the fights.  Special thanks to CES for always keeping us up to date with the most accurate fight cards. I believe their next show is when they will be on AXS.  Let me break down the card for you...

145 PRO James Murrin (Broadway BJJ 1-1) vs. Devin Pilkington (NEC 0-1)

James Murrin returns to the CES cage against Devin Pilkington at 145lbs.  Murrin trains with Broadway BJJ and comes into this fight with a 1-1 record.  He won his first pro fight against Douglas Monteiro by ko/tko and then lost his second fight by split against Keenan Raymond.  His opponent is Devin Pilkington and he trains out of New England Combat and comes into this fight with a 0-1 record.  He lost his pro debut to Soap Am at a previous CES show by ko/tko stoppage in Rd 2.  Both of these fighters are very well rounded and this is going to be an awesome battle to kick off what should be a great night of fights.

185 PRO Terrell Clark (Team Clark 1-1) vs Joe Cronin (CCFA 2-2)

Next up is Terrell Clark taking on Joe Cronin at 185lbs.  Clark trains with Team Clark and has a 1-1 record.  He won his first fight against Adam Quitt by ko/tko in Rd 1.  He then lost his second fight by a razor close split decision against Cheyenne Vazquez.  Since then he has had some cancelled fights but is anxious to get back in the cage and show how hard he has been training.  His opponent is Joe Cronin and he trains out of Cape Cod Fighting Alliance.  He comes into this fight with a 2-2 record.  He won his first fight by ko/tko against Hector Sanchez and then won his second fight against John Downey by submission.  He then lost his last two fights, one by sub and one by ko/tko.  This is another solid match up brought to us by CES.  Both of these fighters haven't fought since 2013 and are ready to show off their skills for us fight fans!

145 PRO Kyle Bochniak (2-0, Broadway BJJ) vs. Ruso Khubejashvili (2-1 Lauzon's MMA)

Then Kyle Bochniak takes on Ruso Khubejashvili at 145lbs.  Kyle trains with Broadway BJJ and has a perfect 2-0 record.  He has one win by submission and one by ko/tko.  This is his 3rd fight for CES and it is working out very well for him and his career but he is facing one tough fighter.  Ruso now trains with Lauzon MMA and has a 2-1 record.  He has 2 decision wins and one loss by decision against Bruce Boyington.  Ruso always takes the toughest of fights and can hang in the cage with anybody.  The keys to this fight for Kyle is work your takedown and then test Ruso out on the ground for the submission.  Ruso loves to stand and bang and he will want to keep this fight on its feet where he will surely have the advantage.  This is a fight of the night contender for sure.

Catch PRO Greg Rebello (Sityodtong 16-6) vs. JA Dudley (Team Endgame 7-14)

In a catchweight fight Greg Rebello is back against JA Dudley.  Rebello trains out of the legendary Sityodtong and has a 16-6 record.  Greg has the majority of his wins by ko/tko and is dangerous everywhere in the cage.  He couldn't stay away from the addiction of fighting for too long and is always ready to put on a show for his fans.  His opponent JA Dudley fights out of Team Endgame and has a 7-14 record.  He has won his fights by submission or by decision.  As for his losses he lost them by ko/tko and submissions.  He is fresh off a submission win at a previous CES against a very tough Willie Brown and he is looking to submit another CES fighter.  This is going to be a good fight and I see Rebello winning this fight by tko stoppage to strikes.

155 PRO Jimmy Davidson (Sityodtong 7-0) vs. Leon Davis (FAA 4-2)

Undefeated Jimmy Davidson will be squaring off against Leon Davis at 155lbs.  Davidson is a 7-0 fighter fighting out of Sityodtong.  He has 4 KO/tko and 3 submission finishes.  In his last 3 fights he won over very tough BJJ fighters and now he is up against a tough wrestler in Leon Davis.  Davis trains out of Fighting Arts Academy in Springfield Mass.  Leon puts up his 4-2 record with 1 win by ko/tko and the other 3 by decision.  He always fights tough fighters and loves to control the entire fight.  While doing this he has been caught with 2 submission which resulted in his 2 losses but it happens when you go against tough opponents.  I spoke with Leon a few weeks ago and he is ready for the challenge.  This is going to be a ground battle for sure and is going to be real fun to watch.

135 PRO Andre Soukhamthath (Blackzillians 7-2) vs. Tom English (Bellmore Kickboxing 5-4)

Then CES has Andre Soukhamthath against Tom English at 135lbs professional.  Andre has a huge following at CES and is ready to put on a show for them.  He has been training down in Florida with the Blackzillians and has a 7-2 record.  He has 4 ko/tko, 2 sub and 1 decision victories so far in his career.  His opponent is Tom English and he trains out of Bellmore Kickboxing.  He comes into this fight with a 5-4 record.  He has 2 ko/tko, 1 sub and and 2 decision victory so far in his career.  For his losses he lost 3 by decision and one by ko/tko.  I feel this fight is going to be an awesome stand up battle.  Dre likes to show off some fancy fight moves for the fans and I am sure English will be happy to keep this fight standing being from a kickboxing school.

185 PRO Todd Chattelle (Tri-Force 12-10) vs. Nuri Shakir (Bucket Brigade 17-21)

Todd Chattelle will face off against Nuri Shakir at 185lbs pro.  Chatelle trains with Tri-Force and has a 12-10 record.  He has a huge CES following and is a huge staple in the CES promotion.  Todd has 9 ko/tko, 2 sub and 1 decision so far in his career.  For his losses he lost 5 ko/tko, 3 sub and 2 by decision.  His opponent Nuri trains out of Bucket Brigade and has a 17-21 record.  He has 8 ko/tko, 4 sub and 5 decision victories so far in his career.  For his losses 3 ko/tko, 12 by sub and 5 by decision. This is a solid match up for both fighters and it is anyone's W to take.  This one is going to be a fun one to watch and I don't suspect it will make it to a decision with these two experienced finishers!

HVY PRO John Johnston (Sityodtong 6-0) vs. Keith Bell (MMA Institute 5-5-1)

In a heavyweight showdown John Johnston returns to the CES cage against Keith Bell.  I am not sure why but this isn't for the title.  John trains out of Sityodtong and puts his 6-0 record on the line.  He has the clean sweep with 6 wins by KO/TKO!  Big John has only seen the second round one time out of his six total fights.  He will be looking to use his heavy hands and kicks to make quick work of his opponent.  His opponent is Keith Bell and he trains out of MMA Institute.  He has a 5-5-1 record with 3 ko/tko and 2 sub wins.  He lost 3 by ko/tko and 2 by submission so far in his career.  I can't give too much insight on this fight since I have not seen Bell fight but all I gotta say is don't blink on this fight cause these heavies love to finish the fights!

155 PRO Luis Felix (Team Rockstar 11-8) vs. Gemiyale Adkins (Team Balance 9-8)

At 155 lbs Luis Felix takes on Gemiyale Adkins.  Felix trains out of Team Rockstar and puts his 11-8 record on the line.  He has 4 ko/tko, 5 sub and 2 wins by decision in his pro career.  For his losses 2 by ko/tko, 3 by sub and 2 by decision.  He has wins over many top fighters in New England and he will bring a huge crowd to the CES arena.  His opponent Gemiyale Adkins gave Rockstar a nice birthday cupcake and in the video smashed it with his fist.  He trains out of Team Balance and has a 9-8 record.  He has 3 wins by ko/tko, 1 by sub and 5 by decision.  For his losses he has all of his losses by decision.  I don't see this fight going to a decision as Felix is a finisher.  This fight is going to have the crowd on their feet!

170 PRO Title Chuck O'Neil (Mass BJJ 13-6) vs. Ricardo Funch (Team Link 8-4) 

In the main event for the 170lb title Chuck O'Neil will take on Ricardo Funch.  Chuck trains out of Mass BJJ and has a 13-6 record.  The TUF alumni has 4 wins by ko/tko, 5 sub and 4 by decision.  For his losses he has 1 by ko/tko, 2 by sub and 3 by decisions.  Once again he is set to face off against a tough opponent in Funch and is going to have to bring his A game to win this one.  Funch trains out of Team Link and is a UFC veteran.  He brings his 8-4 record  with 4 by ko/tko, 1 sub and 3 decision victories in his win column.  For his losses he lost 1 by ko/tko, 2 by sub and 1 by decision.  Both fighters know what is at stake in this fight.  A win for them could be the last win they need for the call up to UFC.  I feel this fight is going to come down to a decision and it will be a ground battle.

There you have the complete breakdown of the CES show that is happening tomorrow October 10th at the Twin River Casino.  The Artist and I will be there in attendance to keep you all up to date with the live play by play.  I am looking forward to seeing all my CES friends so make sure you all come say Hi.  Miss Peggy Morgan promises to get loud and rowdy during Chuck O'Neil's fight and I am gonna hold her to that!  Nothing wrong with getting into the fights and with a stacked card that CES is putting on there is plenty get get excited about for on Friday night.